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New Images From Master Works

Master Works is the latest Zelda book that was released in Japan. Nintendo Dream partnered with Nintendo to release three books for Zelda’s anniversary, and Master Works is the final entry. The book focuses exclusively on the Breath of the Wild which is a real treat for fans as that game is simply a masterpiece. Inside Master Works are various developer interviews (which Matt Walker translated!), concept art and trivia about the newest and possibly best Zelda game to date. I’ve posted quite a bit of art from the book on Twitter, but I thought it’d be a good idea to create a collection of tweets so that people could find these pieces of art quite easily. I’ve also posted some exclusively on our Discord server, which I will be reposting here as well. So without further ado, here are some art from Master Works and what they mean for Breath of the Wild’s development.


This art shows that many forms of Zora were considered, including some designs that were heavily inspired by the original Zelda and Ocarina of Time.


Gorons with sunglasses and light up were considered as well. Too bad, they would’ve been quite funky.


Revali concept art looks like he can shoot pretty quick. Very Western.


This is a really neat piece of trivia which didn’t get a lot of traction. More people need to know!

Various early concept art for champions. Interesting to note Kokiris are here, which were replaced by the Rito later on. Also, the hookshot wasn’t in the final game, probably so the team could focus on climbing/ exploration.


Early designs of Guardians are creepy. Holy shit, I love them.

Another piece of interesting trivia! Spread the word!


Zelda looks a lot like her Skyward Sword counterpart. I really dig this design.


I thought this was an interesting concept. The dog was eventually reused for Wolf Link amiibo support.




Various forms of Calamity Ganon were considered.


Ever wonder what was beneath the mask? Well now you do. You’re welcome.



Hinox had a lot more actions that were planned like sitting on a bridge.


Various versions of the UI are shown:


I love this concept art for Link in the shrines: