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SG Choice: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Wishlist

In the January Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo announced the definitive edition of Hyrule Warriors for the Switch. With the addition of Breath of the Wild costumes, some fans have speculated that there might be a possibility for even more content whether in the form of the base game or through DLC. Tris has provided an excellent analysis which you should check out here. Today, the Source Gaming team has come together to list at most three pieces of content they would like to see in the next Hyrule Warriors — whether it be through DLC or in the base game. The additions can be modes, characters, maps or costumes.

I would really like to see some Triforce Heroes content. I think having three Links stacked on each other would make a fun and interesting character. The music and a map inspired by the game would be great as well. Triforce Heroes had a lot of interesting costumes with the game, so their inclusion would make a lot of sense.

The second piece of content I would like to see is Groose. Groose is a fan favorite and a character that a lot of people would really love to see. It’s time to let the Groose loose!

The last piece of content I would love to see, and this is another character is Linebeck. Linebeck is a fantastic character who was in The Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Linebeck is another fan favorite and is a very popular character within the Zelda universe. Linebeck was even referenced in Triforce Heroes through its’ DLC, so his omission from Hyrule Warriors is definitely noticeable.

If I had more options I’d definitely add more content from Breath of the Wild. It just goes to show you there is still a lot of content to add to Hyrule Warriors.

It’s never going to happen, but I would love The Shopkeeper from Link’s Awakening. He’s literally the strongest character in all of Link’s Awakening, being an instant death if you steal from him. It’s such a silly idea, it’d be amazing to see actually come to fruition.

The last time we talked about this, I suggested Twinrova. And I still think she’d be a great addition, but c’mon: it’s gotta be Breath of the Wild. It’s the most important and exciting Zelda game since Ocarina of Time all the way back in 1998, and it looks poised to define the series to the extent that seminal game did. And what’s great is that there could be a number of ways to express that. We could get a Champion as a character; maybe Urbosa, as the only Gerudo? We could get a new weapon, like a Sheikah Slate for Link, or something crazy like Ganondorf riding around on a Guardian. A stage for the Great Plateau would be amazing, though I’m not hopeful enough for something like that, considering I’m pretty sure there weren’t any stages involved in the DLC.

But the biggest, at least for me, would have to be an Adventure Mode map. Seriously, imagine how great that could possibly be. It’d be as big as the original one, or even bigger. Imagine starting out south of center of the map, with big ole’ Hyrule Castle close, but not too close, and insistent that you get more “experience.” The best way to do that could be through beating stages, activating towers and the Divine Beasts, or other kinds of crazy things. Items would include torches, bombs, but also things like Korok leaves and the Stasis rune. There’s no realistic way it’d be able to represent the values of Breath of the Wild, and to be honest, I’m suspicious of the idea that we’d somehow see more content in this package, but it’d still be appreciated.

Last time I pointed towards Saria, Nabooru and Vaati as the characters that are “missing” from the game, and they still are. But this time I’ll suggest one mode that could add some fun to the game.
Korok Challenges! They could work in a similar way to the Gold Skulltulas, but instead of requiring to kill enemies to appear and need some sub-weapon to obtain, you could find some markings on the stages that trigger some small challenge, like run to other part of the map or break a number of items under a certain amount of time.

None so then I don’t have to buy it.

(but seriously if I have to pick then Urbosa, Hetsu, Vaati, Onox, Veran, Princess Styla. Cover all the missing games and main races.)

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

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Source Gaming Team
  1. There’s always the potential for future sequels. The roster in the Definitive edition is fine, for it’s initial release and characters available then, but if Hyrule Warriors 2 were to happen at some point in the future, in addition to the characters already in the Definitive Edition, I’d also like to see:

    The Old Man (The Legend of Zelda/recurring)
    The Prince of Hyrule (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)
    Link’s Uncle (A Link to the Past)
    -Agahnim (A Link to the Past)
    Richard (Link’s Awakening/Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru [The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls])
    -Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)
    Twinrova/Koume and Kotake (recurring)
    -Onox (Oracle of Seasons)
    -Veran (Oracle of Ages)
    Vaati (recurring)
    -Beedle (recurring)
    -Yeto (Twilight Princess)
    -Hero’s Shade (Twilight Princess)
    -Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
    -Byrne (Spirit Tracks)
    Groose (Skyward Sword)
    -The Lady (Tri Force Heroes)
    Breath of the Wild Champions (Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa)
    -Master Kohga (Breath of the Wild)

    Ones with the * are ones I REALLY want to see!

    Matt Bankey on February 1 |
  2. “I am Error” guy – Adventure of Link
    Link’s Uncle – A Link to the Past
    Alfonzo – Spirit Tracks
    Byrne – Spirit Tracks
    Phantom Zelda – Spirit Tracks
    Toon Ganondorf – Wind Waker
    Twinrova – Ocarina of Time
    Phantom Ganon – Ocarina of Time
    The Seven Sages – Ocarina of Time
    The Resistance – Twilight Princess
    “Ganon’s Puppet” Zelda – Twilight Princess
    Ralph – Oracle of Ages
    Maple – Oracle of Ages/Seasons
    Syrup – A Link Between Worlds
    Old Man StreetPass (Gramps) – A Link Between Worlds
    Din/Nayru/Farore – Multiple Zelda games
    Linebeck – Phantom Hourglass
    Jolene – Phantom Hourglass
    The Champions – Breath of the Wild
    Vaati – Mutiple Zelda games
    Happy Mask Salesman – Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask/Oracle of Ages

    Link on February 1 |
  3. Although this may look like I’m repeating myself like a broken record, since I’ve already wrote it in the previous article of this topic, I would like to bring out my choices once again. While I don’t know if they’re planning to add in more characters, as I don’t know if DLC will be necessary in this case, here are my choices so far…

    Groose: While every title roster contains 3-4 characters, Skyward Sword only contains two, who are Fi and Girahim. It’s still odd why Groose haven’t been considered to join in. Other than him, none of the characters are that important or iconic, and since Groose has been involved most often in the main storyline, his inclusion should be necessary. We do see he’s an expert on engineering, so using something that looks like a bazooka or something mechanically, should be interesting as well. Also, using a Loft Bird should be an interesting support attack for Groose.

    Saria & Nabooru: Even I’ve mentioned above that every title rosters contains 3-4 characters, I truly don’t know the actual limit of each rosters. So if they’ll accept adding more, I would expect seeing Saria and Nabooru added to the OoT rosters. Darnia and Ruto was brought up, but Saria and Nabooru was ignored. I don’t understand why they were rejected. Saria should be popular enough, while Nabooru was at least mentioned in BotW, so their inclusion should be plausible as being part of the Seven Sages. I could imagine Saria using an ocarina as a weapon, while Nabooru can use a large saber or daggers….What? Did you say something about one more sage who’s an old man? Sorry, can’t remember his name…

    Mipha & Revali: Since they included BotW’s costume for both Link and Zelda, why not bring in the Champions too? But since there may not be a possibility to bring all of them, I decided to choose Mipha and Revali in this list instead. Both characters are well known popular, while their appearances can easily differentiate with other same races like Ruto and Medli. Both characters can use their weapons that was used from the original game which later passed down to Link, while they can rely on their magics like Mipha’s healing ability and Revali’s wind powers.

    Byrne: While Toon Zelda can represent herself as a Spirit Tracks character, I thought it would be good to add one more in that roster, and that is the infamous Byrne. He is well popular in Japan, and his claws is unique. He can use that as his main weapon, which he can not just use powerful claw attacks, but stretches to capture enemies from far distances.

    Styla: Triforce Heroes may have failed everything terribly, but I think they still have a right to join in as well. While bringing three Links wouldn’t be a good idea as we don’t want to have too many Links, and The Lady isn’t really that popular, I decided to choose Princess Styla due to the mechanics that may work on her. Triforce Heroes mostly uses costumes to perform special and strategic powers to solve things, and having Styla using those costumes as weapons can be an interesting idea.

    Din, Naryu, and Maple: While bringing LttP’s Agahnim may be difficult since he’s not that popular and almost forgotten, I think the Oracles series may have a possibility to join in as well. The villains, Onox with a mace and Veran with a staff, may be interesting to see, but I would like to see the main heroines, Din and Naryu, and the popular witch girl Maple to join instead. Din can use the staff and Naryu can use the harp, which is the main key items use on both titles, and Maple can use a broom as a weapon, with a power to summon characters like Ricky the Kangaroo and Moosh the Bear.

    Vaati: Although I’m not much of a fan of this character as people are being too overwhelmed with so many reasons that I don’t understand, I could agree with some point that we need somebody to represent the Picori race. I don’t know what weapon he should use, but prefer to use the power to summon Dark Toon Links in battle, like how Cia summons Dark Links.

    Linebeck: His inclusion may be interesting as he’s in the similar popularity level as Groose’s, but the only problem is what will he use in battle. I could imagine him using a cutlass and a gun, but Tetra already have that so that’s impossible. I wouldn’t suggest he should accompany with Bellum like what happened in PH, but maybe he’ll use his boat to attack like how Toon Link used a train to attack. Don’t even question how he can use a boat on land and where the water come from, the physics in the Zelda universe doesn’t even make sense from the beginning.

    And that’s quite it on my side!

    zoniken on February 16 |