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Dream Roster: Diddy Kong Racing 2

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Roster comprised by TheAnvilNantenjexCart Boy Voyager
Sprites by TheAnvil, background kindly provided by BlueFox.

Diddy Kong Racing is, without question one of my favourite games of all time. It has managed to cement itself a pretty nifty legacy in the 21 years since a group of cute critters took to the land, sea and sky to battle the nefarious Wiz Pig. If that sentence doesn’t make you feel old…

This Dream Roster was one of the first we had ever planned, but for some reason it always slipped by the wayside while we worked on other things (I blame Pipsy). Yesterday, Diddy Kong Racing’s most recent entry, the DS version, silently celebrated its 11 year anniversary. Our own Cart Boy published a fitting tribute to everybody’s favourite Badger in honour of such an occasion. So now seems like the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane, but to also set our sights towards the future. Though a Diddy Kong Racing sequel seems increasingly unlikely with each passing year, what exactly would it look like should all the planets align?

This roster was one of the hardest we’ve ever assembled. There’s no clear direction that such a game would take, unlike say; Mario Kart. Bar a few pesky, yet persistent rumours we didn’t have much to go on!

One thing we decided early was that the entire Diddy Kong Racing DS cast should return. As Microsoft and Nintendo have developed a closer working relationship in recent years, it doesn’t seem too extraordinary that they could wade through the licensing nightmare to find some common ground and make our dreams come true. Would it really be Diddy Kong Racing without that weirdo, Tick Tock? Of course not!

In keeping with the theme of the previous Diddy Kong Racing games, we looked at expanding on the Donkey Kong cast a little bit. This includes representing the more recent Retro games with characters like Kalimba and an individualised Tuck, that we’ve tentatively named Pecker. Just to make sure Krunch doesn’t feel too lonely.

To round out the cast, we looked at lesser remembered Nintendo characters, the likes of the Badge Arcade Bunny and Muddy Mole. Ones who really embodied the core essence of Diddy Kong Racing! What are they, if not a gang of misfits themselves?

See below for a complete list of characters, as well as how many votes they received! (Out of a possible 4)

4 Votes 3 Votes 2 Votes
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong
Tiny Kong
Muddy Mole
Tip Tup
Wiz Pig
Lanky Kong
Badge Arcade Bunny
Chunky Kong
Barbara The Bat
Kiddy Kong

*bold represents a tiebreaker character.

Who would you like to see in a Diddy Kong Racing 2? Let us know in the comments!