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Is Sakurai Coming Back for the Next Smash?

Sakurai wonders about the future in the newest interview. Quote and sources below.


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Sakurai: …Well for me, every time I always think, “This might be the last one.” If it’s a request from a client then I’ll consider it, but I do wonder, “Is it alright if I’m not the director?” It might be good to take on more of a consulting role.

  1. Personally, I’d say he’d best get himself an understudy to succeed him as far as Super Smash Bros. is concerned, if he wants Super Smash Bros. to continue to fulfill his vision of what the series should be after he’s unable to continue. Then again, he’s not quite THAT old to do something like that; Miyamoto didn’t start doing that until he was at least 60. It’s an awkward situation, especially considering that as you guys said, Sakurai isn’t ready to fully let go yet (of Smash Bros. at least, he seems to be fine with the direction HAL Laboratory has taken Kirby, unless I’m missing something).

    Also, it’s weird how you guys mention his attention to detail, because while yeah, stuff like how he treated Mega Man and his respective trophies certainly shows a LOT of attention to detail and respect for the games their from, other stuff he just seems to gloss over. This may seem nitpicky, but it just feels weird that someone would go out of their way to make such an accurate depiction of Mega Man down to every minute detail would, say, confuse the fact that there are only really two Ganons in The Legend of Zelda timeline (every depiction of Ganon/Ganondorf is technically the same person, just on different timelines, with the exception of the reincarnation of Ganon seen in Four Swords Adventures), or make Ike an incredibly slow powerhouse just because he over-exaggerated how big the Ragnell is (while Ike COULD end up like that in Radiant Dawn, in Path of Radiance, which Ike in Brawl is based on, he’s pretty much the opposite of that in terms of speed), or the fact that the Ridley he keeps trying to pass off as Ridley in the Wii U Smash Bros. is not actually the real Ridley but rather a clone of Ridley that only appeared in Metroid: Other M, and also Fusion I guess (seriously, Sakurai’s view of Ridley throughout the development of every Super Smash Bros. except Melee is a particular level of insulting with regards to the “attention to detail” perspective). Not saying you guys are wrong, it’s just that it’s weird what properties Sakurai chooses to really do justice and make as accurate as possible and what he decides to overlook or brush aside.

    Matt Bankey on February 7 |
  2. Can’t wait to read the rest of the article, sounds really interesting.

    I have one question though. When the interviewer asks how long Sakurai will be making games, are they referring to video games in general or Smash games?

    Link on February 8 |
    • Games in general

      PushDustIn on February 8 |
      • Ok cool. Thanks for clarifying.

        Link on February 8 |