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Smash Switch Will be Smash 6


PushDustIn learns to count in this fun edutainment video.


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PushDustIn from Source Gaming here, to talk about something that has been on my mind for a long time. I’ve debated on how to talk about it, but in the end I decided to make a casual video explaining my thoughts. Now, I know many of my fellow Smashers are going to get angry, or just turn off this video — but please hear me out. As a community, we need to stop referring to ‘Smash 4’ as both Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U. Wait! Don’t go yet!

Smash for 3DS and Wii U are obviously different games. If you try to plop that 3DS cart into a Wii U, it’s not going to work. Yes, they have the same characters and roughly the same gameplay but they are physically different games, for very different systems. That’s why we need to stop calling them by the same name.

I have four reasons why we should refer to Smash for 3DS as Smash 4, and Smash for Wii U as Smash 5. This means that the next game in the series is Smash 6. Repeat after me: the next game in the series is Smash 6.

The first reason is that F.O.R and F.O.U.R are two different words. Any grammar nazi can tell you that. The F.O.R. in the name was an unintentional pun, and does not exist in Japanese. Sakurai decided to call the games Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U in order to avoid parents getting confused on what game to buy their kids. He felt that if he called it ‘Smash Bros: Lightning’ or whatever, then parents may buy the wrong game when they got to the store. 

The second reason is that having the number 4 to refer to both the 3DS and the Wii U versions of the game is confusing. They have different top players, exploits, modes, stages, and controller set up. So imagine this, someone says “Hey, ZeRo is the best Smash 4 player”. That was maybe true at one point, but ZeRo isn’t playing the 3DS version anymore (hell, he’s not playing the Wii U version anymore either). While much more limited, there are still tournaments going on for the 3DS version. To rank all the Wii U players with the 3DS version just makes no sense as there are severe limitations on the 3DS version. To drive the point home even further, imagine someone saying their favorite mode in Smash 4 is Smash Tour (really, use your imagination). Smash Tour doesn’t exist in the 3DS version, and Smash Run doesn’t exist in the Wii U version. They are different games. The Classic mode in Smash 3DS is far different from the one in the Wii U version. Saying The Classic Mode in Smash 4 is very confusing.

The third reason is that development wise, they were not treated as the same game. DLC had to be bought separately or in a pack. If you bought a Mii Fighter Costume on Wii U, you still have to rebuy it on the 3DS. You may have gotten a discount, but it still cost extra money. When envisioning the game, Sakurai had two different concepts for the games — private and public. The 3DS version is the private version, the “home” version. The Wii U is the public, the “stadium” version. This is how the modes and stages were picked and crafted for these two different games.

The last reason is that the teams working on the games were slightly different. For example, Michael Barry only worked on the Wii U version localization.There is a lot of crossover, and assets were used for both versions. Furthermore, Sakurai has constantly referred to Smash for 3DS as Smash 4, and Smash for Wii U as Smash 5. There’s a rumor that hiring for Smash 6 started a long time ago within Bandai Namco. No matter if Smash on Switch is an upgraded port or a new game, it will be Smash 6.

Maybe I’m just being anal, or I have a case of nerd rage. Let me know how you feel in the comments below. If you want to hear more of my rants, follow me on Twitter.  

  1. Nice Donkey Kong Jr. Math reference!

    Matt Bankey on February 12 |
  2. Well, there goes my idea for the title of Smash on Switch is Super Smash Bros Vs

    David Horan on February 12 |
  3. You are absolutly right Push, but it’s going to take a while to get that into the mind of the casuals and 3DS ignorers.

    cedrickterrick on February 13 |
    • Oh man that’s the whole community

      PushDustIn on February 13 |
  4. Mortal Kombat was for the consoles and for Game Boy. Wouldn’t that make Mortal Kombat II be Mortal Kombat 3, and Mortal Kombat II for Game Boy be Mortal Kombat 4?

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on February 13 |
    • Does Ed Boon consider them different games, or just a port with less features? Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U were conceptualized as two projects.

      PushDustIn on February 13 |
      • Just like games with multiple platforms, different teams have worked on different versions of games. I don’t even think Sakurai knows what he is talking about.

        J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on February 14 |
        • It’s his series, he can claim whatever he wants to.

          PushDustIn on February 14 |
  5. “The F.O.R. in the name was an unintentional pun”

    quite believable: Dragonball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch
    I just hope, they are not continue doing so. Still remember the gamboy times with the GBC and GBA. BACK then it could have helped some people. But today I mean, the game cards and the packaging are already 100 % indicators for which console the game (version) is. It is not like you can put a PS4 disc in a switch or vice versa.

    “The second reason is that having the number 4 to refer to both the 3DS and the Wii U versions of the game is confusing.”
    I personally think the 3ds and Wii U versions were kind of supposed to be the same game, as they included the same characters and pretty much the same gameplay (I think). Everything else was version exclusive. Kinda like pokemon red and blue etc.? Just extremely more different of course.

    “While much more limited, there are still tournaments going on for the 3DS version.”
    Well for most people a 3ds has a very different feeling as holding a wii u pro controller of course. By breaking your 3ds controls you are quite ****ed and for longer sessions it feels more exhausting for most people I think. Putting both groups together – even with the wii u app for the 3ds – would be simply unfair.

    “DLC had to be bought separately or in a pack.”
    If Nintendo would have wanted, they could have solved that in a different way. Think of Hyrule Warriors. Yes you have to pay more, if you want to use the bought content for the other game console as well, but it would have been possible. Nintendo just loves us to milk us and take as much money as possible. I am a nintendo fun, but I still criticize.
    For Fire Emblem Warriors it was not possible anymore as 3ds does not make use of the Nintendo Account directly, but the switch does.

    “The 3DS version is the private version, the “home” version. The Wii U is the public, the “stadium” version.”
    Eh? More likely: 3ds is public version (take your 3ds anywhere) -> wii u -> Home version or something like that or ok stadium version, for those contests or if you are willing to set it up at some other place than your home.

    At the end it is difficult to agree or disagree with you as I think they refered to the versions internal different as in public with the final naming as we know it today.
    It seems unlikely they will call it Smash 6 in that or similar why. They wont follow the mario kart way and thus we wont hear the solution of this thought for years until somebody reveals it to public via interview. They might call Smash in a similar way as like with Melee or Brawl or they will simply call it: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch (would not even matter if it is an expanded port or a whole new game). Just my thoughts.

    mothes on February 15 |
  6. Well personally I always refer the 3DS version as “3DS Smash 4” and Wii U version as “Wii U Smash 4”, but thats just me.

    GreatMeat on February 17 |