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Costumes We Want to See in Mario Odyssey

With the newest update for Super Mario Odyssey just being released, we thought we’d talk about which costumes or hats we would like to see in future updates.  Agree or disagree with our opinions? Let us know in the comments below!





Pikachu Mario

I know this has almost no chance of happening…but a Mario Pikachu costume would throw so many people off. Part of a limited time promotion in Japan, a Mario Pikachu costume would really shake things up in terms of Mario’s wardrobe. It’s very unlikely — as Mario Pikachu would require the full cooperation with Game Freak/The Pokémon Company and a unique model. It’d be a wacky crossover that a lot of people wouldn’t see coming.




Hanafuda Mario

Hanafuda cards are of major significance to Nintendo, being the original product of the company all the way back in the 19th century. Nintendo makes many references to their origins and this includes within Super Mario Odyssey itself (as an Odyssey sticker from the Bowser Kingdom). However a costume has not appeared yet and, in my opinion, this would be a great outfit. The artwork above has Mario still with his traditional red cap but they can change this to Napoleon’s iconic headwear instead for more originality. A unique outfit and a great throwback, make it happen Nintendo!




Soccer Mario

I’m more into cultural clothing and I’m already very happy with the inclusion of the New Years-Outfit. But Nintendo did such a good job with Mario’s outfit fanservice in Odyssey, what is left?

Well, with Football Mario representing one of America’s most popular sports, how about an outfit representing Europe’s most popular sport? Of course, I’m talking about football…or better known as soccer around here. I think Mario still has his soccer outfit somewhere in his closet…when it wasn’t burned off during his quite brutal and destructive soccer matches.




Propellor Mario


So as a new costume maybe the Propeller Suit wouldn’t be able to fly like it originally could. Who cares? I always liked seeing Mario with his little copterhead.

  1. i have several ideas for costume for Mario and they are generally based around Nintendo’s own IP and other companies
    Link Mario
    Chozo Suit Mario
    Kirby riding on Mario head Mario
    Captain Olimar Mario
    Pokemon Mario
    Star Fox Suit Mario
    Palutena Toga Mario
    Lord Class Mario
    Xeno Armor Mario

    Street Fighter Mario
    S.T.A.R.S Mario
    Ace Attenory Mario
    Monster Hunter Mario
    Onion Knight Mario
    Dragon Warrior Mario
    KeyBlade Mario
    Mario Belmont
    Mario Hayabusa
    DemiFiend Mario
    Joker Mario
    Heihachi Mario

    Penguin Mario
    Squirrel Mario
    Cat Mario

    which ones do you like the best? which one do you guys think is possible

    David Horan on February 25 |
  2. Here are some costume suggestions I threw out there on the official Super Mario Facebook page:

    -Link costume
    -Donkey Kong costume
    -Princess Peach (and Daisy and Rosalina while your at it) costume
    -Pit costume
    -Captain Falcon costume
    -A wizard costume (reference to Mario Party 2)
    -NES colors costume (one that makes him look like his sprite from Super Mario Bros.)
    -Army uniform (reference to Mario’s Bombs Away)
    -Racer outfit (Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race)
    -Pajamas (reference to the ending of Super Mario Bros. 2/Super Mario USA)
    -Baseball uniform (reference to Super Mario Bros. Print World)
    -Tennis outfit (again, a reference to Super Mario Bros. Print World, as well as Mario’s Tennis)
    -Conductor outfit & wig (reference to Mario Paint)
    -“Disco Mario”, or whatever the heck he’s wearing here:
    -Mario with short-sleeved shirt (reference to Super Mario Sunshine)
    -Mario with shades and Shine Sprite jacket (again, a reference to Super Mario Sunshine)
    -Soccer uniform (reference to Super Mario Strikers/Mario Strikers Charged)
    -Fire Flower Mario
    -Ice Flower Mario
    -Racoon Mario (as in, the hat has racoon ears and his pants have a tail)
    -Santa Claus outfit, or at least just a Santa hat
    -“Maintenance Mario”, aka Mario wearing the outfit seen in promotional art for Nintendo World Class Service program

    Matt Bankey on February 25 |
  3. My choice for this case would be Sonic Mario.

    Now before you offend me for my wrongful choice, let me explain here. Just as PushDustIn said, bringing a choice like this is rather complicated as there’s no chance that it’ll happen. I’m definitely aware that Nintendo isn’t planning to bring in a crossover DLC with any Nintendo franchises or even third parties into Mario Odyssey. But here’s the reason; I didn’t chose this just because I’m a huge Sonic fan (just forgive Sonic Forces already, the anger and complaint is getting too old…), but for a special reason…

    Long ago, there was one time Sonic was wearing Mario’s hat for special occasion, and that was Mario’s 20th Anniversary. ( It has been 13 years since then, and I think Mario should return the gratitude to his best friend and rival since the 90’s console wars, by wearing Sonic’s costume. Not for some mock up like every anti-Sonic fans are doing today, but as respect of how Mario and Sonic, and even Nintendo and Sega care for each other entirely. While I don’t expect having Mario run fast as Sonic as for running on walls or waters, but using sound effects from the original Sonic games like the jumping and rolling sounds should be fun and surprising. And speaking of rolling, how would it fit perfectly if Mario roll in his Sonic outfit?

    zoniken on February 25 |