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Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018 Discussion


PushDustIn, Nantenjex, and Spazzy discuss their thoughts after the recent Nintendo Direct, especially with the announcement of Smash for Switch!

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  1. Holy!!!! Smash 2018! Might be a new title. Anyway: I remember when you guys were ‘merely’ the source for smash back in the days.

    mothes on March 9 |
  2. I was happy Wario Ware is finally coming to 3DS. : )

    xkan on March 9 |
  3. It was expected to be confirmed sooner or later but its nice to see Smash Bros. on Switch officialy confirmed.

    As for the other games, I read the rumor of the Crash Bandicoot N’ sane trilogy on other systems in PlayStationLifestyle a few weeks earlier so that reveal was no surprise but good to see nonetheless. Here is hoping the rumored Spyro the Dragon trilogy collection also comes to Switch.

    I was a little dissapointed when I saw the Luigi’s Mansion 3DS port video, which I first thought was a new LM title. I already have the original and the port doesn’t seem to add anything notewhorthy other then a Boss rush mode so I pass.

    I didn’t expect to see a new Dillon game so thats was a nice surprise. I’m not familiar with the Dillon series or its popularity but it seems atleast to me it is likeable enough to get a third (if I remember correctly) game.

    GreatMeat on March 9 |
    • I forgot to comment on the Mario &Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story 3DS remake. It is not only both very cool and surprising to see another M&L title getting the 3DS remake treatment so soon after Superstar Saga but also surprising that Nintendo chose to skip over Partners in Time, though I’m personally fine with it. PIT is really the least liked game of most M&L fans, myself included, for several reasons, like the babies (really hate Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, actually, I always have hated ALL the Baby forms/characters in the Mario series).

      GreatMeat on March 10 |
  4. This is both a little on and off topic, but I mentioned in your article about Sakurai’s Storage Skills that the Vifam rifle might be used as a reference for a weapon used by the Inklings. I still think that’s the case.

    Link on March 9 |
  5. to me at least, this was a b- direct for me. there was alot of ports and remakes(i might pick up Okami and Crash for the Switch though it means less need for a PS4) for my taste but i did like the New Dillion game, No More Heroes, and Octopath Traveler (Tressa looks cute). Mario Aces looks great! though i also wish that they had a spot open for Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Shinning Resonnance because i never play either of those series and i really want to see when they are released.

    but what i want to talk about is how both Crash, South Park Facture But Whole and Dark Souls all Playstation games can run on the Nintendo Switch so why aren’t there more ports from like Capcom, Sega/Atlus, Square Enix and Namco Bandai!? i can make a list of all the games that would be great on the switch:

    Street Fighter 5
    Devil May Cry Collection and DMC Definate Edition
    Dragon Dogma
    Dead Rising 4
    Ulitmate Marvel Vs Capcom
    Marvel Vs Capcom Infiniate
    Monster Hunter World
    Most of the Current Yakuza games
    an English version of Phanasty Star 2
    Final Fantasy 15, 14, 12 10, 10-2 Type 0, World and 7
    Nier Automata
    Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Collection packs
    Star Ocean
    Odin Sphere
    Persona 5
    Tales of Zestiria, Berseria, Xillia, Xillia 2, and Hearts R

    Someone explain that to me

    David Horan on March 10 |
    • I would say just be patient. The fact that we have games from Bomberman, Doom, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter already on the Switch with Crash Bandicoot, Mega Man, and Wolfenstein on the way is mind blowing to me. I do think most of the games you mentioned will come in time. As for why they haven’t, maybe they’re not ready to announce them, or want to spread them out more so that they have a more consistent stream of releases throughout the year. Or it could be that the developers had little reason to port any of their games to the Switch due to the failings of the Wii U… but after seeing the Switch’s sales numbers, I’m sure most of those developers would have changed their minds by now.

      Link on March 11 |