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Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018 — First Thoughts

Here are some of the other SG Staff reactions from the latest Direct. If you have missed it, we had a live stream reaction as well as a discussion.


That’s it. ( =P )

I’m not going to use this space to talk about Smash. My illustrious colleagues can handle that. Instead, I’d like to talk about all those details that kinda got lost in the excitement. UNDERTALE! A Solaire amiibo! A far-too-long rerelease of Luigi’s Mansion, and a far-too-soon remake of another Mario & Luigi game! Playable Marx! Octolings! Yet more remasters, re-releases, and ports! That really cool-looking sushi game! To be honest, I was reasohappy with virtually all of it, other than the Tennis stuff and the Bowser’s Inside Story remake. Yes, it’d be nice to see more new games, and no, these aren’t as “BIG” as the Smash news, but there was a lot of stuff packed into this Direct. So I guess that’s where I’m at, championing the humble working non-Smash stuff.

So let’s ignore Smash for a second and look at the rest of the Direct. It was good. My main wish of N Sane Trilogy getting ported to the Switch was finally realized. The extra Splatoon 2 content is pretty neat for an expansion. I couldn’t care less for the 3DS stuff, but the fact that they’re still supporting it is nice for those who can’t jump on the Switch train yet. I don’t have any super long thoughts about this Direct when you omit Smash, honestly.

Though if Prime 4 had showed up here that’d be a different story.

I have to say, this Direct kept me fairly hyped as it went through. My favorite Mario & Luigi being remade next (albeit I’m confused why they went for the third game and not the second), and coming next year!? Luigi’s Mansion getting a remake!? Mario Tennis Aces having a lot of work and charm put into it!? Lots of love for Kirby in Kirby Star Allies! My boy Captain Toad getting to shine again on both 3DS and Switch! Obviously, the most hype went to Smash being revealed (If you saw me on Twitter, you probably know how I handled that). Besides the things that hyped me up the most and kept me excited…the new Splatoon updates and DLC looks cool! More indie and third party games on Switch, such as Undertale and Crash N. Sane Trilogy are also pretty cool, and maybe I’ll finally get to give those games a try.

I think this Direct was really nice, as even the games that didn’t hype me up kept me pleasantly excited or optimistic. I have to say, though, this makes me incredibly excited and optimistic for not only E3, but the rest of this year for Nintendo.

I have to say I was pretty hyped for this Direct, for the Direct mini I wasn’t completely hyped, maybe because I knew it wasn’t going to be a long one, and they weren’t going to have much time to show off everything. This Direct was surprise after surprise. Once again, the things most of us thought would get into this Direct like Fire Emblem or Yoshi didn’t show up here at all.  If there was one thing I’m still a bit sad about is no Fire Emblem, I’m starting to think that’s going to be a title to show at E3. Other than that there were a lot of things I liked in here liked: Mario + Luigi: Boswer’s Inside Story, Okami in HD, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker coming to the Switch.


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  1. Say goodbye to freakin’ boring and hypocritical Aloha and hello to my dream come true Konnichiwa, because I have finally moved to Japan!!! But still reforming things around in my new apartment in Chiba, like buying furniture and stuffs for living, so I’m staying at my relative’s place right now. But as living in Japan was my dream come true, this new life will be my biggest new challenge of all time!

    Anyways, before I could comment on, I never knew there would be a new Direct. Don’t blame me because I still don’t have an internet connection at my new apartment yet, so I need to borrow a place like Starbucks to use a free wi-fi. And as I checked on a game news site before I logged in Youtube, I was like HOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAAAAAP!!!!!! Everything surprised me in a bang! But before going to the main surprised topic, let’s go on to my first thoughts upon other titles.

    I do hear everybody in the West are complaining too much about the 3DS, and it’s really getting irritating honestly. I don’t know why people hate the 3DS so badly and wanting it to die already. I’m actually glad that Nintendo is still trying to keep the 3DS alive, and the titles they’ve brought was rather interesting. Well…M&L3’s remake didn’t give me much of an interest because I hardly played the series, and a new Dillon game was something I had nothing in mind, but a WarioWare and Luigi’s Mansion port was something I was well surprised. Although it’s a port, it’s still good that they’ve brought WarioWare back in form, since Game & Wario was a commercial failure. Luigi’s Mansion’s port was something I’ve never expected, which is odd it didn’t get ported on the Switch, but since I’ve wanted to play the first game again, I was happy enough that I’m planning to get it in the future. Detective Pikachu wasn’t really that new to me, but if I’m gonna play the game again, I’d be disappointed to myself that I’ve actually deleted the game…but oh well, I can start over again, because I’ve already forgot how I finished it. (lol)

    Moving to the Switch…it’s a good thing there’s so many ports coming not just only from Wii U, but other platforms outside from Nintendo. Captain Toad, Undertale, Okami, Crash Bandicoot, PSO2 Cloud…good to see them again! While I really don’t care much about Crash Bandicoot, even with Octopath and Dark Souls, I was surprised Undertale finally made it to the Nintendo platform. But among the Switch presentation, Kirby Star Allies has given me a big surprise. Not just they made Dedede and Metaknight playable again, but they’ve brought Bandanna Dee back as playable too. I was worried about him since Parasol Dee returned, so I’m glad he’s back being playable again. Also, the DLC has surprised me as well…the return of Rick, Kine, Coo, Gooey, and…Marx!? I could understand the other four, but Marx, the main villain of Super Star, is back but this time as Kirby’s ally?! Now that’s something I’ve never expected to see. But this DLC has given me more of an expectation and possibilities. Since this would be the first DLC, who would bring for the second? I could see the return of Adeleine, but I do want to see Magalor, Taranza, and Suzie returning as Kirby’s allies as well. Or maybe we could see Elline or Fluff in action once again. Can’t wait what the second DLC would be, and definitely gonna get the game…after everything’s settled at my new apartment.

    Now for the main titles…Mario Tennis Ace. I really don’t know about this game, because I don’t feel so excited than the others. It is surprising to see Chomp Chomp being playable, which was unexpected, but I don’t know if this game’s gonna be good than before. I could blame Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for how they failed so badly for removing so many useful contents, so it worries my if Ace will simply follow the same direction as Ultra Smash’s failures. I just hope it doesn’t happen the same thing, but even then, I don’t have any plans on buying the game.

    Splatoon 2 was another thing I was surprised on. Not on new stages and new ranks, but playable Octolings?! YEEEESHHH!!! I’ve been waiting for this time to come!!! Well, of course we’ve already knew it was coming due to the recent leak found through data mining, but still, I’m extremely happy!! Octolings were very popular since the first game, so it’s really great that Nintendo finally granted that wish for the fans! But not just only being playable, but a new story mode? I’m glad that ol’ Cuttlefish is back, because I thought he already died. 😛 And it looks like the Off The Hook is involved too, which may explain why they didn’t get involved with the actual story mode. But eventually, no matter what the story is gonna be, I think the unity of both squid and octopus has finally come, and definitely gonna get the game…after everything’s settled at my new home.

    Finally…the time has finally come!! SMASH FOR SWITCH, YEAAAAHHH!!! And the Inklings has finally joined the game!!! I was actually surprised when I saw the info through Google News, so I’m really excited about it! But not just only the Inkling’s inclusion, but Link in his BotW form?! Now this makes me wonder a lot…would this Smash be a new title or a Wii U port with new contents? Would a BotW form be Link’s alternate costume? I might bring this up again next time, so that’s it for now.

    The Direct was great, it gave me full of surprises and more expectations. And since I now live in Japan, I can finally get the game first…after “you know what”. But anyways, commenting from Japan, see you all next time!

    zoniken on March 10 |