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SG Choice: Copy Abilities for Future Kirby Games

With Kirby Star Allies just about out, featuring a ton of new copy abilities and returning ones, we decided to come together and invent some of our own. Join in the fun in the comments below! 



“Bull” ability.

Partly inspired by Wario’s shoulder bash, Kirby should be able to charge into enemies and walls. The charge could do a lot of damage to enemies or knock them back. However, if Kirby misses or hits a wall he’d be stuck for a couple of seconds before being able to move back. He could also knock rocks out which can reveal new pathways.  



“Penguin” ability.

Some Kirby abilities in the past have been upgrades or amalgamations of existing abilities with a few extras (like Spark and Plasma) and this ability follows suit with the Penguin ability. Not only would Kirby look adorable but he could have the ability to slide along the ground to plough through foes and he could also have increased water mobility, something that has never really been tackled before. If it wanted to be expanded even more then Ice or Water powers could also be implemented here. Kirby has had some oddball choices like Doctor and Festival recently so Penguin could fit right in. Inb4 someone mentions King Dedede in the comments.



“Summon” ability

I admit, I’m actually very bad in imagining Kirby with completely new Abilities and even tho I really look forward to new revealed abilities, I rarely have ideas for HAL to use.
Since I lack the creativity, I’m just taking one of HAL’s unused ideas to tell them they should use it!

In the “Kirby Art Style Collection”-book, HAL revealed some scrapped ability-ideas for Kirby Super Star and among them, the Summon-ability stood out the most to me. It’s a very cute nod to JRPG and you can do a lot with its concept. Kirby’s standard attacks summons a monster attacking the enemy similar to how Yuna attacks with her summons in Dissidia 012. And with a special button combination, Kirby can summon one of many randomized big Monsters to activate a special, is it to heal Kirby or destroy every enemy on the screen. It’s even the opportunity to sneak in more references to other games. How cool would it be if Kirby summons all of a sudden Tingle? I don’t know if that was Sakurai’s intention behind the Summon ability, but HAL would need to pay attention so the Summon-Ability is not too powerful and still fun to use, but it has so much potential, they can do so much with this.

HAL, in case you’re reading this, please get the Summon Ability back from your bin and put it in the game.



“Sport” ability

This ability could be loosely inspired in part on Peach’s smash attacks, on which the direction of your inputs would give you a wide variety of sport items to use, like:
Neutral Attack “Slugger!”: Kirby will swing a bat hitting horizontally, being able to reflect incoming projectiles, and if you charge this move it will become a “Home Run!

Dash Attack “Three-point shot!”: With this move, Kirby would grab a ball or an enemy and shoot it on an arcing trajectory. If used on the air, it will grab the ball or enemy and “Slam dunk” it on a formidable fashion.
Side + Attack “Ace service!”: Kirby pulls a racquet and a small ball executing a high serve, the more you charge, the faster and stronger he will hit the ball (or any foe caught on the range of the swing)

Down + Attack “Power snatch!”: Kirby crouches to lift a big and heavyweight in an upwards motion. If the move is charged, Kirby would release the weight, launching it up to the sky, beware of the fall tho.

Up + Attack “Rhythmic performance!”: Kirby would pull one of a variety of gymnastics apparatus, like a ball, a club, a ribbon or a hoop, and pose with them damaging on impact.    

Slide “Tacke!”: Instead of hitting with the feel, Kirby would dive with his shoulders… Does he even have shoulders?




“Coffee” ability.

I know I generally spend a lot of time on each of my entries for SG Choice. So instead, I’ll just say that Kirby would drink a cup o’ joe and get so stimulated on caffeine that it’double his movement speed for a few seconds, along with a few moves involving throwing cups of coffee at enemies. It’d be the kind of fun, not really practical power you’d see a lot of in crazed speedruns.

  1. smh, nobody suggested a “knitting” ability where Kirby could make Epic Yarn references and attack with knitting needles.

  2. A Knitting ability actually would make sense. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to do a knitting ability after Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

    AshNic321 on March 14 |
  3. I have 3 ideas for this case!

    Music: We already know Kirby sucks at singing, which he can perform an instant killer attack three times by using Mike. But he also can use an instrument Bell as a weapon, which he’s actually good at it. But what about other music, like entirely? What I mean is that he could use other instruments as weapons, such as trumpet, guitar, violin, drums, tambourine, etc. Artist has brought various art skills from painting to sculpture, and Doctor has brought various medical materials from capsules to fluids, so Music can bring various instruments to attack.
    Wizard: We’ve already have Magic for performing hat and card tricks, while Circus uses balls and balloons, and ESP uses psychic powers. But what about the actual magic, which I mean uses elemental powers like water, fire, wind, thunder, etc. This is something Kirby still haven’t performed yet. We can have Kirby wearing a witch hat, but using a magical wand to perform various magics, like shooting fireballs, creating icicles from the ground, dropping thunders from the sky…this may sound OP, but this can be a very interesting attacks that RPG lovers would enjoy using in action.
    Robot: We may no longer see Kirby riding on Robobot Armor, so why don’t we have Kirby becoming a robot instead? He can shoot lasers or missiles, even turning his arm into a drill to break walls and turning his feet into a booster to fly freely. This may sound like a reuse of UFO, but having Kirby using various robotic attacks can be useful for powerful battles and unlocking secrets.

    zoniken on March 14 |
  4. well what about Mace, Slime, Tank, Angel and Devil? or how about Bear, Gorilla, or Zombie

    David Horan on March 14 |
    • Kirby already has Angel, while it’s renamed as Cupid in the Western version.

      zoniken on March 17 |