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What Can We Expect from Smash Switch – with Relax Alax

Spazzy, Wolfman, and special guest Relax Alax talk about Smash on the Switch, previous Smash titles, and what we think we might see in Nintendo’s newest biggest upcoming release.

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  1. Really I’m very excited for the next Smash whatever it may be! But still I kinda feel that we are getting to the point that we already have the right amount of characters and representation (though I’ll make a list of characters that I want or think might have a chance).But what I really want to talk about is how about for this Smash it becomes more of an RPG. I think that a RPG featuring a slew of Nintendo characters would be an interesting change to the Super Smash Bros formula and add a different perspective to the Nintendo characters games and move set, basically how would Link feel and play in a game style akin to that of Final Fantasy? Would he be more of a standard warrior or act more like a ranger and you could apply this mindset to all the character as well! As for the game style, it doesn’t necessarily have to be base Final Fantasy only they could use other RPG like Dragon Quest, Romancing Saga, Bravely Default, Tales of, Shin Megami Tensei, or Eterian Odyssey as bases for this Super Smash Bros RPG. Stages, Items, Pokémon and Assist Trophies could also change like instead of Stages, Dungeons could be based around a Nintendo franchise with a puzzle element based from that franchise. Items could like regular RPG items or could take elements from like Dragon Quest and you can have one of your party member hold and use it in combat. Pokémon and Assist Trophy could work as summons and as for the Final Smashes, (taking a little bit from both Final Fantasy and Bravely Default) the character could build up a meter like a limit break and their theme could also play when they are doing it. The one aspect that I’m not sure of is the Story and I’m not sure how you would do a good RPG story with Super Smash Bros.

    Anyway for me, I definitely am more of character person and these are the characters I think have a chance of being in Smash

    Super Mario- my choice is Definitely Paper Mario. He is a different Mario with a unique move set, imagines and would defiantly round off the Mario franchise.

    Zelda- I think that Impa based on her Hyrule Warriors looks would be an interesting character. She could move and fight like in Hyrule Warriors and like a Yiga ninja. She could also use Cryonsis, Magnsis and Chronis since it was the Sheika tribe that created them.

    Metroid- since Metroid Prime 4 plot is going to be about Samus and Sylux’s rivalry, he/she would be a great choice for promoting the game and being the first Samus Aran clone.

    Kirby- since Bandana Dee is a playable character in Kirby Star Allies (and a Spear user which Smash has never had before) he is definitely going to be playable.

    Warnig! Controversial part coming

    Pokémon- there are three possible choices for a new Pokémon rep, choice one would be Decidueye since he is the most popular out of the Alolan starters and Rowlet was Ash’s first Pokémon he caught in Alola. Choice two would be Lyanroc since he got an exclusive form and Z-move, a rock type which could bring in a unique move set. Choice Three would be one of the Ultra Beast since they were the main focus of the game and could offer interesting move sets.

    Fire Emblem- Okay for this one there are four choices. Choice one would be Alm or Celica, Alm could have a move set based on his swordplay, Gray’s Skill and his Bow and Arrow while Celica could be a more powerful Robin but her magic also case damage to herself. However their both Lords and those are having a backlash from Smash. Choice two would be the new lord character from Fire Emblem Switch but also has the same problem as Alm and Celica. The safest choices would be either choice 3 Anna who has been a long time character and as a merchant, she has access to a variety of weapons and she’s been a Trickster/Adventure character in both Awakening and Fates. Choice four would be Tiki as she was in three games Shadow Dragon, Heroes of Light and Shadow (not sure about this one, someone correct me please) and Awakening and she would be a glass canon clone of Corrin. Also I hope Robin and Corrin stay cuz I like them.

    Xenoblade- Rex is defiantly going to be in Smash, his game is new and well-like and the Blade system could work well in Smash. I imagine his move set involving Pyra/Mythra, Nia and third fan-favorite blade. Me personally I would really like to have either Elma and/or Lin since their move set (gun focus, disabling move by destroying body parts and Skells) would be pretty amazing.

    Others- I think that we are going to see Isaac, a Rhythm Heaven character and Chibi-Robo. I also think we should have a Fossil Fighter as well; the Vivosaur would be totally different from the Pokémon characters.

    Third Party- since we are going to get a lot of their games, I have no doubt that Sonic, Bayonetta, Ryu, Mega man, Pac man and Cloud are staying. However I do expect more characters from these companies and I have a couple of characters that could be interesting and represent a different genre of gaming. From Capcom, Phoenix Wright (the visual novel and detective investigation games) a Monster Hunter (the monster hunting style of video games) or a Resident Evil character (the horror genre). From Square Enix, perhaps a Dragon Quest character (representing old-school RPGs). From Namco Bandai, Heihachi from Tekken (to represent 3d fighting games). From Sega, maybe Kazama Kiryu from the Yakuza series to represent beat-up games? Finally for new third party newcomers, I recommend Rayman from Ubisoft, Ryu Hayabusa from Koei Tecmo and Jack Frost from Altus.

    So those are my thoughts, tell me what you think?

    David Horan on March 16 |