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Dream Roster: Capcom Fighting All-Stars

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Roster comprised by TheAnvil 

Yesterday I posted an article detailing the many issues with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. I was initially as optimistic as I could possibly be given the circumstances. But my many fears were validated as time progressed. My conclusion was that Marvel’s input ultimately sealed Infinite’s fate. This naturally leads to the idea of Capcom taking the formula of the vs. series, and instead use their own tremendous library of characters.

So… Onto greener pastures! The idea of an all-Capcom fighting game has seen a resurgence following MvC:I’s demise, though it’s not a new idea. Capcom Fighting All-Stars was the title of a cancelled game that would have pitted roughly fifteen of Capcom’s characters in a 3D fighter not unlike the Street Fighter EX series. Some form of Capcom fighting game was eventually released as Capcom Fighting Jam in 2004, though it only featured characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Red Earth. My idea for a Capcom All-Stars game essentially takes the Marvel vs. Capcom formula (the one that was ignored for Infinite), and to pay extensive homage to Capcom’s entire history of characters. As you can see, I dug pretty deep!

Characters were chosen for a wide variety of reasons. Most were included as they’re the most important character from their franchise, though there are exceptions. I particularly liked the approach that Capcom took with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, particularly for Mega Man and Street Fighter (one per game), and so I tried to expand on that idea a little further.

Fan popularity, particularly from the relevant Capcom polls also served as some inspiration. Rook, who was from the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars and Ratman serve as the game’s somewhat ‘original’ characters, a common trope found in many of Capcom’s previous fighting games. Most of all, I wanted to include characters who had a lot to offer in terms of moveset potential.

For a complete list of the characters chosen, see below!

Mike Haggar
(Final Fight)
(Street Fighter)
(Ghost N Goblins)
(Devil May Cry)
Phoenix Wright
(Ace Attorney)
Zak & Wiki Frank West
(Dead Rising)
(Power Stone)
(Resident Evil)
Viewtiful Joe
Alexander The Greater
(Saturday Night Slam Masters)
Chun Li
(Street Fighter 2)
(Demon’s Crest)
(Devil May Cry 3)
Franziska Von Karma
(Ace Attorney 2)
(Dead Rising)
(Power Stone)
Leon Kennedy
(Resident Evil 2)
(Rival Schools)
(Street Fighter 3)
Kaijin no Soki
(Devil May Cry 3)
(Ghost Trick)
Random Slappy
(Dead Rising 2)
(Bionic Commando)
(Resident Evil 3)
(God Hand)
(Capcom Fighting All-Stars)
(Street Fighter 4)
(Red Earth)
Mega Man T. Bonne Zero BBA Mega Man Agathe
(Gaia Master)
(Resident Evil 4)
(Breath of Fire)
Monster Hunter F.A.N.G.
(Street Fighter 5)
(Street Fighter EX)
Linn Kurosawa
(Alien vs. Predator)
Pink Ostrich
(Battle Circuit)
(Asura’s Wrath)
Fiona & Hewie
(Haunting Ground)
(Star Gladiator)
(Resident Evil 5
(Resident Evil 6)
Regina (Dino Crisis)
Captain Commando Strider Hiryu Jin Saotome
Pure & Fur
(Capcom World 2)
Lou & Siva
(Three Wonders)

What do you think? Would you like to see a Capcom only Fighting Game? Let us know in the comments!

  1. This is an interesting roster you’ve made! Eventually, I really wanted to see a Capcom all-star fighting game, while I thought Capcom Fighting Jam really lacked many characters to choose from. Here are my opinions on several characters of this roster…

    Street Fighters: Definitely Ryu and Chun-Li’s entry make sense as they’re both iconic to their series, but it’s also a good idea to add several characters that represent the other numbering games, like Gil represents III and Juli represents IV, while I don’t know why you chose FANG as V’s representative. Could’ve added Sakura too as Alpha’s representative too.

    Darkstalkers: Morrigan may not be the main protagonist, but iconic to the series. Felicia too, but wish to add Hsien-Ko too as she’s popular as the other two. Don’t know why you’ve chose Sasquatch though…

    Rival Schools: Batsu is a definite yes, but could added Akira too as she’s popular.

    Resident Evil: Like the Street Fighter roster, it’s a good idea to bring characters who’ll represent their numbered series. It could’ve been a good idea to add Joe Baker as RE7 representative, but yeah, adding too many RE characters may not be a good idea as it may not be fair to other franchises.

    Mega Man: Definitely yes. Also including Zero and Tron is a best choice as they’re more popular than the main protagonist of their series. I could’ve also included Bass.EXE as being a popular character in MMBN, even he may be too OP as a fighter. But why BBA Mega Man…?

    Haunting Ground: This was an interesting choice. It’s a good thing you’ve brought this character, even the game is actual based from its predecessor Clock Tower 3. I could’ve also suggested adding a Clock Tower 3 character too, like the main protagonist Alyssa, or its villain Scissor Man.

    Dead Rising: Yeah the game may have fallen into doom, but still the best game to me. Glad you’ve brought Frank in this list, but Slappy? I could’ve preferred Adam as the best and iconic psychopathic villain instead…he’s more damn scary. (lol)

    Monster Hunter: Makes a lot of sense as being the most popular franchise. Also could’ve added Feline as a joke character, but not from the original series, but the Animal Crossing-ish one. (lol)

    Power Stone: I really don’t know why you chose Rouge and Kraken for this case…I could at least understand Rouge, but Kraken? I would prefer Falkner due to him being the main protagonist, while Ayame would be a best choice as she’s been a main heroine (and Falkner’s love interest) to the anime version.

    You could’ve also added Ruby Heart and Son-Son too. While Ruby Heart may have been an original character from MvC2, Son-Son would’ve represented the classic Son-Son arcade game, despite having a different description from the original. Also, although it may be impossible due to its license, Nemo from Little Nemo: The Dream Master would’ve been an interesting choice as he could use the help of animals and using a staff as his Hyper Combo, since the game was popular as being difficult as Mega Man and Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

    Anyways, great roster! Hope Capcom would look back and make a game like this…

    zoniken on April 7 |
  2. Atlus owns Skullomania, so he would almost definitely be a no-show, especially considering he’s probably in Fighting EX Layer.

    Game&Watcher on April 7 |
    • *ARIKA

      Game&Watcher on April 7 |
    • Nice catch! Arika does own Skullomania, but I figured he would serve as an appropriate (almost) guest fighter.

      TheAnvil on April 8 |
  3. Good roster, though I find some of the character choices questionable.

    Some characters I personally would add in a “Capcom All-Stars”, or whatever the company would call the crossover game, would be (in no special order):

    *Akira Kazama (Rival Schools) – My top fav RS fighter and possibly the most popular RS character, even more then Batsu if you ask me.

    *Tong Pooh (Strider) – I was thinking Tong’s two sisters and their master Xi Wang Mu (from the 2014 Strider game) could be part of her moveset, kinda like how Maya is part of Wright’s moveset or Ant-Man of Hawkeye’s.

    *Felyne (Monster Hunter) – When I first heard there was going to be a MH character in MvCI, I really thought it was going to be a Felyne since they are the most well-known characters, along with the Poogies, Rathalos and Rathians, in the MH franchise. I was quite dissapointed with Capcom using an ‘original’ Hunter instead, whose moveset was boring as heck to me. If Capcom ever decides to give a Felyne its fighting game debut one day, it should not be a joke character. A comic relief type (which is different from a joke one) maybe but certainly not a joke character. Only way I see it becoming a joke type is perhaps if Capcom use that ”Diary: Poka Poka Airou” design but that should not happen either. Felynes are capable of badass things, that should be reflected in a moveset.

    *Laura (Street Fighter) – I’m no Laura player but I think she might be a better representative of SFV then F.A.N.G to be honest. I was thinking of adding Necalli at first but then I thought maybe the game would have more then enough “unstoppable rage”-like characters like Akuma, Asura etc..

    *Jon (Darkstalkers) – Far as I know, Jon has yet to appear playable in any crossover despite being one of the most popular DS characters, so this would be a perfect chance for him.

    *Ryu 1 to 5 (Breath of Fire) – I don’t see a problem with having two playable Ryus in a crossover, just call this one “BoF Ryu” or something like that. Plus, having Nina playable in a crossover but not Ryu doesn’t feel right to me. As for which “Breath of Fire” Ryu it should be, I’m fine with any of them.

    *Vent and Aile (Mega Man ZX) – We had playable characters representing the original Mega Man, X, Legends, Battle Network and the Zero games in fighting crossovers, how about the ZX games? I could easily see Vent and Aile working the same as Animal Crossing Villager and Wii Fit Trainer in terms of gender swap. There is also a fair share of potential for the Biometal system in their moveset.

    *Simone (Cannon Spike) – Personally, I would replace Linn Kurosawa with Simone, I read in the latter’s talk page in SF wikia that Capcom legally don’t own Linn, which is appearently the reason why they created Simone who is similar to Linn in design and abilities.

    *Tadakatsu Honda (Sengoku Basara) – Masamune Date was once considered for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, so ever since that information many SB fans have been wanting a series representative in a playable crossover appearance. I’m no fan Sengoku Basara fan myself but one character I have noticed is Capcom’s version of historical figure Tadakatsu Honda. I like his gameplay and design, and while he may not be one of the more popular SB characters like Masamune, Sanada or Nobunaga, he is a good candidate for a “robot-like” fighter in a Capcom crossover game.

    *Nero (Devil May Cry) – Like Masamune, Nero was also once considered for TvC. He plays differently then Dante in some ways, has a small fanbase (compared to Dante and Vergil anyway) and in consideration with the recent rumors on DMC 5 (of course I always take rumors with grains of salt), it would certainly be a good time for him to get promotional attention in a crossover game (too bad there really is no Capcom crossover at the horizon right now, lol).

    There are also some Capcom characters who would work great as alternate skins, such as Apollo Justice for Phoenix Wright, Hien for Hiryu or Melynx for Felyne.

    GreatMeat on April 8 |
  4. that is pretty awesome! i kinda have a few ideas for like Capcom vs games as well like

    Capcom Vs Namco Bandai

    a Project X Zone fighting game

    Capcom vs Dissidia(or Square Enix)

    which one sounds good to you

    David Horan on April 8 |