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When Was Smash Started? [Discussion]

NantenJex and PushDustIn look over the facts and discuss when Smash on the Switch started, and what that means for the roster.
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  1. Sorry to bring up an unrelated subject, I have a question.
    Just like how Marvel VS Capcom 2 had Ruby Heart and Amingo, and how Namco X Capcom had Reiji and Xiaomu, do you think Smash should have a complete original playable fighter?

    zoniken on April 8 |
    • Screw that.

      bwburke94 on April 9 |
    • if its not a final boss having to do with Master Hand, no way and no thanks
      and i rather if they expand on Mii Fighters than making some weird and annoying protagonist OC interacting with Nintendo fighters and its guests and placeholding other choices like Lana did in Hyrule Warriors. (RIP Saria)

      ZenythSmash on April 11 |
  2. Aside from Xenoblade Chronicles X for a Mech – there’s also the Robobot armor from Kirby Robobot, but that’s more stylized…

    KLCobalt on April 18 |
  3. I just hope this game isn’t just a “definitive” port, and that Wolf and the Ice Climbers return (as well as the recent additions from SSB4). No more cuts.

    At this point, it’s just pure Nintendo wizardry.

    amanfromdeclan on April 26 |