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Rate That Character Round Up #1

Welcome to the first ever Rate That Character Round Up!

Note: NantenJex created all the videos for this week!

The series started off with NantenJex reviewing Takamaru’s Chances:

With an overwhelming amount of pros over cons, Takamaru seems like a sure-fire candidate for Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch. The biggest thing getting in his way is the same as it was before: does Sakurai believe the character has become well-known enough to deserve an inclusion? The evidence points to yes, or at least a lot more than he had prior to summer 2012, making him the top candidate for a retro rep. A new game over a port is also a blessing for the character as it allows him to be upgraded from assist trophy to player unit. Now let’s see that final score.

The next day, he reviewed Pauline from Mario:


I like Pauline and I know many do but it is too soon for her. There is very little to go from for a move-set and her future relevance is very speculative at the moment. A trophy or potentially a stage element in Super Mario Odyssey level is where she belongs.

Which was followed by Arle Nadja, one of the main characters from Puyo Puyo:


Puyo Puyo is undoubtedly the next big Sega series to be included in Smash, with the exception of potentially Shin Megami Tensei which has many of the same issues Puyo Puyo faces. Arle is popular and would add some uniqueness to the Smash Bros. roster, as well as potentially introducing a move-set around puzzles. However, outside of Japan, she is a bit player and incredibly niche. This is the biggest factor stopping her inclusion and while Sakurai often sees Smash as a series that represents Japanese games, he does take into account western perception. However, this perception isn’t completely lacking and with the recent success of Puyo Puyo Tetris Arle has been growing in popularity over in the west as well. Perhaps a Smash appearance is all that is needed to make Puyo Puyo a worldwide name.

The next day was the demigod himself, Marx:


Ultimately though, Marx has a surprising amount going for him from his uniqueness, his move-set, his relation to Sakurai and his series. His only real issue is that other characters like Magolor and Susie are a little more relevant, popular and have a definite future. Marx does not but Sakurai does like his own Kirby creations and this may make Marx a very appealing choice.

Chrom almost had his chance to Smash, but does he have a chance in the next one?

Ultimately it appears Chrom’s day has passed and while he will almost certainly return in Smash for Switch as a part of Robin’s move set, the chances of him being boosted up to playable status are slim. It is unlikely he would even be the first choice for another clone character as Alm is more relevant and very similar. However, popularity amongst Smash fans and a potential place on the ballot could help him. Its slim but the chance is there.

Finishing off this week was Chun-Li from Street Fighter!

In the end, Chun-Li is more likely to appear as an assist character or trophy than a full-fledged playable character. While one of the front-runners for her own series, Street Fighter already has presence thanks to Ryu and so in all likelihood the next Capcom rep will be pulled from another one of Capcom’s library instead.

  1. Great job on the new video series! I’ve been finding myself looking forward to these videos, they’re a quick watch that covers the basics of the characters in consideration, and they make for a good starting point for future discussion.

    boblennonsg on April 15 |
  2. Suggestions for future “Rate That Character”:

    -Ridley (Metroid)
    -Isaac (Golden Sun)
    -Marshal/Tibby/a Rhythm Heaven character
    -Banjo-Kazooie -Hades (Kid Icarus Uprising)
    -Parabô & Satebô (mascots of the Satellaview)
    -Krystal (Star Fox)
    -Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby)
    -Decidueye (Pokémon)
    -King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
    -Toad (Super Mario)
    -Balloon Fighter
    -Tingle (The Legend of Zelda)
    -Kamek (Yoshi/Super Mario)
    -Anna (Fire Emblem)

    Matt Bankey on April 15 |
  3. Fatal Frame and tingle video would be interesting. I’d like to hear which model should be used for Impa, personally Skyward Sword for me

    Tim Heskith on April 15 |
  4. for me could you rate
    Paper Mario
    Dixie Kong
    Banadana Dee
    The Ultra Beasts
    Rex(With Pyra, Mythra, Nia and fourth fan favorite Blade)
    A Rythem Heaven character
    Ryu Hayabusa( at least some Koei Tecmo Rep)
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Phoenix Wright
    Dragon Warrior

    David Horan on April 17 |
  5. Nobody ever seems to believe me when I say we need Purple Tentacle (Day of the Tentacle), a Grue (Zork), and a Mario’s Cement Factory stage. Sheesh kids these days

    unoclay on April 18 |
  6. In my opinion with these characters…

    Takamaru: His entry is definitive. He’s no longer unpopular thanks to western fan’s recognizance, so his inclusion is possible at this moment. However, if this Smash for Switch is a sequel of 3DS/Wii U, then his inclusion as playable may be impossible as he might return as assist trophy. We’ll see what comes…

    Pauline: I gotta say this; she is definitely impossible. I don’t think popularity is always a case when choosing a character for Smash, and Pauline doesn’t have anything to show at this moment. I don’t think Sakurai would let Pauline use Cappy or even any classic DK related items like a hammer, which means Pauline doesn’t have any moveset to represent herself. People just cannot choose whoever for no reason, not even just simply she’s popular.

    Arle: One of the characters I really love to see in Smash. Arle was born on the same year as Sonic, as she’s iconic in the Sega industry now. But I do understand her chances may be low because of her lack of popularity in the west…thanks to Dr. Robuttnik. Even its recent Switch game didn’t make a better sales either, which westerners preferred Tetris over Puyo Puyo. But even then, I do think he have a chance to join Smash. Not just using the Puyo slimes, but she’s a magician as well, so using magic as her specials can give herself a better appeal.

    Marx: Despite being created by Sakurai, I doubt he could join Smash because of that reason. He may be popular as he successfully made his return as playable in Star Allies, but as he’s still a one-time villain appeared in Super Star (Super Star Ultra), I don’t think he’s that important anymore. But that wouldn’t mean Sakurai should choose other popular one-time Kirby characters like Magalor and Susie, as both characters aren’t made by Sakurai either. I still prefer Bandanna Dee over them, but this also depend on how Sakurai view him as, even Bandanna Dee was created by Sakurai since Super Star…

    Chrom: He may still be around in Fire Emblem crossover games like Heroes and Warriors, but Awaken is too old at this moment, which his playable chance is impossible. He may return as Robin’s Final Smash, but Robin’s return is concerning too.

    Chun-Li: As we still have no accurate rule of “how many characters from one third-party title can join Smash”, I don’t think Chun-Li have her chance join Smash as playable character, but as assist trophy instead. This can also be said with any Sonic characters too, like Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, and even Eggman.

    zoniken on April 21 |
  7. Interesting article. My suggestions for the next “Rate That Character” round are these (no special order):
    -Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)

    -Medusa (Kid Icarus)

    -Parabô and Satebô (Satellaview mascots)

    -Anyone from Rhythm Heaven

    -Slime (Dragon Quest)

    -Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)

    GreatMeat on April 22 |