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Rate That Character Round Up #2

Welcome to the second edition of Rate That Character Round Up!

Starting us off we don’t have NantenJex this time but instead PushDustIn who reviewed Dr. Kawashima’s Chances:


Dr. Kawashima is a character that would definitely surprise a lot of players if he was included in the next Smash. While he could join the ranks of Wii Fit Trainer, predicting the future intentionally surprising characters of Smash is going to be nearly impossible. – 20%

The next day, LIQUID12A took over to review his favourite character: Sylux from Metroid.


Sylux is in one of the strangest spots for speculation. It’s a character with the required attributes for Smash entry, albeit one that is very unreliable to make guesses on. Entry to the base roster is bound to require a string of lucky coincidences in Prime 4’s development phase and the selection process for Smash Switch, so it’s a plausible if slim chance.

However, if Smash Switch gets DLC support, then it’s a different story. It’s very plausible that Metroid Prime 4 releases after Smash Switch, and if it does, then Sylux is a perfect candidate for spearheading potential Prime 4 content as a whole, thus its chances greatly improve.

Ultimately, Sylux stands on both ends of the probability spectrum, for different stages of Smash Switch’s development. – 15%

PushDustIn came back for the next episode where he tackled Zelda’s biggest prankster: Skull Kid.


While I really want Skull Kid in Smash, I think his one shot appearance as a villain greatly diminishes his chances. While the remake for Majora’s Mask was quite recent, the game originally released over 18 years ago on the N64. The Skull Kid would be a fun character to have in Smash, but I just don’t see it happening — as much as it pains me to say that. – 20%

Next our first missing veteran appeared with Pichu.


While Pichu is a veteran character, he seems to be on the bottom of the list of characters Sakurai wants to bring back. Even with DLC, I think his chances are low as he’s a character that simply doesn’t have that much fan demand, when compared to other veterans that are missing. – 35%

For the final two characters of this week NantenJex returned and his first pick was the nightmare inducing Giygus from Earthbound.


Giygas has major significance to the the Earthbound series and would be different from its two current reps, Ness and Lucas. However, to properly represent Giygas is a nightmare as he would come off as way too powerful. It can be seen as a stretch but being added as a clone of Mewtwo is not out of the question, however this would feel more like he was added for the sake of it and not a lucky turn of events like it is with most clones. So ultimately, this doesn’t give Giygas a very good chance to Smash. – 10%

Finishing off this week the final character was another veteran, this time Young Link.


n the end, Young Link is definitely on the lower-spectrum of needed veterans and the existence of two Link’s on the roster already severely hampers his chances. He really requires Sakurai to want to re-add every veteran as his only method of making it back, which knowing Sakurai might be a possibility, at least after DLC. But this is really the only way he will return and as this score is for the base game currently, let’s take a look at the score. – 10%

  1. Wow, I didn’t expect another “Rate that character” round so soon (though I was likely just too late posting my comment in the first one, lol). I would almost actually like to see Dr. Kawashima playable in Smash for Switch just to see the reaction of people XD.

    Just in case my suggestions for a future RTC round were not seen in the first article here they are again.

    -Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)

    -Medusa (Kid Icarus)

    -Parabô and Satebô (Satellaview mascots)

    -Anyone from Rhythm Heaven

    -Slime (Dragon Quest)

    -Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)

    GreatMeat on April 22 |
  2. Hey it’s me again, glad you guys did Sylux as he was on my list. Speaking of, I still hope that you rate some of the characters on my list from the last round though I have four new characters that I like to see rated

    From sega, how about Valkyria chronicles character since Valkyria chronicles 4 is coming to switch

    From Square Enix, how about Edea Lee from the bravely series?

    And the two big ones, Crash and Spyro ( hoping the Spyro remastered trilogy comes to Switch)

    David Horan on April 23 |
    • list from last round up
      Paper Mario
      Dixie Kong
      Banadana Dee
      The Ultra Beasts
      Rex(With Pyra, Mythra, Nia and fourth fan favorite Blade)
      A Rythem Heaven character
      Ryu Hayabusa( at least some Koei Tecmo Rep)
      Sophie(from the Atelier games)
      Jack Frost
      Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
      Phoenix Wright
      Dragon Warrior

      David Horan on April 23 |
  3. In my opinion for these characters…

    Dr. Kawashima: He may be surprising if added, but he’s actually a real-life character in a polygon texture. I don’t think Dr. Kawashima have a chance to join Smash as a playable fighter, as it may affect his rights. That will also include other real-life and already existing characters, such as historical people like Abraham Lincoln, generals and warlords like Hitler and Nobunaga Oda, and even entertainers like Michael Jackson and even the infamous Arino Kacho from Game Center CX.

    Sylux: His only main appearance was Metroid Prime Hunters, and that was all. He had cameo appearances in other Prime series, but wasn’t enough. I do think he’s a good candidate than Ridley if Sakurai still considers him being a boss character, but since Sylux lacks appeals, then his chances are difficult. But I do think he have a better chance, if Sakurai considers him at any point.

    Skull Kid: I really don’t think these characters who only appeared once in that title have a chance, even they’re popular than the protagonist. This also includes other one-time characters like Ghirahim, Vati, and even Midna. I still prefer Impa due to being in most of the titles thus being in different designs, but it all depend on Sakurai’s choice.

    Pichu: I’ve heard of a fan rumor that Pichu might have evolved to Pikachu after Brawl due to Pikachu having Pichu’s color and blue goggles, but since I haven’t heard much of Pichu’s revival support from Japanese fans, I don’t think he have a chance to return in Smash. I hardly use him either as I dislike self-destructive characters, so I think he shouldn’t return.

    Giygas: Like I said before, requesting characters for random reasons isn’t a good thing to do as being too greedy for nothing. Giygas may be the main villain of the series, but sadly he doesn’t have an official artwork of how he looks like outside of the video game. His first game is simply trapped inside a tube, while the second game doesn’t even have a form as being a monstrous being. Although I disagree with this character’s inclusion, Pokey’s is more requested over Giygas as he’s now a main villain, just like how people chose Hades over Medusa (which I vote Medusa the most). So I do think Giygas’ chance is ultimately low.

    Young Link: Since Toon Link is a lot more iconic now, Young Link’s return may be difficult. Even nobody wants too many Link clones, as many already complained for too many Marth clones. If Young Link’s moveset was rebuilt as using the mask’s powers, or redesign to the Link to the Past/Between World’s design and use the items from there, then there may be a possibility. But at this rate, it’s difficult.

    So far, we got too many negative scores this week. Hope we get positive ones…

    zoniken on April 23 |