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Games to Look Out for at BitSummit (2018)

BitSummit is a yearly indie game showcase that occurs in Kyoto, Japan. This year is the 6th year and there looks like there will be a lot of interesting titles. The event will be held from May 12-13th. For the past two years (4th year, 5th year), Source Gaming has gone to the event and reported directly from the show floor bringing you exclusive interviews and hands-on impressions. This year is no exception, and we are excited to check out the amazing titles the developers are bringing. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. In anticipation of the event, we thought we would highlight some of the titles we are particularly interested in checking out. Let us know in the comments what titles you would like to hear more about. After this video is finished go to the BitSummit website and check out the games that are being showcased. Then comment on this video with the ones that catch your eye, and we will be sure to find out more.


Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm is an upcoming title for Android, PS4, iOS, Steam, and Switch. The title plays as a roguelike game, facing players against mutated fruits. The game is quite colorful and has really cute animations [show carrot dying]. The game comes out very soon in Japan but it seems that it will come out sometime in summer 2018 for the rest of the world.


Unknown Action – Adventure Game by Pygmy Studio

We interviewed the head of Pygmy Studio last year at Tokyo Game Show about LUNAXXX. LUNAXXX has come out yet, and the game’s development seems to have been extended. It’s unknown if this game would be LUNAXXX or if it would be an entirely new game. Either way, we are excited. The game is set to release on the Switch and iPads.


AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is an upcoming first-person action adventure game that is being published by Playdius. The game looks very fun with loads of interesting NPCs. It seems to be in the style of “choose your own adventures” with players needing to negotiate with the people and creatures they encounter. It will be coming out for Switch, PS4, and Steam in June of this year.


Tale of Ronin

Tale of Ronin is an upcoming RPG by Red Mage. The game promises players a turn-based combat system that includes detail about the katana swordsmanship. It seems to be pretty heavy story based, with looking more at the human side of the samurai. The game also boosts a system where if the player dies, the world will continue without them. The sumi-e style for the game is gorgeous, and it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.



Knuckle Sandwich

If games like Undertale, LISA or Earthbound are your jam…then you will probably enjoy Knuckle Sandwich. The game looks to be very quirky with lots of influence from Earthbound in particular. The game is launching for the PC for later this year. It recently met its goal on Kickstarter. While it’s not planned for the Switch release, I wouldn’t be surprised if the title eventually found its way to the console.


Muse Dash

This game looks like a great fit for most of its targeted platforms. It’s a rhythm runner (rhythm game/endless runner combo…?) with an ultra-high dose of kawaii art and animations. It could be a great casual game if it plays as polished as it looks