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Featured Content: Smash Switch Roster Prediction, Part 1: The Safe Roster

Delzethin showcases his idea of what the Smash roster could look like.

  1. Excellent video! To be honest I’ve been avoiding roster prediction videos on Youtube since the new game was announced, but once again your videos go above and beyond, and I’ll be looking forward to the sequel.

    boblennonsg on April 26 |
  2. really… safe?

    toss on April 26 |
  3. great video! though i do have my own thoughts on it, first how high do you think Paper Mario chances are in Smash? second, their is alot of ground to cover when dealing with franchises like Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade.

    With Pokemon, there are alot more characters you can choose other than Deciduye and Lyanroc like Mimikyu, Sivally and the Ultra Beast.

    For Fire Emblem, i was surprise that you didn’t talk about Anna and/or Tiki because i consider them the more safer choice for another Fire Emblem character. other than them i kinda expect Celica to be it but i worry about fan reaction and how she might be Robin clone. there’s also the fact that we haven’t had a Pegasus rider but the problem with that is which Pegasus rider though?

    With Xenoblade, Rex and Pyra/Mythra are definitely going to be the new Xenoblade reps though i wish would could have Rex switch blades during battle like he uses Nia, Praxis, Theory, Finch etc but sticking to Pyra is fine. Maybe Nia or Tora could be an Assist trophy and all the other Blade can be Trophies. i also wish Elma or Lin would be playable because of thier own moveset but having them as either Trophies or Mii Costumes would be fine.

    David Horan on April 29 |