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Magnetic Charging Battery Case (BestorX) Review

Recently, BestorX was kind enough to send me the Magnetic Charging Battery Case to review. The case carries a hefty price of 99 USD, but it comes with a 12,000 mAH external battery in it. So is it worth the price or should you invest somewhere else? This is PushDustIn from Source Gaming bringing you this review.

First, let’s talk about the outside. The case comes with a handle and a place to add chains. The exterior is black with a red zipper which I thought was really nice. The charging port, along with an extra USB output port is on the front bottom of the case. The case itself is hard, and could probably survive a couple of falls. The biggest part of the case is about 6 CM tall.Overall, I’m quite happy with the size and the build quality of the case itself.

Inside is where things start to become less impressive. The case comes with a plastic holder for 4 extra Switch games. It’s nice to have it, but at the same time, I don’t understand why that isn’t part of the case itself. It becomes another extra piece that can be lost. The case also comes with some instructions that have a lot of English errors, some really basic like misspelling “attention” to “attension”. The top part of the case has some extra storage space. The storage space has a divider so things can be organized. It’s nice, but it’s not big enough to fit a Joy-Con grip or a Pro Controller which are the things people are going to want to bring with them.

The Switch can be connected to the external battery with a magnetic adapter, and the case comes with two of them. Simply plug the adapter into the bottom of the Switch, and into the little connector in the bag. It is pretty straightforward. It took me about four hours to fully charge the external battery. I found it a bit difficult to actually remove the magnetic adapter when I was finished with it. In addition, I worry about charging or playing the Switch inside the case as it will block the vents. I’d rather use the external USB port to charge the Switch to ensure it doesn’t overheat. Because of these issues, the case loses some of its own appeal.

The Switch can be stored underneath everything, or the middle part can be adjusted to act like a mini stand. Again, I would personally worry about extended playtimes doing this as it will block the vents. It even warns about this on their product video stating “the temperate may a ittle bit higher when charging the Nintendo Switch inside the bag, you know, the heat is not as easy to radiate”.

All in all, it’s a fine product for what it does, but I think more inexpensive options would be better, as the benefits of this case in particular are pretty minimal.

I give the case an arbitrary rating of:

1/5 stars

Again, thank you to BestorX for sending us a case to review. Let us know in the comments what you are using for a case, and your thoughts on this one. Check out our other Switch reviews, and the description for all of our social media links. This is PushDustIn from Source Gaming reminding you to always return to the source.

If you are interested in getting one yourself, you can find it on their store.