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Rate That Character Round Up #3

Welcome to the third edition of Rate That Character Round Up!

Starting us off we have PushDustIn review his preferred newcomer to Smash, 9-Volt:

While I really want 9-Volt in Smash, and he was my only vote in the ballot, I don’t think he’d be very likely. – 20%


The next day, PushDustIn looked at Wolf’s chances to return to Smash:


All in all, Wolf’s veteran status gives him a leg up over other contenders. He had his chance to Smash, and will likely be back sometime. Whether he makes it into the base game, or is not prioritized and eventually picked up as a DLC contender will need to be seen.– 75%

NantenJex came back from his short hiatus to rate the only character from Super Mario 2 not in Smash: Toad.


Toad is an icon in gaming and one of the glaring omissions from Mario’s line-up in Super Smash Bros. As the most prominent Mario character in line this could be his chance to shine however Captain Toad feels more likely. Regular old Toad feels more like he would be an alt instead, which I am sure most people are ok with. -30%

Next our first F-Zero character in the series, Blood Falcon (rated by NantenJex).


So in the end, Blood Falcon isn’t a top priority at all and he certainly wouldn’t be a newcomer planned from the start. But there is always a chance of him being a clone, following in the footsteps of Dark Pit. But first, Sakurai needs to take that extra step to make his alt more unique and then have enough time to ‘upgrade’ him later on. -20%


Next is one of the most requested characters, King K. Rool (rated by PushDustIn).


As I mentioned way back in the DLC time for Smash for 3DS and Wii U, I believe K. Rool has a chance of getting into the base game, but not as DLC because of the lack of awareness among casual fans. Let’s see if Sakurai agrees and if it’s his time to SMASH.  -70%

Finishing off this week the final character was another veteran, this time the Ice Climbers (rated by PushDustIn)


Despite the major negative that I mentioned, I think the Ice Climbers will come back. Sakurai has outright explained why they, in particular, couldn’t come back — something that Wolf and Snake fans don’t have the luxury of knowing.  -80%

  1. me again, you know the drill

    Paper Mario
    Dixie Kong
    Banadana Dee
    The Ultra Beasts
    Rex(With Pyra, Mythra, Nia and fourth fan favorite Blade)
    A Rythem Heaven character
    Ryu Hayabusa( at least some Koei Tecmo Rep)
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Phoenix Wright
    Dragon Warrior
    Valkyria chronicles character
    Edea Lee
    Crash and Spyro

    David Horan on April 29 |
  2. Here are my comments for each characters…

    9-Volt: It’s really odd to see his name in this list which it wasn’t mines. But I don’t think he have a chance to join Smash due to his lack of popularity and even moveset potentials. Sorry PushDustIn. 🙁

    Wolf: While I don’t use him much, I do think he has a higher chance to return. But if he did, I prefer his movesets to be fully changed. Don’t want him being a Fox (semi) clone, or even giving him the Land Master again…

    Toad: Whether to be a regular version or Captain, I do like to see him being playable in Smash. Toad has been playable since Mario 2/USA, so there should be so many things that he can do rather than being Peach’s living shield.

    Blood Falcon: I disagree with his chances. For a higher possibility for him being a CF clone, I’d rather say he should stick being CF’s alts. Don’t want clones that doesn’t make any differences.

    K.Rool: While I don’t support him much as I’m not a huge DK series fan, I think his chances are plausible as I do welcome him. The problem is that what he can do in Smash.

    Ice Climbers: I love them so much and they should return no matter what! Sakurai still have the data of theirs since the testing of the Wii U version, so their possibilities should be really high. Just remove the 8-Player Smash crap, that causes tech problems and hate it so much as I can hardly see my character in game…

    zoniken on May 3 |