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Straight from the Source: Suda 51 Round #2

We sat down with Suda 51 at BitSummit Vol. 6 and talked about Travis Strikes Again, old games, and fond memories! The interview was conducted by PushDustin, Nirbion, and MasterofBear.

We interviewed Suda last year. You can check out that interview here.

Big thanks to Zedi, Brando, and Soma for help with the transcription!

PushDustIn: So, you’re showing off Travis Strikes Again today. We just played it, and it was fantastic, thank you.

Suda51: Thank you so much.


Push: At the end of the demo, it says that “the boss fight will continue at E3.” So is that confirmation that it will be playable at E3?

Suda51: Huh? Did we include that?

Kazuyuki Kumagai: We didn’t include that.

Suda51: English version?

Push: Yes.

Suda51: Ah, the English version.

Kazuyuki Kumagai: Huh? We didn’t include the English version at BitSummit.

Suda51: You played this at BitSummit? At Kyoto?

Push: Yes.

Suda51: Ah, I shortened [the demo]. That was in the long version. I guess you’re right. [In English] …Maybe.

(Everyone laughs)

Suda51: I don’t know. Not sure yet – Nintendo hasn’t given the confirmation so we can’t say.


Push: Okay. Also, it was playable at Nintendo Russia headquarters? But unlike the other demo versions, they had an easter egg which hinted at a localization for Russian. Is that something that Russian players will have to look forward to?

Suda51: Yeah yeah yeah. If Travis says so, then we have to do it.


Push: So I’m guessing full European localization as well?

Suda51: Of course, yeah, also Russia and The Netherlands.

Push: Awesome. And will it be released on the same day or a staggered release?

Suda51: Yes, for now, we’re planning on a worldwide release. Yeah.

Suda51: Also, by the way, for lunch, I had some garlic, so if it smells, please forgive me.

Push [In Japanese]: It’s okay, I love garlic.

(Everyone laughs)


Push: So, I believe in the demo there was Hyper Light Drifter? So how many indie games are represented in Travis Strikes Again?

Suda 51: There is 51, plus legendaries.


Nirbion: Is this number final or are you thinking about adding more indie T-shirts?

Suda51: 51 for now.

Push: Suda 51?

(Everyone laughs)


Suda51: And there will be 13 other legendary titles that will be picked up.

Push: Awesome.


Suda51: So, how many would that be in total?

Push:  Hmm… 51…

Suda51: Plus…

Everyone: 51 plus 13…

Push: 51… plus 13 is… 64.

Suda51 [In English]: Yeah. Nintendo 64. Yeah yeah…

(Everyone laughs)

Everyone: Ahh!

Suda51 [In English]: All titles, 64 yeah.


Push: So, speaking of Indie games is there a particular game that has influenced you as a creator?

Suda51: I got particular influence from Hotline Miami, I played both 1 and 2 and I felt they were fantastic games, on par with all the AAA games, and that game really changed my perspective of indie games, and what they’re capable of.


Push: Travis Strikes Again also has a top-down view similar to Hotline Miami.

Suda51: Yes, I was influenced by Miami in regards to that camera angle. It’s not exactly top-vertical-down, it’s slightly slanted, but the influence is from there.

Push: Yes. Also, there seems to be a lot more dialogue within the levels. Is that going to be normal in the full game or is it going to be more like No More Heroes where there are cutscenes?

Suda51: So this time it will be more text-heavy rather than having lots of cutscenes. Cutscenes are expensive.


Push: Will the game have any online functionality?

Suda51: No, It will be local multiplayer.


Push: And, this is a little bit different, but will we ever see a sequel to [No More Heroes] World Ranker?

Suda:  Ohhhhhhh… you’ve got a good memory. The smartphone game, right?

Push: What happened with the western release of that? Is it just that there wasn’t enough publicity for it?

Suda51: Right, so Japan has these rights and IP issues, so it was difficult to get it out overseas, and in the end, the game stayed in Japan. It’s unfortunate but at the same time, I want to delete the game from my memory.


(Everyone laughs)


Push: So, of course, Travis Strikes again is connected to the No More Heroes series but it’s not part of No More Heroes officially like it’s a side story right? Will you eventually be returning to a full-blown No More Heroes-like game?

Suda51: If Travis Strikes Again succeeds, I would like to make number 3.


Pushdustin: Earlier in your career you made a lot of games that were mechanically unique like The Silver Case and Killer7, however since No More Heroes your games have employed more traditional control schemes. Was this change to try and become more accessible, or was it a desire to explore more conventional control setups?

Suda51: Yeah so, the mechanisms have become more simple because it [the game] was created with controlling the Joy-Con’s in mind, and controlling the Joy-Con’s are really simple, so naturally the mechanisms also become simple. In the previous games, it was created for the Wii remote and he wanted to use the full functionality of the Wii remote, and therefore it was more complex.


Pushdustin: Okay. And next, who is your favorite wrestler?

Suda51: Tiger Mask 1. I was asked that on stage just now. The first Tiger Mask.

PushDustin: Are you still interested in having Travis appear as a guest character in Smash Brothers?

Suda51: Yeah, if he could get into Smash that would be wonderful. But it is extremely difficult. But if the media supports him then it might come true.


Push: For earlier franchises that you’ve had like Killer7 and recently you’ve done the remake of The Silver Case.  Would you like to revisit any of them or create sequels besides No More Heroes?

Suda51: For Killer7 it might be difficult, but for The Silver Case I’m thinking of bringing it back to current platforms. And also, if possible, I would like to put out a new game for it.


Push: And then- This one is extremely random. But, about this event.

(Foreign Video Game Unlawful Assembly 2K8)

Push: I’ve been trying to do some research on it because I’m very interested in it. So I was wondering if you could talk a bit about that and if you would hold such an event again?

Suda51: Yes, so this event I had a weekly feature in Famitsu, where I was writing articles together with Masked UH, who is very knowledgeable about Western games, so the purpose was to introduce Western games to the Japanese people, and this event was sort of bringing the publication to the live audience and playing Western games in front of live audience to let them know what the games are like.


Push: If you have pictures or videos, please send them!

Suda51: I might not have a video, but pictures…

Kazuyuki Kumagai: We don’t have them! That was a long time ago.

Suda51: There may be pictures…

Push: Oh, I have some pictures! [Shows Suda]

Suda51: Oh this is nostalgic. [Goes through the pictures] Oh is that Masahiro Sakurai?

Interpreter: Wow!

Suda51: Huh? You know Sakurai?

Interpreter: I know who he is, but I haven’t met him.

Suda51: Ah, I guess he’s really famous.

Interpreter: Yeah he made Smash

Suda51: Yeah, yeah he made Smash. Even you know who Sakurai is. Are you a gamer?

Interpreter: I’m a casual gamer.

Suda51: That’s amazing that you know who Sakurai is.  

Kazuyuki Kumagai: The fact that Sakurai came was amazing.

Suda51: These pictures are bringing up a lot of memories.

Push: I’m really sorry, but that’s all the time we have. Thank you so much, and sorry for asking such strange questions.

Suda51: Thank you.

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