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Featured Content: Smash Switch Roster Prediction, Part 2: The Wild Roster

Delzethin continues his analysis of Smash for Switch’s possible roster in Part 2 of this mini-series.

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  1. Ehhh. I’m unsure on this one. Good points, though!

    Charlie Green on May 24 |
  2. Once again I have to show my support for Delzethin’s roster videos, the attention to detail and graphic production here are top notch. I liked seeing a few fringe picks this time around, and while I’m not crazy about the idea of a smaller base roster at launch, I think he makes a strong case for it. With E3 coming up around the corner, perhaps we can look forward to a talkback video at some point? Either way, I will be looking forward to future content.

    boblennonsg on May 24 |