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Smash for Switch: Rumor Mill Discussion (Part 1)

epicmartin7, Spazzy and TheMangoViking discuss various Smash for Switch rumors making the current rounds in Part 1 of this discussion!

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  1. This leak problem happens every moment before E3 starts. If people gonna spread leaks in public, they would at least bring out a 100% evidence of what they found, risking everything as possible if they don’t mind or care. But for every leaks, I’m not gonna believe any of them until the officials says something, because there’s no source to provide.

    Even for the recent rumor about the 3 characters, although I do like to see Ice Climbers return, I believe that rumor is fake due to having Ridley’s name in there. It’s not like I dislike Ridley badly, which I don’t mind seeing him in Smash in some way, but Sakurai did already explained his rejection like SO MANY FREAKIN’ TIMES in the past. Ridley may be extremely popular as a villain of Metroid, but that only exists in the west while not in Japan as everybody’s questioning. Not to mention every rumors containing Ridley’s name in there were mostly proven false before Smash 3DS/Wii U and its DLC’s release, so this can be the case too.

    Either way, I’d rather wait til E3. But even then, I wouldn’t take too much hype as I don’t wanna get disappointed if none of my hoped characters joined Smash.

    zoniken on May 26 |