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Road to E3 2018 – Pre-E3 Discussion (Part 1)

Tris, Wolfman, and PhantomZ2 come together to give their thoughts and predictions on what we may see at E3 2018! In this first half of the discussion, they focus on non-Nintendo companies.

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  1. okay here is my list of things that i’m predicting for E3
    1. Elder Scrolls 6 for Playstation, Xbox and maybe switch
    2.with Square Enix, i hope that they do reveal FF7 remake and more information on Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as new Dragon Quest stuff for the Switch. i also hope that we get more info on the games of Square’s Nintendo Switch division as well, maybe Bravely Third?
    3. from Atlus, maybe some gameplay of Persona Q 2 or SMT 5 and from Namco Bandai that new tales of game that they been working on for the Switch. or hopefully God Eater 3 and Code Vein for Switch!
    4. i wouldn’t mind another Nintendo Ubisoft crossover, i already thought of two that could work! Legend of Zelda and Assassins Creed or Metroid and Far Cry, which one sounds cooler/interesting? also Rayman would be nice
    5. from Sega, i definitely want to see that new Sakura War that they are developing!
    6.from Koei Tecmo, DOA 6 for Switch and Nights of Azure 3 as well and more DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors like Eliwood, Hector, Eirikia, Epherim, Myrrh, L’Aracheal, Roy, Lilina, Fae, Ike, Micaiah as well villians.
    7. Nintendo needs to do three things: one, give us gameplay of Metroid Prime 4, Fire Emblem Switch and new Yoshi’s Woolly World. two, make a squeal Kid Icarus uprising or an existing IP. three, a remake of an older game like Ice Climbers, Ninja Castle or Mach Rider.
    that’s my list, is there one that you like?

    David Horan on June 9 |