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Submissions for the Smash for Switch 16 Character Contest

Tomorrow is the big day. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch will be showing off its first gameplay footage, some newcomers and hopefully a name. It truly is an exciting time to be a Smash fan, and while we ride this hype train through E3 I want to thank everyone who took part in our Super Smash Bros. 16 character prediction game. We had 220 entrants with nearly everyone offering 16 characters they think we will see. When you do the math that led to a staggering 3,520 that I painstakingly went through, one by one, to tally up the 320 characters who are in the running. Below is an infographic for these 320, complete with how many votes they got. This is not a ranking so much as a visual to show everyone who people think is the most likely and who is not. It will be interesting to see if all the newcomers appear on this graphic and if they are all at the top, all at the bottom or spread throughout. The contest starts tomorrow so good luck to everyone who entered. It is going to be a Smashing development cycle this time around.

Note: I ran out of time to add their names but most are self-explanatory. We said no veterans but the ones with the little wrench icon mean a reworking of that character so it is basically a newcomer.

  1. Goku: 5
    King Boo, Yarn Yoshi, BotW Link as a separate character, additional Mii Fighter: 1

    We are living in the darkest timeline.

    Igiulaw on June 11 |
    • I’d say Bandanna Waddle winning is far more worrying about this timeline.

      MagcargoMan on June 12 |
      • I’d say it shows people have a good taste in this timeline

        DeeperThanRed on June 15 |