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Smash Ultimate Discussion – FULL Thoughts & Reactions

Nantenjex and epicmartin7 discuss their FULL thoughts and reactions to the reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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  1. Your vid would’ve been great if you included examples of what you were talking about—I was a little lost there on some part of your discussion.

    But overall great discussion and very interesting.

    And the game looks amazing.

    Ronel Aldenese on June 18 |
  2. Already commented on the YouTube video itself, so I’ll just say thanks for making that video.

    There’s a lot of things to predict, but I think that’d take up too much space here so maybe I’d bring them up on a dedicated predictions topic.

    MagcargoMan on June 19 |
  3. This is a response to a comment made in the video, but I’m not convinced that this is going to be Sakurai’s last Smash game. Just a guess, but I sort of see this game as the swan song to the series as we know it, with the Ultimate version being the capstone of the series. If he does come back I think he’s going to take gameplay in a new direction, with fewer characters at first, and rebuilding the roster throughout the series. Sakurai is a creative guy, I’m sure he’s got some ideas, and I think he’s going to want to try something new. He said as much when he talks about choosing between reusing assets or rebuilding it. Maybe Ultimate is about doing everything he wanted and could with the current formula. And maybe the next one will be about reinventing it and keeping things fresh.

    Link on June 20 |
  4. I may be too late for commenting this by now, but never mind!

    Putting all other games aside, this Smash looks ultimately fantastic! Not just they brought my favorite Ice Climbers back, but from For’s DLC to the rejected fighters, they brought EVERYBODY back to Smash! And that’s something I’ve never expected to see it coming, while I’m glad I’ve hyped responsibly as I never took any expectation at that moment. But Sakurai even put so many effort not just bringing everybody back, but fixing everybody into more new forms. Turning TP Link to BotW Link, TP Zelda to LttP Zelda, giving Ganondorf a sword, removing Land Master completely and replacing with Arwing, adding Proto Man and Bass in Mega Man’s FS…heck, there’s so many changes we need to cover on, and it looks so great!

    But never forget about the new comers as well…which is the most expected Inkling to see in Smash! I knew they’ll bring several weapons as Smash Attacks and specials, while I’ve never expected to see the Killer Wail to be the Final Smash instead as I was hoping for the Torpedo. But even then, the mechanics were expected as well, and I really can’t wait to play as them! Ridley’s inclusion was surprising too. As I wasn’t hoping for his inclusion because of his problems from the past, while I’m not much of a Ridley or even a Metroid fan, I’m still glad to see him being playable for the first time. But he does look quite different as how his size have been changed, as many Japanese viewers called him Firebrand from Ghosts n Goblins. (lol) But his movesets looks viciously fantastic, even his Final Smash looks so violently outrageous! Good to see him joining Smash as I welcome him for good!

    And for the clones who are now called as Echo Fighters…this is unexpected as well. But instead, I’m glad to see Daisy joining in, even as being Peach’s Echo Fighter does make a lot of sense. I was thinking about her Dream Smasher back then, but it looks perfect as what she is now. And besides, Sakurai sure did make her a lot more cute which I fell in love with. (lol) But even then, as he introduced the Echo Fighters for the first time, I do think there would be more of them in the future, but I wouldn’t expect too many of them as that wouldn’t be a solution entirely. While Sakurai did mentioned he don’t want us to expect too many new comers, I wouldn’t think they should fill the whole roster with Echo Fighters only, as that wouldn’t be unique since that’s what Sakurai mostly want to focus upon. I could expect Impa in her Skyward Sword design being Shiek’s Echo Fighter instead, but time will tell.

    Even for the stages, while most of them are returning stages, its good to see several 3DS stages redesigning into more HD, while several past 64 to Melee stages were redesigned as well. I’m glad Saffron City and Fourside’s back, Magicant finally became HD…while we may not have the entire stages from the past series back, it looks entirely great! And even not turning them into a Final Destination form, but also a Battlefield form, which I’ve never expected to see it coming. All we need to expect is what new stages we could expect.

    Assist Trophies have become more different too. While it’s sad Takamaru lost another chance of becoming playable, as I still see Waluigi fans being extremely (and stupidly) angry instead which is really irritating as a whole, several ATs are now able to be defeated. And not just only one appear on field, but two at the same time as they can fight each other as well! Even Bomberman’s entry, while it’s sad he didn’t become playable, it’s still great to see him joining him as AT, using the cross-exploding bombs to attack like it did in the actual game. This proves we may see more third-party characters as AT, and Sakurai sure did put a lot of effort on them as going over the limit! It’s also good to see the Gen 7 Pokemon joining in as well, while several old Pokemon from the past series are back too. While we don’t know how many new items we could see in this Smash, I really love to try them out.

    New mechanics aside, while Sakurai didn’t brought up new modes, the game looks great as I can’t wait to play it! But the only question is, who’s the next new comer? Due to having every Smash fighters join the festival, it has become more difficult to predict who would join next, as it wouldn’t be too odd that anybody could join in. As I said above, I wouldn’t think the Echo Fighters to be the only solution to bring more new characters, which I can predict we might have five more new comers instead, according to how long Sakurai have developed this game since then. Don’t know about the third parties though, even I do hope to see Arle join in. Don’t want to put too much hype on it, but will be looking forward for this game to be released, as I finally got the Switch by winning the crane game at the Japanese arcade. (lol)

    zoniken on June 24 |