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SG Choice: What Characters we Want in Mario Tennis Aces DLC

Mario’s new adventure was released last week and it’s all about…Tennis! But did he brought enough friends with him to play? What characters are missing from the Mario Tennis Aces Roster and who should be added as DLC?


I’m really enjoying how Mario Tennis Aces has more playable Mario enemies. Having Spike playable was a fantastic idea. But I can’t help but notice that they forgot one of my favorite enemies, that being Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro was playable in Mario Party 8 and will be playable in Super Mario Party. He was also playable in the 2 Mario baseball games.


I was so glad to see that Diddy made it into the roster. However, I would really like t see them add a retro character to the roster — one that hasn’t been since Mario Tennis 64. Of course, I’m talking about Donkey Kong JR. Donkey Kong Jr. has been missing from a lot of Nintendo games, and his revival is long overdue. He appeared in all of the classic Mario spin-off titles, so having him come back would be a welcome dosage of nostalgia.

There is one species of characters that deserve more exposure, and the Whomps had everything to give us a distinct archetype to the game, that might be a bit slow, but packing a lot of punch, also, with their wacky faces, they could bring a lot of fun to the courts. Also, where are Monty Mole, Goomba, Boss Bass, Lakitu and the Moo Moo cows? The game has a lot to learn from Smash Ultimate, as not everyone is here.


Push took Donkey Kong Jr. and Pauline feels to easy a pick so instead I want to go with Green Tin Luigi!

…Ok, I am kidding give me King Bob-omb. We’ve had Petey Piranha be playable and Chain Chomp be playable so why not King Bob-omb? He is one of those few recurring boss characters to never have a playable appearance, not even in Mario Kart, so this could be his chance to debut as a short-fused Tennis champion!


There’s no rule for picking not picking the “easy choice”, so I’m taking full advantage of it!

Like I said in our Mario Tennis Aces video-discussion, Pauline would be a dream-character and I could imagine her being a fun character to play in Mario Tennis. Sure, it would be fair to assume that I only want her because of her increased popularity from Super Mario Odyssey, but I personally feel that Nintendo did such a good job in redesigning Pauline, that she would bring something new to Mario Tennis Aces. She’s not only a nostalgic callback but design-wise one of the more “human realistic” characters, which gives her a unique look among the Mario Tennis-Cast. She would stick out in a good way and let’s be honest: Being a major of a big city is exhausting and demanding and she probably needs a sport as a hobby, right? So Tennis would be perfect for her! But I don’t hold my breath tho as Mario Tennis Aces is interestingly more based on the assets of Super Mario 3D World and at this point, I think it’s too early for Pauline, even as DLC. But who knows…

Speaking of the big city: Please have New Dong City as a possible Tennis field-DLC. Embrace the weirdness of Mario-characters being in a realistic environment.


This will end up being my first Mario Tennis game, so I was a bit surprised by how lacking the roster is in terms of bigger characters. If we could have Pauline, with the recent success of Odyssey, or maybe Cappy and his sister – I’d be happy. It isn’t much from probably just changing up a Boo’s model, but doing it shouldn’t right – right?



  1. me, i think that Toon Link, Kirby and Fox would be crazy DLC characters for Mario Tennis! actually i just want a Smash Tennis game

    David Horan on June 25 |
  2. Cappy, Pauline, Kamek, Chargin’ Chuck, and maybe the Koopalings (or at least Larry).

    …Also Foreman Spike, Donkey Kong Jr., Tatanga, Wart, and Mouser, but I’m not getting my hopes up on them.

    Matt Bankey on June 25 |
  3. Since Mario Sports Mix had some Final Fantasy characters in there, it’d be awesome if Camelot does it with there own RPG franchise Golden Sun in Mario Tennis Aces and have characters such as Isaac, Garet or Sveta or any other GS character to be playable. How cool would it be for Isaac to be playing Tennis with his psynergy hand. This can promote the series to give exposure for a potential fourth Golden Sun

    Isaac: Venus Adept on June 25 |
  4. While I don’t see that this game’ll have a DLC update, if there were to be one, then I’m with Eric’s hopes. I really love the Hammer Bros, because of how unique they are as being the toughest common enemy in the series. It’s really strange for why Nintendo’s not bringing them as playable, since most common enemies like the Koopa Troopas, Boos, Lakitus, and even Chomps are being more relevant in every Mario spinoffs. Even they had the chance being playable in several baseball games and even Mario Party 8, that’s just it! They hardly appeared at all! Seriously, WHY HATE HAMMAH BRO NINTENBROS!?!?

    Anyways, here are my other lists of possible DLC characters…

    ・I don’t know if they’ll have a seasonal pack like Mario Kart 8 did, but if there would be DLC characters from the Mario universe, then Pauline could be the best candidate due to her return in Odyssey. Don’t know how she’ll work in the game, but does seem to fit perfectly in her own tennis wear.
    ・It’s good to see common enemies being playable these days, and while I do love to see the Hammer Bros. join the game, let me think of another common enemy that haven’t become playable, if the Hammer Bros. weren’t to be chosen (and they really should do). It’s really hard to choose one since most of them only appeared once or twice in the past, as most of them aren’t really that relevant anymore. But if I were to choose one, then I would like to bring Ninji in this list. Since their first debut in Mario 2 / USA, Ninji has been appearing quite a while, as its last appearance was Mario Run, which they obtained their newly modeled modern design. I think it’ll be an interesting choice of bringing the ninja enemy characters to this game, as can be slight fast and jump high, thus being weak in strength.
    ・If were to bring the DK and Yoshi rep, then I could expect DK’s Kritter and Yoshi’s Crazee Dayzee to join in. Yes, it does sound controversial, but these character had more appearances in the Mario spinoffs more than the major ones. K.Rool may overrule the popularity, but his henchmen had more appearances than their crocodile overlord, mostly appearing in Mario sports games. Crazee Dayzee may be an oddly irregular choice, but has been appearing many times in the Paper Mario series among every Yoshi enemies. I do think it’ll be interesting to bring these characters to the game, making Kritter being powerful in strength but slightly slow in speed, while Crazee Dayzee being faster in speed but weak in strength. And the reason why I didn’t add any Wario rep in this list is that they hardly appeared in most Mario spinoffs. So I couldn’t add WarioWare characters like Ashley, and even Wario Land characters like Captain Syrup in this case.
    ・But seriously, and I am really serious about this case. Please, PLEASE do not add any generic clones in this game! No Metal Mario, No Cat Peach, No Tanuki Mario, just don’t bring any of them that’s just a same character but in a cosplay form, its not appealing! But if possible, maybe Paper Mario is acceptable. We haven’t get to see Paper Mario appearing in any spinoff titles, except for Mario & Luigi RPG game, so it may be interesting to see a flat character joining the game for the first time.
    ・Finally, crossover characters. Just like how Mario Kart 8 + DX added Link, Animal Crossing trios and the Inklings to the game, I think there may be another chance to see Nintendo characters joining in for the first time, but focusing mostly on first parties than second ones. So, sorry Kirby and Fire Emblem fans, they’re all second parties. In this case, I would like to see the Splatoon characters again, but this time having both Inkling Girl and Boy in their Splatoon2 design, while also having the Octoling Girl alongside too due to the success of the Octo Expansion. Link should return as well but in his BotW design, but this alongside his former majesty now girlfriend/waifu Zelda too. C’mon, Zelda may be a geekish scientist, but a cute princess with thick eyebrows (and sexy cheeky butt lol) should be playable as well. We can also add Samus in the game for the first time, but in her original tennis wear without her iconic power suit; I mean, c’mon, she needs a dayoff.

    zoniken on June 29 |