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Rate That Character Round Up #12

Welcome to the 12th edition of Rate That Character Round Up!

Begining this week, Zedi rates Reimu Hakurei from the Touhou series!

Verdict:  Reimu would be an awesome addition to the roster as she is a character with a lot of history and to many is seen as an iconic character. Being unknown outside of Japan and from an independent game series makes a future in Smash seems like a dim dream especially after Sakurai revealed there would only be a few newcomers in Ultimate. However with increasing relevance outside of Japan, and the massive popularity she has in Japan I have a mountain of faith that Sakurai is highly responsive to my prayers and gives me one of my ten desires for Smash- or maybe this is all just a hopeless masquerade so I can get some Touhou bangers. With all that said here’s the final rating:

  • 25%

NantenJex serves up a dish that’s best served cold: sushi! He rates Musashi from Sushi Striker.

Verdict: There is just too much against Musashi appearing in Smash. The biggest issue is that they were created too late, potentially after all of the characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had been decided. We might get some music from Sushi Striker after all that main theme would be amazing to smash too. But, unfortunately, this is one character I am going to have to send back to the kitchen.

  • 1%

PushDustIn discusses Ms. Pac-Man in this episode of RTC:

Personally, I think Ms. Pac Man has more of a shot of being an alt than an echo fighter. With being such an easy addition, and a lot of third party characters getting additional costumes like Cloud and Bayonetta, I hope that Sakurai can find a way to sneak her into the game.

  • 30%

NantenJex rates this Mystical Ninja’s chances in Smash.

Verdict: In the end, I look forward to playing as Goemon in Smash Ultimate… as a Mii Fighter because honestly, that is his best shot. It is certainly not impossible and the series certainly ticks a lot of the boxes for third-party representation in Smash but when looking at the bigger picture it is clear that series like Castlevania, Dragon Quest, Puyo Puyo, Rayman, Minecraft and Resident Evil all have a better chance to take the stage, while Goemon does what all Ninja’s do best, lurk in the shadows. Hopefully, we at least get some impactful music from the series.

  • 35%

OBJECTION! Kawlun rates the sharp lawyer, Phoenix Wright:

Verdict: Honestly, I think it would be foolish for Capcom to not allow or to not push for Phoenix in Smash. He would make a lot of sense in Smash and would likely drive up interest for the upcoming Ace Attorney games on Switch. It is just a shame that it is not totally likely.


Finally, NantenJex rates a Kid Icarus fan favorite, Magnus:

Verdict: Magnus may be the greatest warrior of the Kid Icarus world but he’s going to have to deal with standing on the sidelines in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He will most likely return as an assist trophy and likely one that can get knocked off meaning he may also have his own stock icon as well. This is really the best he can hope for, but hey it beats fighting the underworld army again.

  • 1%
  1. Meh, unlike most KI fans, Magnus has never really appealed to me. The only thing I found interesting about him is his past/relationship with the female armor-wearing boss (forgot her name), which I thought it was gonna become part of Uprising’s story but it did not. Hopefully it will be explored in a new KI game.

    Here are the rest of my suggestions.

    -Medusa (Kid Icarus)

    -Parabô and Satebô (Satellaview mascots)

    -Slime (Dragon Quest)

    -Anyone from Megami Tensei (including sub-series)

    GreatMeat on July 1 |
  2. Objection! your comment about Sakurai not putting in Phoenix Wright due to not borrowing move sets from other fighting games contradicts the inclusion of Ryu from Street Fighter in Smash as well as Megaman who were in the Marvel Vs Capcom series. Jokes aside, nice round up. i’m glad that Sushi Strikers is getting alot more attention and i really hop it sells well and i also agree that Goemon should be a Mii Fighter Costume. Phoenix Wright would really be a great smash character and hearing a Smash remix of Objection would be pretty cool. speaking of Capcom, here is a question for you how would feel that rather than having a Monster Hunter character in Smash, we got a Monster Hunter Stage similar to the Pyrosphere where several flagship monsters can appear and attack the players. when you really think about it, the most recurring characters in those games are the monsters.

    updated list.
    Jimmy T.
    The Ultra Beasts
    Chibi Robo
    Professor Layton
    Dr. Eggman
    a Phanasty Star Online Character
    Selvaria Bles
    Megaman X
    Megaman EXE
    Black Mage
    Edea Lee
    Dragon Warrior
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Zhou Yu
    Cao Cao
    Yukimura Sanada
    Nobunga Oda
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Devil Summoner
    Lloyd or Yuri

    David Horan on July 1 |
  3. This week’s rating had so many low ratings than before, which was rarely odd. But the ratings do make sense, so I’m not complaining. Here are my comments among each characters…

    Reimu: When I wrote my comment in Youtube, I’ve immediately got a denial response by several Touhou fans that I’m 100% wrong. While I don’t mind being proven wrong, except for being too offensive as being too serious against my opinions, I do tend to stick with my opinions as much as possible.

    zoniken on July 4 |
    • Sorry about this comment. My keyboard suddenly messed up by accident. The actual post is below.

      zoniken on July 4 |
  4. This week’s RTC had so many low ratings than expected, which was rarely odd. But the ratings does make since, so I’m not complaining. Here are my comments for each characters…

    Reimu: When I wrote my opinions in Youtube, I’ve immediately got a response by several Touhou fans that I was 100% wrong. It did felt offensive as that fan took my opinion seriously, but while I don’t mind seeing a Touhou character being in Smash, I do tend to stick with my opinion much as possible, because I don’t mind to be proven wrong as I’m not taking things too seriously here. First off, Touhou may be a popular indie game in Japan, but still they’re in the same boat as the western indie games like Shovel Knight and Shantae, and even Undertale which we know it’ll never gonna happen. Relevancy may involve as not everybody knows about Touhou in the west, but as being an indie game, it may be impossible that Sakurai may not focus bringing a character from that category at this moment. Sure, Sakurai haven’t say such thing, which we all don’t know how he focus and choosing characters. But in addition, I do see Touhou is more of a cult fan game than the official ones, as every characters are too OP as in god-level. I do admit that I’m wrong on that point, but if Sakurai does view the series as is, then it may be difficult to balance it out. Well, as much I don’t wanna argue about the game as I don’t have any knowledge about the series, I do think any indie games have a less chance to join Smash at this moment. We’ll just have to see…

    Musashi: Sushi Strikers have become big in Japan, as it made a collaboration event with Japan’s popular sushi restaurant Sushiro. But even then, I don’t see the chance of seeing Musashi being in Smash. Just like ARMS, the game is still too new to the franchise, and if this game was planned after Smash Ultimate’s development started, then I guess their inclusion is impossible. Also, simply using dishes to attack while eating sushi does seem too lame in appearance, as it doesn’t seem to work well in Smash. Maybe he’ll appear as an Assist Trophy if possible, or if worse, just a showcase trophy instead.

    Ms. Pac-Man: Being an Echo Fighter may work, but the only problem is her stats. Just making herself faster in speed but weaker in strength and defense than her husband doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference. Also, I do think relevancy would matter too as she hasn’t been around with her husband for a long time, despite being playable in the first Mario Kart arcade game. She would fit as being Pac-Man’s alt like the Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, or if worse, being a showcase trophy or staying in the background of Pac-Land.

    Goemon: It’s good to see him return in Super Bomber Man R, but I doubt his chances in Smash. Thus being the former Konami mascot, he has been gone in oblivion for a long time. As we don’t have any info of a new Goemon game in the future, I don’t think he have a chance to join Smash due to lack of popularity at this moment. Plus, as this being my own theory, Goemon is based from the actual Japanese thief from the Edo period, Goemon Ishikawa. And since Sakurai wouldn’t bring actual people, including historical beings like Nobunaga Oda and Abraham Lincoln, then the chances are more futile for Goemon due to that point. I may be wrong on that point, but the only thing I must say is that, even if he doesn’t have a chance to be playable, maybe he can become an Assist Trophy or a Mii Fighter costume.

    Phoenix Wright: I like Phoenix Wright as I do love to see him being playable in Smash. But since we don’t know how many characters from one third party company could join in, then we don’t know if its possible or not to have in join Smash. Capcom contains lots of popular characters than Sega does (excluding all Sonic characters), and there are lots of characters to choose from other than Mega Man and Street Fighters, like Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy and the Monster Hunter. I wouldn’t think using several movesets used in UMvC3 is a bad idea, but maybe Sakurai would think something more special since both MvC and Smash is different. However, if being playable is difficult at this moment, then maybe we’ll see him as being an Assist Trophy instead, if they allow it though.

    Magnus: Don’t know how popular he is, but I don’t see his chances being in Smash. He doesn’t look so unique to me because of what he is, and wouldn’t suggest being an Echo Fighter of heavy weight sword fighter like Ike and Cloud. Don’t even know why his name came up to this list either, but I strongly doubt his chances being playable at all, which I’d say he’ll return as an Assist Trophy.

    zoniken on July 4 |