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Rate That Character Round Up #13

Welcome to the 13h edition of Rate That Character Round Up!

We started this week with a discussion on the characters that aren’t making it into Smash Ultimate.

Tris rates everyone’s favorite captain, Captain Toad!

Verdict: With the announcement of Smash Ultimate, the reveal of Daisy joining the Mario series roster, and the fact that there won’t be too many newcomers, some have started to feel that the Mario series won’t receive another rep. In my personal opinion, since Daisy is just an Echo Fighter, the Mario series may indeed see a new unique representative. Despite the potential issue of multiple types of Toads on the battlefield, I believe Captain Toad, and perhaps even Toadette to accompany him as an alt, have solidified themselves as strong candidates to join the rest of the Mario cast in the heat of battle. Sakurai has always taken some creative liberties with character movesets, and I feel that the Captain’s lack of jumping in his source material can prove to create an interesting mechanic, rather than hindering his chances as a whole.

  • 60%

PushDustIn rates the often forgotten, Captain Rainbow:

With such a cult status, Captain Rainbow’s best shot is getting in as an assist trophy. If Sakurai had reservations about Takamaru being a full playable character in Smash due to Westerns not knowing who he is, then Captain Rainbow has a very low chance. Sorry Nick, maybe your dream will come true someday later.  

  • 1%

Cart Boy, with the help of PushDustIn soars to new heights with NiGHTS:

Verdict: NiGHTS is one of my favorite characters hailing from this medium, and her 1996 original remains one of my all-time favorite video games. If I was rating her on how much I wanted her in Smash, it would be a sky-high score. However, I fear this is one gate our purple friend will be unable to break through. If Mii Fighter costumes return, I can see a new one being made in NiGHTS’ likeness – which itself would be a victory – but I’m afraid I’ll need to wait longer for my next chance to play as my beloved Nightmaren.

  • 1%

From one Nightmaren, to Nightmare — RealHero discusses Nightmare:


Overall, Nightmare, while being a recognizable character from a premiere franchise may be edged out by other contenders from Bandai Namco. He could add a unique style to Smash, but ratings issue may cause Sakurai to reconsider.


Finally, LIQUID12A decides to re-rate Chrom considering we know more about Smash Ultimate:

Verdict: While most Fire Emblem characters would suffer savage blows to their chances for this game, Chrom has been given a tiny breath of life; that is, if the theorized reasoning behind the current absence of his NPC role and Ike palette is anything to go by. Otherwise, his stance for Smash inclusion is well anything but steady. Chrom may be helpful, but he can’t even help his own case for Smash inclusion. Let’s see that final score.

  • 20%
  1. good round up, i feel that even if i asked for a Re-Rate of Celica and Dixie Kong they’ll have the same problems that Chrom has. it’s also difficult to choose between Heihachi and Nightmare as an Arena fighter rep but i think that Heihachi has a way better chance.

    my list of suggestions
    Jimmy T.
    The Ultra Beasts
    Chibi Robo
    Professor Layton
    Dr. Eggman
    a Phanasty Star Online Character
    a Shining series Character
    Selvaria Bles
    Megaman X
    Megaman EXE
    Black Mage
    Edea Lee
    Dragon Warrior
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Zhao Yun(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Cao Cao(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Yukimura Sanada(From Samurai Warriors)
    Nobunga Oda(From Samurai Warriors)
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Devil Summoner
    Lloyd or Yuri

    David Horan on July 8 |
  2. Been busy for a while, but now I’m (kinda) back!
    Now commenting these characters…

    Captain Toad: While the regular Toad is already part of Peach’s moveset, as being more courageous and loyal than the previous versions, I think Captain Toad would differentiate more than the regular one. Having a character with a low jump ability may be risky, but would be unique as being the opposite of Falco, who’s the most highest jumper in Smash. However, I do think his chances may be difficult at this moment. Not just bringing too many Mario reps in Smash, which I wouldn’t think that’ll matter anyway due to being the major franchise of Nintendo, but just like Bandanna Dee’s case, it may be difficult due to its appearance, depending on how Sakurai view Toad as, to be an unique and important fighter or nothing but an common NPC character throughout the Mario series. Even I do like to see Captain Toad being playable in Smash, it really depend on how Sakurai view him at this moment. It’s a 50/50 chance…

    Captain Rainbow: Don’t get deceived by its weird artwork and graphics; although there’s nothing much to do when accomplishing certain missions, its still a great game IMO. Even this game brought many minor Nintendo characters back on stage, such as Takamaru appeared as a guest character in Samurai Warriors 3 and Little Mac returning in Wii’s Punch-Out remake, and even Lip’s game and costume returning in Animal Crossing New Leaf’s amiibo update. No wonder how the staffs called this game an “Reversed Smash Bros.”, because it was the game to help the forgotten Nintendo characters to get their shine back. Captain Rainbow may represent that concept, but I may agree more that he doesn’t have a chance due to his lack of relevancy in the west, since the game was never released there. His moveset does seem limited too, so I guess he doesn’t have a chance at this moment. As an Assist Trophy, maybe.

    NiGHTS: I’ve been imagining how NiGHTS would fight in Smash back in my childhood years, and I would love to see my favorite secondary Sonic Team character join Smash. But I do think its chances are low due to moveset issues, since NiGHTS hardly stood on land as it floats most often. Sure, Ridley’s entry changed that moment, but NiGHTS’ case is different as it never stood on land before. So its chances are low at this moment, but maybe it’ll join Smash as an Assist Trophy instead.

    Nightmare: Nightmare may be the main face of the Soul Calibur series, but eventually I hardly see his chances in Smash. Appearance may not matter at this moment, but when it comes with Bandai Namco fighting games, I do think Heihachi is more relevant than Nightmare as an Bandai Namco fighting game rep. Also, just like Heihachi’s case, moveset issues is another problem with Nightmare, since both character belong to a fighting game where combos are mainly focused than command entries. Since Nightmare hardly have an iconic moveset, I do think his chances are low at this moment. We’ll just have to see…

    Chrom: Chrom was part of my prediction list back in Smash for, believing he might replace Marth’s postion due to being the legendary hero’s descendant. However, that prediction have been changed since Lucina and Robin’s inclusion, that Chrom’s entry has become lower than before. He may become Ike’s Echo Fighter, but I wouldn’t think we should have another Fire Emblem Echo Fighter, while it may also be controversial of bringing another Awakening character to Smash as over representing. While people say Chrom would join since Robin’s Final Smash wasn’t shown in his introduction vid, I wouldn’t think that’ll prove anything at all since the game’s still in development, and I wouldn’t even think Sakurai would change his mind on Chrom’s case due to being another blue-haired sword fighter from FE (and for an odd reason, there’s so many blue-haired sword-fighting protagonists in the series). Chrom being part of Robin’s Final Smash does make perfect sense due to their strong bond to each other, since Robin is Chrom’s most reliable and trustworthy strategist and partner (and even his wife if female). It’s also difficult to imagine how Robin’s Final Smash would change if Chrom was removed from there either, as there’s no other character to think of to replace that spot. So in that case, I do think he’ll return as Robin’s Final Smash.

    zoniken on July 16 |