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Dream Arena – Treeshroud Forest (Guest Article)

This guest Dream Smasher was created by @JunichiMasuba1 and @Hamada_520 on Twitter.

Whenever you think of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, one feature that is as memorable as the music and story are the Mystery Dungeons themselves. In the Mystery Dungeon series, dungeons are randomly generated each time you enter them, always giving the player something new and exciting to experience when replaying them, and this is one feature that makes Mystery Dungeon such an iconic and memorable series. If Grovyle were to ever be included in the Smash roster, he should naturally be introduced alongside a stage that’s equally popular, and no dungeon would fit Grovyle, and Smash Bros., better than Treeshroud Forest. This dungeon is visited by Grovyle early on in the game’s story, hoping to make off with its treasure; a Time Gear.

Time Gears are ancient artifacts scattered around the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, keeping time flowing properly in the respective areas that each one governs. However, Grovyle, intent on collecting five Time Gears, makes off with this one first, causing time in the area to completely stop.

This Time Gear, being the dungeon’s most important aspect, would naturally be integrated into the stage itself, disrupting the flow of time. Treeshroud Forest itself would be a travelling stage, constantly shifting between a set number of floors before players arrive at the Time Gear’s altar, allowing them to take advantage of it before the stage sends them back to the first floor of the dungeon.

Stage Music

Being such an iconic side series known for its music, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon’s complete lack of musical representation in Smash is surprising. The series has a large array of music that would fit perfectly in a stage like Treeshroud Forest.

Hazards and Statistics

Game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
Series: Pokemon
Home to: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Grovyle
Size: Varies
Blast Zones: Walkoff, medium
Gimmick: Required Travel

This stage would take as much inspiration from the dungeons of its home game as possible. This stage, like many other travelling ones, would send players to multiple locations, each with their own layouts. However, Treeshroud Forest’s gimmick would be unique in its stage hazards and methods of travel. Like every other dungeon in the series, Pokemon would randomly appear and attempt to attack the fighters. However, similarly to the Smash Run enemies, these Pokemon can be defeated. Each floor would have a different lineup of Pokemon who will appear, resulting in each floor being unique in both their layouts and potential threats. However, no Pokemon enemies would appear on the final floor that houses the Time Gear. On this floor, players can attempt to throw their opponents into the Time Gear’s altar, slowing time for those who collide with it or the aura surrounding it.

The stage’s method of shifting, however, would be completely unique. Rather than the stage automatically shifting after a certain amount of time, the dungeon floor’s stairs would appear. Players then have the option to run over to it and trigger the stage to shift. However, if enough time has passed and none of the players have interacted with the stairs, then the stage would force a transition. begin to force. There are 5 floors before the Time Gear’s altar is reached and each floor will have a different platform layout and enemy Pokemon. The order is random, showing off how the dungeons are procedurely generated.

Stage layout would alter between five set layouts, there are more than this, but only 5 would appear each battle, with no layout ever appearing twice in battle. You may end up fighting in an area with a large tree, like Dreamland 64, a big open cavern with few platforms, like Gaur Plains or a fairly normal flat surface like Battlefield or Final Destination. Between transitions it will always start with a flat platform so players don’t instantly fall to their death, but this will move after a time.

On each floor, excluding the Time Gear’s altar, Pokemon would appear and become hostile towards any fighters in the area. The Pokemon would be randomly selected from a group of Pokemon that naturally appear in this dungeon in the original titles. Each Pokemon would have one attack and can be defeated, however, this does not count towards gaining a stock or KO.



Attack: Flamethrower. Shoots a line of fire towards a fighter in a similar fashion to Charizard’s Neutral Special. However, unlike Charizard’s, it travels along the stage in a straight line, deals 14% damage, and cannot launch a fighter.



Attack: Attack Order. Attacks the closest fighter with a swarm of bees and affects the target with a Beehive effect if they are hit. It will never launch the target far enough to KO them.



Attack: Psychic. Fires a wave of psychic energy across the stage, hitting any fighter in its way. This attack deals 20% damage, is able to launch fighters, and will briefly stun fighters hit by it.



Attack: Solar Beam. Charges up an attack and unleashes a powerful beam of light after a few seconds. This is the strongest attack of any Treeshroud Pokemon, but is extremely slow and easy to avoid. The attack deals 29% damage and is able to launch fighters very far.



Attack: Magical Leaf. An attack that involves Kirlia shooting five multicoloured leaves that home in on the fighter it chooses to target. Each leaf deals 5% damage and they do not make the target flinch.

Omega and Battlefield Forms

The entire fight takes place on a platform resembling the floor that housed the Time Gear’s altar. However, the stage’s colors would be grayed out and the Time Gear would be missing from the altar. The stage’s immobile layout and gray color scheme would reference what happened to Treeshroud Forest after Grovyle had taken its Time Gear, as the stage would be stuck in time.


Secret Taunt

In Mystery Dungeon the Pokemon like to talk to each other and if Grovyle makes it into Smash we could see a situation similar to Pit and Snake in Palutena’s Temple and Shadow Moses Island. If Grovyle did a special taunt he would be able to trigger special conversations between him and other characters from his home game. These would involve Grovyle talking to Celebi and discussing Grovyle’s opponent, with Dusknoir occasionally appearing to argue over fighting techniques. Depending on the opponent even some special Pokemon like Wigglytuff could appear. This taunt does not work on the Omega and Battlefield version of the stage.

Pokemon Trainer











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