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Rate That Character Round Up #14

Welcome to the 14th edition of Rate That Character Round Up!

KawlunDram started this week by rating everyone’s favorite gardener…er….caretaker. The one and only Cooking Mama!

Verdict: “I think Cooking Mama would actually become a quick fan-favorite if she was added to the roster. Adding a bit of humor, but also representing those who bought a DS just to kick back and play some fun minigames while waiting for the bus… or just having some time to kill. I really wish she would be considered. I think there’s plenty reason why she should, but it’s just not going to happen. And I don’t think it’s something that Mama will be able to fix.”

  • 15%

Nantenjex rates the imprisoned one, Demise!

Verdict: “Demise would be an easy  Echo form of Ganondorf, but just because he can be one doesn’t mean he will make the cut. He’s hardly a popular pick, and the only thing he really adds is giving the Zelda cast another villain to square off against. Maybe if that was this game’s theme, but it is not. The best demise can hope for is his trophy returning from Smash Wii U. Sorry demise fans. I’m sorry for all four of you.”

  • 5%

Nantenjex rates Alm from Fire Emblem!

Verdict: “Alm is the textbook Fire Emblem lord and this means he will have a real hard time standing out in Smash. Relevancy couldn’t guarantee Chrom a place, and the same will happen here. Unless Sakurai is in need of another clone, or we get some bizarre  Ice Climbers set-up with Alm and Celica together… Alm’s chances are slim to none.

  • 5%

Spazzy rates the gruesome Jaso…. Rick Taylor from Fri… Splatterhouse!

Verdict: “Splatterhouse is a fondly remembered, but more or less dead Namco franchise. Rick is overall a rather cool character that is TOTALLY, LEGALLY DISTINCT FROM JASON VOORHEES. He can smash the undead, but can he mix it up in Smash proper? With that said, let’s see the final score… Spoilers: no… no he can’t. But… I mean… it was fun to talk about.

  • 1%

Ken you feel the percentage? Sure you Ken! Zedi rates Ken Masters!

Verdict: “Ken seems like the most obvious choice for an Echo Fighter among the entire current known cast of Ultimate. And it would be a welcomed addition to the roster. I do personally think that the differences he has to Ryu nearly effect his chances of being an Echo, but Ken’s origins as a clone of Ryu is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.”

  • 35%


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  1. Heh, I remember rooting a little bit for Cooking Mama in Smash Bros. back when she was the “hot new thing”. Good times.

    Here are the rest of my suggestions.

    -Medusa (Kid Icarus)

    -Parabô and Satebô (Satellaview mascots)

    -Slime (Dragon Quest)

    -Anyone from Megami Tensei (including sub-series)

    GreatMeat on July 15 |
  2. i agree with Zedi’s thoughts on Ken and it also made me think of two other possible Echoes Fighters, Shadow and Raiden. i agree that it wouldn’t be justice for all three character since Ken does play differently than Ken, Shadow has more of a Chaos Power moveset compared to Sonic and while Raiden was made into a clone of Snake, he is much more known for his swordplay. it would be fun playing as them.

    how would you guys feel about Alm and Celica as Mii Fighter Costumes?

    another question is what about new fighting classes for Mii Fighter? like ones based off of Miitopia such as Mage, Cleric, Thief, Pop Star, Chef, Cat, Imp, Scientist, Tanks and Princess?

    my list of suggestions
    Jimmy T.
    The Ultra Beasts
    Chibi Robo
    Professor Layton
    Dr. Eggman
    a Phanasty Star Online Character
    a Shining series Character
    Selvaria Bles
    Megaman X
    Megaman EXE
    Black Mage
    Edea Lee
    Dragon Warrior
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Zhao Yun(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Cao Cao(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Yukimura Sanada(From Samurai Warriors)
    Nobunga Oda(From Samurai Warriors)
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Devil Summoner
    Lloyd or Yuri

    David Mark Horan on July 16 |
  3. This week’s RTC was full of odd choices, but rather reasonable I guess. So here are my comments to these characters…

    Cooking Mama: While I do agree her chances are ultimately low, I do think her inclusion is rather more interesting. She may belong to those non-fighting characters like Nintendogs, but I do think she can be like the Villager, which she can use several cooking techniques and utensils as part of her attacks and specials. But even then, I don’t think anybody wanna see such a nice mama being attacked by other fighters, while we haven’t heard of any new titles to represent at this moment. So even she can be an interesting surprise character to have, I must admit her chances are futile.

    Demise: While he may become Ganondorf’s Echo Fighter, even he’s meant to be Ganondorf’s original, I hardly agree he even have the chance at this moment. Not just Skyward Sword has become old, but his relevancy may be the problem. Due to Ganondorf’s existence became too big enough, maybe several people has forgotten that Demise was his original form. If anybody from Skyward Sword were to be chosen, then I do think Impa would be the best candidate as being Shiek’s Echo Fighter.

    Alm: He may be the most popular male character from Echoes, but no pun intended, I hardly see the chances of him becoming any FE character’s Echo Fighter. Sure he may not be another blue-haired sword-fighting protagonist (hence its green instead), while Echoes has become old may not be the case. However, while I wouldn’t mind seeing another FE rep to join Smash as the series is Nintendo’s major franchise alongside Mario and Zelda, it may be controversial to bring another sword fighter to Smash instead. While there may be a huge possibility that the main protagonist from Three Houses may be another sword fighter, I would suggest to bring somebody that’s not a sword fighter instead. Even if it’s impossible, I would suggest Anna the most since she appeared in almost every series, and being a weaponry merchant as she knows how to use every weapon in stock. By the way, can you rate her chances too? (lol)

    Rick Taylor: Yeah, I knew this was meant to be the Friday the 13th joke. But even then, I strongly doubt his chances anyways. Reason to that is not that he looks like a Jason-ripoff, which Sakurai did mention he doesn’t want to bring in characters that’s not originated by video games, but I don’t think he’s that important to Bandai Namco anymore. There’s no info upon the new release of Splatterhouse, and I think the game isn’t really that relevant in the modern era either. So sadly, I strongly agree with his ratings at this moment.

    Ken: While we still don’t know whether a third party character should have its Echo Fighter, Ken would be a perfect match for Ryu due to their similarities. Since Echo Fighters uses similar animations and movesets, I think Sakurai would choose his classic form rather than his recent rebuilt ones. Ken may be fast but weak than Ryu, but would feature a fire effect on his Shoryuken, a little uprising moment on his Tatsumaki Sempuukyaku, while his Final Smash would be his Shoryu Reppa or Shinryuken. He should be the best candidate than Akuma, since Akuma is too unique than being Ryu’s Echo Fighter instead.

    zoniken on July 16 |
  4. Ray from Custom Robo

    John Cena on July 17 |