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Smash Ultimate Rumor Mill Discussion: Vol. 2 (Part 1) + Nintendo Direct Shenanigans

epicmartin7, Spazzy and Wolfman get together to discuss the various rumors currently circulating about Smash Bros. Ultimate in Part 1 of this discussion.

There’s also a section specifically dedicated to a Nintendo Direct rumor.

Part 2:

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  1. While I do not want to credit any leaks with all means, as I prefer to wait until the officials to announce something in the future rather listening to any leaks without a proof, I somehow start to think that Simon Belmont has a possibility to join Smash. I do wish that I’m wrong as saying this may mistake that I’m starting to believe the leak is true, but since Vergeben’s info has gotten right, then maybe Simon has a chance to join Smash. But I don’t know, there’s a possibility whatever Vergeben said might have been lucky as coincidence, so I still wouldn’t credit this leak to be true on my watch yet. That would also be said the similar thing with the next leak…

    I do suspect this whole “codename leak” is too random. I do think they’re doing a similar thing like the ARMS’ DLC leak, which they used codenames to identify the DLC characters, which several were right while others weren’t. Here are my comments towards these codenames and their dates…

    King & Ponytail: It would make sense these refers to K.Rool and Dixie, but having a mini Direct in July doesn’t seem so plausible to me. I mean, after we had the huge E3 Direct since last month, I don’t think we’ll be having another Direct this soon. Separating it with the inclusion trailer like they did back in Smash For would work, but having a Direct in such short timing doesn’t seem right, even with the July 22 Direct leak which I’ll comment later on.

    Old Man: Since EVO 2018 is a fighting game event, then it’s easy to identify this codename refers to Heihachi. But having a Smash new entry trailer outside of the Nintendo event doesn’t seem to be right. I don’t remember having such similar event in the past EVO, which this info seems too cliche for bringing one for such event.

    Archer: This may refer to Decidueye, while some fans prefer to Takumi instead, which I doubt the most. If it’s Decidueye, having a Direct on this timing would make a lot of sense than the July one. If this Direct refers to the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Direct, then Decidueye’s entry would be plausible. But my concern is, did we had a Smash trailer in a Pokemon Direct before? I may be wrong on this concept, which is why I can’t credit this rumor at this moment.

    Warrior & Secretary: The “warrior” may easily refer to Simon Belmont due his leak being so relevant, or maybe it might refer to the hero from Dragon Quest since the game was called “Dragon Warrior” in the west before. The “secretary” looks random, but maybe it refers to Isabelle, which making her as Villager’s Echo Fighter would make sense. But what does it make it common to bring these two together in one trailer, when there’s no connection with each other? Sure, Mii Fighters, Palutena, and Pac-Man was introduced separately on the same day back in Smash For, but I wouldn’t think they’ll do the same thing. Bringing them together in one trailer does look suspicious due to their lack of connection, which I doubt this is true.

    Mech: This may sound like Elma due to her weaponry, but as a surprise? I don’t see this being a surprise since every new character is a surprise. Treating only one character as a surprise does sound meaningless, which I do suspect this might refer to a third party, like Mega Man X’s Zero, which I do doubt instead. It could also mean an unexpected character too, like Chibi-Robo. It’s hard to say it’s a retro character, because Sukapon’s already an Assist Trophy. So treating this as a surprise does sound suspicious, which I doubt this to be real.

    Rhythm, Folklore, Doll, Prime Ribs: Rhythm may refer to Rhythm Heaven, but wouldn’t think its the Chorus Kids since I don’t see them as being so iconic, as there’s other characters to choose from. Folklore is quite difficult to identify, but if it refers to something like a mythical legend or a story book, then I could imagine a Palutena character like Medusa or Viridi, or Paper Mario. Doll might refer to Geno, or possibly can be Mimikkyu instead. While Prime Ribs may refer to Dark Samus due to being from “Prime”, some speculate it gotta be Ninten from Earthbound Zero, since his favorite food is “prime ribs” in default. But treating these characters as DLC, for a game that’s not even released yet, doesn’t seem right to me.

    Eventually, I do suspect that this list contains too many characters. Sakurai did state that he doesn’t want us to expect too many new characters, which I believe the game will contain 5-6 more of them. However, this list contains 11 of them, which is too many as it goes against Sakurai’s note. This is the problem with leakers; they bring these leaks as they’re too greedy on having more characters in the game, as they still believe that Sakurai is a liar. As Source Gaming mentioned, Sakurai is NOT a liar. He does joke around, but that doesn’t make him being a liar as joking and lying is different. This is why I couldn’t credit this leak to be real, because it contains too many characters to present, even for the moment when DLC isn’t planned yet either. But if DLC is really considered, then maybe we’ll have more instead, but at this moment, not yet.

    zoniken on July 20 |
  2. Sorry for multiple postings; I just wanted to separate the posting for the next leak I wanted to go against about. Yes, the July Direct leak…

    First of all, the Funko leak seems to suspicious to me. While I do suspect Pikachu’s Funko figure would have been coincidentally correct, it makes me feel odd for bringing a toy figure that’s not created by Nintendo. Sure, they brought a Nintendo character for it, but the figure weren’t made by Nintendo itself, which does seem too out of state. Sure, Nintendo does present amiibo too, but that’s not the case because they belong to the different category, which amiibo belongs to Nintendo, while Funko doesn’t. I don’t even see this being released in the Japanese Direct either (and seriously, when I showed the Pikachu Funko to my friends in Japan through chat, they were terrified by its lifeless eyes), which I do think Nintendo wouldn’t provide something that’s not made by the company itself.

    Another suspicious part is Mother 3’s 3D remake. I do think this title proves that this leak is fake. I’ve been hearing too many people wanting Mother 3 to the west so badly, as it really starting to hurt my ears (I mean, how old are these people really are anyways. I’d be vomiting if they’re an adult saying they’re 3-years-old). As Itoi already stated that the series have completely ended, I wouldn’t think he’ll suggest to bring the third title to the west, not even remaking it either. It’s something that these people really need to accept reality that it’s never gonna happen, not in the next million years.

    While I don’t have anything to say about the Mario Maker port, Odyssey DLC, and even the New Mario World, I do have another suspicion with Mario Kart 8 DX leak. While it may make sense, the character choices seems too fandom to me. I don’t see Cappy being a playable character, and wasn’t Kirby a second party character? I hardly think HAL would allow Kirby to join the race, since Kirby’s case need permission than other first parties like Zelda and Splatoon. While they already did in NES Remix, I still think that’s the different case, since they didn’t do similar things to Warioware series either. Besides, this also contains too many characters, which I doubt this leak would be true. Also, not to mention the Breath of the Wild Link was later added as a DLC not too long ago, which also proves this info may be fake as the leaker didn’t provide BotW Link’s name.

    For the ported third party titles…I don’t care much about Mortal Kombat and Fallout since I’m no fan of both gaes. But Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII remake? I strongly believe this information is perfectly fake. The game is too powerful enough to stand against Switch’s power, and I strongly doubt that this is even true as being too fandom. Not to mention that Kingdom Hearts 3 has already started their pre-order in Japan, and bringing a Switch version while the PS4 and Xbox version being pre-ordered doesn’t make a perfect sense. So I do think this info also proves this leak to be fake.

    Another suspicion is the Mega Man 11 and Sonic Mania Plus. Bringing Metal Sonic as playable to Sonic Mania Plus, and having Proto Man, Bass, and Roll being playable in Mega Man 11 does sound eerie. I mean, entirely it sounds like DLC information to me. Why would they provide an info that may be a DLC for a game that’s not even released yet? It sounds too early as the timing isn’t right, which I do sense this is another point of proving this leak is fake.

    While I’m not gonna talk about the Smash info as I might become a broken record, I do believe this whole leak is 100% fake. Another reason for proving this leak is fake is the contents. As the leaker stated its gonna be a 30 minute Direct, there’s too many contents to introduce which won’t last for 30 minutes. This is a similar thing with the previous codename leak; these people are just being too greedy for more, which all of these contents are something what the fans want the most, and I don’t think that’s how things work in Nintendo. And eventually, this is after the E3 Direct from last month. It seems too early to have another Direct right after the big event, and I don’t remember Nintendo bringing a new Direct that’s almost monthly. So in the end, while I may be wrong, I don’t credit this leak to be true, as I do continue to wait until the officials provide something for the game.

    zoniken on July 20 |
  3. Too many rumors running wild, on one hand its exciting, the other its annoying, I’ll just wait until nintendo confirms about when the next direct arrives.

    As for the “11 newcomers” rumor, either a few of them will be in the game during launch since we may not get too many newcomers, most or all “11 newcomers” will be dlc, or Sakurai will announce characters nobody expected, we’ll wait and see.

    The only riddle that is debatable to me is the “warrior”, because almost anyone can be a warrior character, a few of characters i can up with are Simon Belmont since he was rumored months ago, Yuri Lowell since Tales of Vesperia is arriving on all consoles including Nintendo Switch, and Travis Touchdown with his 3rd game in the No more heroes series, or maybe Dante from Devil May Cry.. But beyond that it could mean anything maybe not even a sword fighter or any fighter with weapons but just a bare hand warrior.

    Lelouch 497 on July 20 |