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Rate That Character Round Up #15

Wow, we’re already at the 15th edition of our Rate That Character Round Up? How many characters did we rate? Only God knows and I’m here to bring you this week’s ratings!

And we’re starting in the Wild West with Dillon from Spazzy! Let’s see if the harsh rules of the Wild West also apply to Smash Bros.

Verdict: “Dillon is an interesting character. His series isn’t huge, but it’s steady and it’s on the rise. He seems like a perfect fit for a new Smash game if that Smash game was developed in the same fashion as all the previous Smash games. Ultimate is a whole new kind of Smash, though.”

  • 20%

Next, NantenJex made a deal with the devil and rated the chances of the Devil. Could the devil successfully “convince” NantenJex with a “good” argument or was NantenJex able to overcome temptation and was fair and square?

Verdict: “Maybe if Super Smash Bros. was first released for the NES, Devil would have had a chance. As it stands though, he doesn’t really suit the fighting role anymore and is a fairly obscure NES villain. He has some legacy and will likely be back as an assist trophy but Sakurai has to really want a curveball character to see the Devil proving himself as Nintendo’s fiercest villain.”

  • 1%

Now, I have to be very honest: The next one was recorded a very long time ago and after we wrapped up our Rating, Sukapon never told us about her new job in Smash Ultimate. How mean! But that doesn’t stop PushDustIn to just release the Rate That Character-video for her. Was he right in retrospective? Well, let’s see:

Verdict: “Sukapon would be a retro pick that many would not see coming. She has a decent shot, but she’s competing with a number of other characters for the position. I personally think she has a good chance of becoming an Assist Trophy in the near future, but her obscurity and possibly legal issues will hold her back from becoming a playable character.”

  • 10%

After our debacle with Sukapon, Tris decided to take a look at one of the latest characters from Splatoon: The Octolings. Or better said, the “well behaved” Octolings. They’re nice now, but is this enough for Smash? Tris investigates!

Verdict: “The Octolings have become a major part of Splatoon, especially in recent months. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’d be Echo Fighters of Inklings if they make it into Smash Ultimate. Even though they’d therefore require less resources and time, I’m still hesitant to believe they’d make it into the base game…however, if Smash Ultimate gets DLC, I’d strongly believe that the Octolings have a chance…as long as Echo Fighters are fair candidates for DLC. Overall, I think they have a fairly even chance of making it into Smash Ultimate at some point, whether it’s base game or as post-launch DLC.”

  • 50%


That’s it for today. What do you think of the characters and their ratings? You have suggestions for characters we should rate? Leave a comment and smash that Subscriber-Butto…oh, wait, wrong place.


  1. yeah i’m surprised that they haven’t made Dillion into a fighter already. to me, he has a strong design and moveset.

    my list of suggestions
    Jimmy T.
    The Ultra Beasts
    Chibi Robo
    New Mii Fighter Class
    Professor Layton
    Dr. Eggman
    a Phanasty Star Online Character
    a Shining series Character
    Selvaria Bles
    Megaman X
    Megaman EXE
    Black Mage
    Edea Lee
    Dragon Warrior
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Zhao Yun(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Cao Cao(From Dynasty Warriors)
    Yukimura Sanada(From Samurai Warriors)
    Nobunga Oda(From Samurai Warriors)
    Sophie(from the Atelier games)
    Jack Frost
    Aigis, Teddie or Morgana
    Devil Summoner
    Lloyd or Yuri

    David Mark Horan on July 22 |
  2. Here are the rest of my suggestions.

    -Medusa (Kid Icarus)

    -Parabô and Satebô (Satellaview mascots)

    -Slime (Dragon Quest)

    -Anyone from Megami Tensei (including sub-series)

    GreatMeat on July 22 |
  3. I’ve enjoyed these. Please keep it up.
    I am somewhat surprised, though, that you still have yet to cover a character who has been my personal most-wanted character since Brawl. I imagine that video might go something like this:

    Chibi-Robo is a four-inch tall house cleaning robot created by the Citrusoft company and star of the Gamecube game of the same title. In this game, he is given as a present to Jenny Sanderson by her parents for her eighth birthday. Chibi-Robo then goes around, solving the domestic problems of the family members and living toys that inhabit the household while keeping it tidy. In future installments of the series, he would go on to grow flowers to beautify a park, travel through time to collect “Nostaljunk” for a museum using the 3DS’s camera and travel the world to battle snack-stealing aliens. But does the chrome crusader have what it takes to clean up in Smash?
    As a miniature cleaning robot having little in common with either of the robots currently in the game, Chibi-Robo could bring a unique play style to the game, incorporating a chargable battery, electric plug and wide array of tools into his moveset, along with his miniature size. He would also bring with him a wide array of colorful characters that could serve as potential assist trophies.
    The Chibi-Robo series also has the distinction of being one of only three series without a playable character in Super Smash Bros, along with Rhythm Heaven and Brain Age, to have both a hat and a Puzzle Swap panel in Street Pass Mii Plaza, and one of two Nintendo series along with BoxBoy not in Super Smash Bros to have an amiibo.
    He also serves as a sort of de facto mascot for his developer, Skip Ltd., a close partner of Nintendo’s.
    With five games under his belt, the Chibi-Robo series is one of the most prolific Nintendo series to not yet have a playable character in Super Smash Bros, the most recent of which was released around the time that Smash Bros Ultimate would have been in the planning phase. Additionally, the original game was critically well-recieved and frequently turns up on lists of “The best Gamecube games you probably haven’t played.”
    That, however, brings us to by far the biggest con. Though he has starred in five games, none of them has sold very well. This makes him less recognizable than other characters who might be considered. Additionally, in an interview before Zip Lash was released, the lead producer said that if this game didn’t do well, it might be their last chance. As such, the future of the series is currently doubtful, and having a future is one of the criteria that Sakurai has said he uses to choose characters.
    In the end, it mostly comes down to timing and when the final plan for Smash Ultimate was completed in relation to the release of Zip Lash. While Chibi-Robo is hardly a shoo-in even if the plan was finalized during the hype before Zip Lash came out, if the plan was finalized after the sales numbers came in, I’m afraid that an assist trophy or Mii Fighter costume is the best we can hope for.
    Final score: 30%

    I was tempted to bump that score up to 35% for sake of personal preference, but I figured that that 30% already had too much personal preference in there, but I couldn’t bear to give any lower.

    John N on July 24 |
  4. As for other characters, you’ve already done my second choice, Dillon. I’ve got some talking points in mind for my third choice, Qbby, but I’ve probably taken up enough time as it is.

    Aside from those two, I’d also be interested in hearing your thoughts on Tethu from Ever Oasis.

    glitch_bugs on July 24 |
  5. Geno (oubviously) the guy who was planned to be in smash since brawl devloppement and sakurai himself wanted to add him!

    Wii64 on July 28 |
  6. It’s quite odd that we had four vids for this week. But anyways, let me comment on these characters…

    Dillon: I was thinking about his chances too, but if Sakurai treats the e-shop characters as similar to indies, then I guess the chances may be low at this moment. Even his moveset does look similar with Sonic’s, but I wouldn’t think he’ll become Sonic’s Echo Fighter instead. At this moment, I think he’ll return as an Assist Trophy.

    Devil: Now this was an oddest choice you’ve brought here. While Devil have made his return in Captain Rainbow, I don’t think he’ll return as a fighter for Smash. His game may be slightly relevant in Japan as being part of Nintendo’s retro title, but it’s not in the west due to religious issues. Plus, it’s also difficult to imagine how he’ll fight, since he hardly have any potential movesets other than moving the entire stage. I do think he’ll return as an Assist Trophy instead.

    Sukapon: While it’s already confirmed that Sukapon is now an Assist Trophy, it’s still good that you’ve brought her up here. Her entry would’ve been interesting if possible, but I could agree that her chances may be difficult. Not just her moveset may be difficult, but as for creating an amiibo for her, which a character without arms and legs would be a helluva job. But even then, I’m glad she made it as an Assist Trophy instead.

    Octoling: Their inclusion as Inkling’s Echo Fighter would make a lot of sense. Since their model was data mined back in the first Splatoon as they’re mostly a skinned version of the Inklings, they would play similarly as the original Inklings. However, I do think it may be difficult due to time restrictions. If the Octo Expansion was decided after Sakurai started planning Ultimate, then their inclusion may be difficult at this moment. It may not matter as Echo Fighters are simply re-skinning characters and adjusting their stats, but we still don’t know if that’ll be the point. If DLC is considered, maybe they’ll have a chance.

    zoniken on July 28 |