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SG Choice: Most Wanted Newcomer in Smash

It’s been a while since we did an SG Choice!

This time we will be going over what newcomers we want in Smash. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter.

Zedi: Reimu Hakurei. She’s probably the only character I’d get super excited to play myself.

PhantomZ2: Sora. If there’s anything, I want Sora. He is the only other 3rd Party character I can see being able to make his way into Smash. Kingdom Hearts games have been on Nintendo hardware and with KH3 using UE4, even that game could be on Switch. It is Sora’s time.

Mango: Vaati. I think most of my favorite choices have a fair shot, but he probably has a 0% chance. The Capcom Zelda games were absent from Hyrule Warriors, and if they’re going to work with Capcom for a new character, there are more popular options. That being said a character that’s more of a mage than Zelda or Palutena would be fun. Not to mention he could have more attacks that push opponents away as there’s only two: Mario’s F.L.U.D.D. and Squirtle’s Water Gun. Both of which don’t do any damage.

Voyager: I could give you quite a long list if you asked me, but my most wanted fighter are the Bear and Bird duo, Banjo & Kazooie. As maybe in another timeline, they would have been in Smash since Melee, having fantastic remixes and a cool stage being ruined by Gruntilda as it’s stage hazard. Truly we are steps away to be in the brightest timeline.

NantenJex: Takamaru is deconfirmed for now, all hail Arle Nadja as my runner-up. Come on Sakurai don’t disappoint me twice now (he is soooo going to)!

Wolfman: By this point, I’m pretty much comparably excited for most fighters, but I suppose right now it’s between either Donkey Kong Jr. and Paper Mario. And I’ll go with the latter because historically, he’s been my most wanted fighter. To be honest, I’m not really sure how I’d imagine him fighting, and just dumping in tons of references to his various adventures would feel less satisfying. But maybe by using the paper element itself, he could employ an exciting fighting style of constantly changing his shape into paper forms both from The Thousand-Year Door and entirely original to Smash itself. He’d be an origami battler, something, unlike anything we’ve really seen.

Liquid: At this point, I don’t reasonably expect Sylux until and/or unless DLC happens. But a man can dream, right?

Nirbion: Usually, I would have picked Bandana Waddle Dee and I still want him in Smash.
But then, Star Allies opened my eyes: Marx would be such an awesome pick as a newcomer. He’s a villain and a traitorous on top of that and, thanks to Star Allies, his moveset would be ready to go. I think he would be a much more interesting choice than Bandana Waddle Dee…but I would be also happy with the Waddle Dee.

PushDustIn: I really want 9-Volt in Smash. 9-Volt is the character I want to see the most as he would increase Wario‘s representation in Smash. Also, he would be a really interesting character as he could use a whole range of Nintendo’s history as his arsenal.

Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

These posts are made by the SG Team, or are guest posts.
Source Gaming Team
  1. I agree with Phantomz, second to a dragon quest character Sora would really be a great fit for smash. Sora has a lot of moves from his games, the music is great and the locations are varied, the heartless are iconic enemies there is just a lot of good things for Sora. The biggest hurdles are both Square and Disney, both of which are very difficult to work with.

    I also think that we should have the kingdom hearts collection on the switch.

    David Horan on October 12 |
  2. My most wanted is Isaac from Golden Sun, preferably with his Dark Dawn design. I am fully aware that either of these happening are near impossible since Golden Sun has been dead for almost a decade and Dark Dawn is by far the least popular game, but Isaac would be a cool fighter and dad Isaac is the vastly superior design. I’m already pleased that two of my wanted characters, Ridley and Simon, are already in the game.

  3. Among other favorite choices of mine I would like to see Kid Icarus’ Medusa in, also with a original moveset instead of possibly being a clone/Echo Fighter of Palutena (at best I could probably settle with a semi-clone moveset).

    GreatMeat on October 13 |
  4. Don’t wanna get greedy here, or even breaking the rules, but I’ll be breaking into several parts instead.

    Nintendo New Comer: Although it may be impossible, I would like to see Gardevoir becoming playable. Sure, she might still return as a Pokeball Pokemon, while we already have a Psychic type which is Mewtwo, but not just she’s my favorite Pokemon, but very popular in the Pokemon community. She’s been playable in Pokken, got lots of cards through Pokemon Card games, and even had a major role in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I would definitely like to play as her, even if she’s a weak fighter overall.

    Third Party New Comer: Definitely Shantae. While there may be possibilities for her being an Assist Trophy, I still think she has a chance being playable. Wayfoward seemed to have brought many hints of her inclusion throughout her games, and it has been keeping me wondering a lot. But even then, I would be glad to see her join Smash in some form.

    Echo Fighter: Definitely Medusa. She would be perfect as Palutena’s Echo, even if she’s left handed. The Echo Fighter has brought many possibilities, and Medusa has gotten a lot of attention since then. I know she’s not that popular, but c’mon, she need some love…

    zoniken on October 27 |