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SG Choice: Assist Trophies

Today we are talking about what characters we would like to see as an assist trophy in Smash Ultimate!

Chun-Li is Street Fighter’s leading lady and “the strongest woman in the world” and I believe she is in prime position to become the assist trophy for the Street Fighter series. She’s arguably the most iconic Street Fighter after Ryu. SF didn’t get representation across the board in the previous game and this would be a good way to step it up.

I don’t really foresee Rayman getting into the base roster so I think the best bone that Sakurai can throw at the moment would be an assist trophy and it would be a momentous AT as it would be the first from a franchise 100% created in the west. And if Rayman’s assist appearance is embraced then Sakurai could always try and make him DLC but only after the fact.

Given that we’re getting fewer new characters than before, I think the selection will be limited to the most important/wanted characters. This will inevitably leave out more characters people want playable, but could still make it in as an assist trophy (like Bomberman). My choice is Chibi-Robo. He’s not really a big character, and his moveset potential is debatable but he could easily be an assist. He could appear on the stage with his toothbrush, pushing players around the stage, and constantly changing direction to keep you guessing. This could even have a secondary benefit of cleaning the Inkling’s paint off the stage and characters as well.

With the inclusion of Bomberman, the doors have open to have a protagonist character from a “smaller” Third party series to come and have their well deserved minute in the limelight. So, Bub and Bob, the heroes from Bubble Bobble could represent the arcade era of gaming, with a small moveset based on running around shooting bubbles that could trap other fighters and making them float. This could be a bit overpowered in a regular character, but Assist characters are more allowed to show their fullest potential.

Obviously if given the option I would like the character to be playable but if they have to be an assist then give me Qbby from BoxBoy! I don’t know what he would do but it would be really cool to see him in 3D trying to help the player.

Bomberman was made into an assist trophy, so I’m completely happy about that. Shovel Knight was COMPLETELY exciting, I’m just glad he is in the game in general. But if Bandana Dee still doesn’t make it, I’d like to see him as an assist trophy. I just think it isn’t fair to not have him when he has become such a staple in the Kirby series as a playable character.

Kirby has 2 assist trophies with Knuckle Joe and Nightmare but wouldn’t it be cool to get Queen Sectonia doing her teleporting attack from Kirby Triple Deluxe, similar to Ghirahim but a bit more direct and quick single hits before teleporting away. Alternatively since Ultimate is clearly going for a much quicker to the point style having Queen Sectonia shoot a giant laser across the screen similar to how the Daybreak works but with no control from the user. Similarly Star Dream may fit the laser better but some more Kirby stuff is always good in my books.

Now that third party assist trophies from unrepresented series are feasible, I would love to see Taizo Hori, the protagonist of Dig Dug make his way into Smash. Just like Bomberman, Taizo is a classic gaming icon from the formative years of gaming. The series has close ties to Pac-Man, as well, with the Pooka enemy appearing in both franchises. As for what he would do? Dig Dug would come out on screen, find an enemy player, and try to pump them up till they blast off the stage, obviously.

Truthfully, this character is one I’m really really hoping to see join the roster as a fighter, but I’ve lately been thinking of ways he could work as an Assist Trophy…and that’s Paper Mario. As his last real appearance was with Paper Mario: Color Splash, I’m fairly confident he’d tie in with that. With Smash Ultimate, we have the interesting ink mechanic from the Inklings, where covering a fighter in ink makes them take more damage from attacks. Paper Mario could spawn in battle when summoned, and proceed to cover the stage in paint with his Paint Hammer. Whether he chases players or wanders the stage, paint can end up all over, with fighters taking some damage when hit by his hammer, while also proceeding to get covered in paint.

In the move from Brawl to Smash for 3DS & Wii U, we lost one truly great Assist Trophy. And that was poor Mr. Resetti, the mole who spends a few minutes yelling, demeaning you, and otherwise rambling on about nothing. So far, Ultimate is emphasizing immediacy in the matches, so a successor to him isn’t not likely at all, but I’ll still hold out hope for the Pokémon world’s first and only Assist Trophy, Detective Pikachu (what? Put him in some little magic ball?). So Detective Pikachu, possibly with his sidekick Tim, would just, you know, walk around on the stage and gossip a bit about one of the characters. Basically, he’d function like how the Codec or Palutena conversations would go; he’d chat about the history and mechanics of a fighter, brag before failing a somersault or something, and then leave. I think it’d be a great way to expand one of the most popular features of the series, while also letting us hang out with that funny little weirdo some more.

At this stage I heavily doubt it happening, but the Summoner from Fire Emblem Heroes would make a killer Assist Trophy; their shtick of shooting out characters from a summoning gun would be a nice middle ground between providing fanservice to FE fans while at the same time not angering other kinds of people by not adding any other FE characters to the playable roster (yet). And I know a lot of people would go nuts at the sight of someone like Reinhardt terrorizing the battlefield, if briefly.

I would prefer him as a newcomer but 9Volt from WaroWare could be an interesting assist trophy! Maybe he could use old Nintendo hardware to do a couple of quick attacks?

Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

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Source Gaming Team
  1. Hmm want do you guys feel about ether ryu hayabusa, jibyanyan or an Assiassn Creed character as assist trophies? Or since I’m into fire emblem and Xenoblade maybe a Pegasus Rider or Wyvern rider or Nia and droumuch or Tora and Poppi? Or how about Amaterasu or Slime?

    David Horan on October 23 |
  2. From Nintendo, I would like to see the titular Elite Beat Agents, Susie (Kirby) and Harry (Teleroboxer).

    When it comes to third-parties (including indies), I would like to see Rayman, Spyro, Quote (Cave Story) along with Curly and/or Balrog if possible, and Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt).

    GreatMeat on October 23 |
  3. You know who would be better than Chun-Li? Since I would like to see her in a future instalment, I would go for Blanka. He is charismatic enough and his moves could apply to Smash perfectly. I also would like to see the Rabbids (ha, who wouldn’t like to hit them?), because I feel that Rayman deserves better.I also think a Guardian from BOTW, a Slime from Dragon Quest and any character from Fire Emblem (I will definitely go for Tiki) would be great additions.

    HeCKSo (@NRCPalazzo) on October 24 |
    • So would you want both young and adult Tiki and would you be okay with her being a Echo of Corrin?

      David Horan on October 25 |