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Dream Smasher – Banjo & Kazooie

There are names that need little introduction, and among them, this unlikely duo of a bear and a bird has been requested almost non-stop since before the good old Melee days. And now that we are getting dangerously close to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I feel the urgent need to share my thoughts on about how Banjo and Kazooie could fight against their fellow gaming all-stars, so I hope you enjoy this read.

The chances of the duo getting in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could seem slim to some, especially because of their position; Not only are they third party characters but they are the property of a hardware competitor. So, if you want a number that reflects my opinion, keep an eye out for a possible Rate that Character soon.

Who are Banjo and Kazooie?

Splash art by Voyager, Banjo and Kazooie render by @BluePaintSea

Banjo is a friendly brown honey bear that lives with his cute sister Tooty and his sassy friend Kazooie, a red breegull. Their home rests happily in the valley of the Spiral Mountain, a quiet and fertile land with only one small predicament: Gruntilda! She’s a wicked and egocentric witch that kidnapped Tooty to steal her beauty, thus pushing our heroic duo to journey into her ugly faced lair. Along the way, they learn new abilities, help a countless number of Grunty’s victims and, collect jiggies and musical notes while making their way to the top. Literally, as their final encounter is at the top of her top-hat-looking tower.

Importance to Nintendo and video games.
After his stellar debut as an early cameo in the acclaimed Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo got his time in the limelight with his own series, Banjo-Kazooie, which is regarded as one of the best titles on the Nintendo 64, and the point of comparison of every other collectahon game. With fun worlds to explore, tons of moves to help the player traverse them, interesting puzzles to solve and clearly the right amount of “junk” to collect. And yeah, maybe Banjo-Tooie expanded a bit too much on the collectables, Grunty’s Revenge seems to get overshadowed and Nuts & Bolts deviated too much from the core of the series, but all of them have a great sense of humor, the everlasting greatness of their soundtracks and, gripping and amusing character designs that keep the franchise fresh even to this day.

How many of you own this one?…
Yeah, me neither

Design and Color

Banjo sports his classic yellow shorts and a necklace in the form of an undefined tooth or white rock. Kazooie rests inside of Banjo’s light blue backpack. Their designs could replicate the rounded faces from the N64 era, but with details from Nuts & Bolts, like stitches in the clothes, Kazooie’s head feathers and Banjo’s slightly blocky arms and legs. A sort of compromise between both styles.

My expected rating for them to get in the base game is fairly good, but I see them more like a DLC Hype bomb, but who knows…

As for their alternative colors:

1.- Original colors
2.- Based on the red multiplayer color. Kazooie is based on the Pink Egg from Stop ‘n’ Swop.
3.- Based on the blue multiplayer color. Banjo is based on the Ice Key from Stop ‘n’ Swop.
4.- Based on the blue multiplayer color. Kazooie is based on her dragon transformation from Tooie.
5.- Banjo is based on Gruntilda’s colors, Kazooie is based on her skeleton.
6.- Banjo is based on Mumbo Jumbo’s colors, Kazooie is based on the Red Feathers.
7.- Banjo is based on Bottles’ colors, Kazooie is based on the Golden Feathers.
8.- Banjo is based on Boggy’s colors, Kazooie is based on the blue eggs.

Kirby Hat
Kirby with a Banjo stylized hairdo and a Kazooie styled plushy gun

Gracefully drawn by Hamada

Symbol and Stock Icon

Symbol and Stock Icon by Voyager

How Would They Play?
The Spiral Mountain duo could have an interesting gimmick based on their home series, as Kazooie’s special moves rely on consumable items – namely her Blue Eggs, Red Feathers and Golden Feathers – similar to how Robin’s tomes break after a certain amount of uses. These moves could be given some good attributes while their ammo could be scarce, so the player must pay attention not to waste them, as these moves help them to keep stage control, rack up damage from a long distance, increase their recovery chances and even be potential kill moves. Their neutral moves, however, despite being strong are slow and lacking in range. Banjo and Kazooie have 10 Blue Eggs, 7 Red Feathers and 4 Golden Feathers, which can be recovered completely  after ten seconds of them running out, or one by one after inflicting damage with neutral moves, this way, the players would not be able to spam special moves and also be incentivized to mix up their offensive strategy. Small icons beside their “player portrait” will indicate how much they have left.

Now let’s look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl: No
  • Can they wall jump: No
  • How many jumps do they have: 2 *
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have: *Yes
  • Weight Class: B
  • Height Class: B +
  • Speed Class: C
  • Are they mirrored when they face left: No

*i.e. DK’s grab, but drags opponents and moves slower
(for a more detailed look at the stats check this link here)

Move Name & Action Description
Neutral animations
Entrance: Banjo and Kazooie teleport in from a warp pad on the ground.

Idle: Banjo looks both sides with glee and often scratches his head.

Idle 2: Kazooie pops up and also looks to the sides.

Walk cycle: Banjo walks determined.

Running animation Banjo runs steadily.

Jump / Second Jump:
Feathery flap
Banjo jumps with his arms open to his sides.

For their second jump Kazooie flutters and get them more height.

For the reversed jump they roll flip backwards.

Falling Animations Banjo falls flailing his arms in and spins out of control in a cartoonish way.
Damage Banjo gets pushed back doing an expresive face.
Sleep Banjo rests laying on his side.

Broken shield / Dizzy Banjo and Kazooie stumble in place.
Ground Neutrals
Claw swipe
Banjo attacks with three paw swipes. They make him step forwards.

Breegull bash
Kazooie pops her head and pecks forward one time.

Up-Tilt: Kazooie chops diagonally upwards.

D-Tilt: Banjo crouches and Kazooie slaps forward with her wings.

Dash Attack:
Forward Roll
Banjo runs and rolls forward.

Ledge attack: Kazooie pecks towards the stage as Banjo climbs.

Floor Attack: Kazooie Spins over Banjo slaping with her wings.

Smash Attacks
Forward Smash:
Beak Barge
Banjo crouches and Kazooie pops from the backpack. The more they charge it, the more they move forward.

Up Smash:
Flap Flip
Banjo hits with a strong and high backflip.

Down Smash:
Pack Wack
Banjo spins and swings his backpack around him.

Wing Spin
Banjo and Kazooie spin quickly as Kazooie hits up to 4 times with her open wings.

Skater Kick
Banjo does a simple but fast flying kick (this one comes from the Beta!).

Rat-a-tat Rap
Kazooie pecks behind Banjo three times in a row. The first two hits combo on each other and the last works as a combo finisher.

Flap Flip
Banjo hits with a fast backflip.

Beak Bomb
Kazooie plummets down beak first into the ground as a meteor smash.

Grab: Banjo grabs forward and holds their foe on top of his head.
Pummel: Kazooie pecks them.
F-throw: Banjo throws his foe forward at a low angle.

B-throw: Kazooie brings the Mumbo Wrench and tosses the foe strongly backwards.

U-throw: Banjo tosses the foe upwards, leaving them open to aerial follow ups.
Bill drill
Banjo tosses the foe to the ground, then jumps and Kazooie drills them down.

Special and custom moves
Neutral Special 1:
Breegull Blaster / Beak Bayonet
Banjo holds Kazooie as a shotgun and shoot up to three fast moving eggs; it can be aimable slightly upwards and downwards.

It uses Blue Eggs and if Kazooie runs out of eggs, Banjo uses her to stab forward.

Side Special 1:
Wonderwing / Wonder-Roll
Kazooie uses her Golden Feathers to create a shield that can reflect incoming projectiles, they can walk with it but it consumes the feathers faster.
The first frames of the move deal stun damage.

If the player press S-Special while dashing it makes Banjo and Kazooie to roll forwards, reflecting incoming projectiles, it has less knockback and doesn’t stun, but uses only one gold feather.

If they run out of golden feathers, Kazooie only slaps forward, and their roll will be the basic one.

Up Special 1:
Flight/Beak Bomb
On the ground, Kazooie lunges the duo upwards (can be slightly angled), and enters in a “flight state” on which pressing “jump” gives them more height at the cost of one red feather. They can repeat this action until they have run out of feathers, then entering in freefall. If the player press “Special + any direction” the duo will be launched forward in that direction deaing high knockback on contact.

In the air, the duo enters directly in the same “flight state”.

If they run out of red feathers they won’t enter the flight state and would only launch half the distance not dealing any damage.

Down Special 1:
Egg lay
Kazooie lays up to three backward bouncing blue eggs, this eggs will bounce up to 4 times and then break. This also costs the same Blue Eggs as the Neutral special, and if Kazooie runs out of eggs, the move would just produce a “sound effect”.

Final Smash
Final Smash:
Wishy Washy Banjo
Mumbo Jumbo appears and creates a ‘magic vortex’. If someone gets trapped in that area they get transported into a cutscene where Mumbo transforms Banjo into a Washing Machine.
Then Banjo shoots a stream of water and clothes from his front door carrying his foe away.

Taunts and victory animations
Up Taunt Banjo does a thumbs up salute and Guh-huh’s.

Side Taunt Banjo bows down to the people.

Down Taunt Kazooie pecks Banjo from behind and laughs. If it’s pressed for enough time, Banjo can catch Kazooie by her neck.

Crowd cheer Men voices: Banjo! *3 claps*
Women voices: Kazooie! *3 claps*
Victory animation 1 Banjo knocks at the screen and does a thumbs up.

Victory animation 2 Banjo does a riff on his banjo and poses.

Victory animation 3 Banjo jumps with a Jiggy, lifting it. Then Kazooie plucks it.

Victory Fanfare The logical option should be the “Jiggy fanfare”

But it also could be a ‘Mega Man case’ on which their fanfare is a excerpt of a notorious tune. This segment could be one ofthe best choices

Losing Animation Banjo claps while nodding, but Kazooie frowns with her wings crossed.

So, what do you think? Does this moveset make justice for the Spiral Mountain duo? As you can see, almost every move comes from the abilities they learned throughout their adventures, which makes them, at least in my opinion, one of the most exciting characters to play as. Like what happened with Mega Man and Ryu in Smash for and what looks to be happening with Simon in Ultimate, Rare’s dynamic duo could play as if they were just imported from their original games.

Again, special thanks to Hamada and @BluePaintSea for their artistic help, CartBoy and NantenJex for their editorial help.
And thank you for reading!

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  1. I’d ditch the one throws with the Mumbo Wrench. Not necessarily because it’s from a controversial game, but since it’s literally the only Nuts & Bolts move in the entire moveset (including the other throws), it just sorta seems out-of-place to me.

    Overall though I’d say this moveset is spot-on. I’d wish for a more exciting Final Smash but that’s just the nature of Ultimate’s Final Smashes and can’t be helped.

    MagcargoMan on November 7 |