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Dream Items – Dead Rising Items, Assist & Showcase Trophies

This article was drafted by Zoniken, you can find a link to his pixiv here.

So, now we’ve taken care of Dead Rising themed Dream Smasher and Dream Arena, let’s head to our final destination, Dream Items for Dead Rising series! As you may already know, Dead Rising is all about items that Frank can use as survival weapons. Hardware tools, sports utilities, kitchen utensils, music instruments…you name it! But in this case, the items of choice will be limited. Since most of the items are already used by Frank, we can’t use those as items for other fighters, while some can be used by others if captured. We also know that we cannot use real-life firearms as items, thus it’s not unique but rather generic. So, what can we bring to Smash from Dead Rising instead? There is one item that can be unique to Smash, as that item is also iconic to Dead Rising as well. In this case, we’ll be choosing the Novelty Mask as Dead Rising’s Dream Item.


Item: Novelty Mask

In Dead Rising series, this item can be used in two ways; one is for simply wearing yourself for fashion reasons, another is to blind a zombie by covering their head. In this case, the player can use this mask to cover their opponent’s head. Although it only takes 1% of damage, which makes this the most weakest weapon, it contains a dizziness effect once their opponent’s head is covered by this mask, unless it’s removed by shaking the joystick. While this is the melee item, it can cover the opponent’s head by throwing at it too.

As for the mask’s design, we’ll be using the Servbot’s design for this case. Although the Servbot is originally from Mega Man Legends, the mask itself is very iconic that it appeared in every Dead Rising series.

Now for the Assist Trophy…choosing someone from the psychopath bosses may fit perfectly for this role as they are unique. For this case, I have chosen two characters that may fit perfectly as an Assist Trophy, but there’s one problem. We still don’t know if there’s such rule that only one character from that third party franchise can join as an Assist Trophy. If that’s the case, which one should be chosen instead? Both characters represent Frank’s most hatest beings ever, which are clowns. In order to determine which character is best, here are the two candidates that may fit as an Assist Trophy.


Assist Trophy: Adam MacIntyre

This is why Frank HATES clowns…

As first debuted from the first Dead Rising, this mad clown was once everybody’s favorite punchline in Willamette. But when he saw the children being eaten by zombies, he became a living nightmare which he strapped a mall janitor on an indoor roller coaster to distract the zombies, and attacked Frank who’ve tried to stop the machine. He is equipped with two small chainsaws that contain heavy damage, which not just only slashing at his enemies, but also spin around to attack his surroundings. He can also blow fire from his mouth, and even throw a balloon contained with irritant gas, which can stun fighters once hit. However, if a player pops the balloon while Adam’s blowing the balloon, it’ll make him cough which will make him vulnerable. He may look heavy in appearance, but he can actually run fast and jump high.


Assist Trophy: Evan MacIntyre

Wanna have some ice cream with a flavor of death little fella?

Although being non-canon, he first debuts in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. As being the younger brother of Adam, he seeks revenge towards Frank for killing his brother, which he’ll use a Snowball Cannon as his main weapon. The snowballs contains freezing effect, which can freeze fighters once their hit. And although he can only stand in one place, he’ll create a shockwave by using his stilts to stomp the ground, if the fighters are close to him. Also, although every Assist Trophies doesn’t attack their summoners, he can attack them too if that summoner is Frank. He’ll use many phrases like “Everybody scream for ice cream!” or “I’ll give you all my flavors!” per appearance, but if Frank’s playable, he’ll instead say “I’ll give you my ice cream, Frank!!!” in an angry tone.

So, which clown do you prefer the most?


Showcase Trophies: Dead Rising Series

Finally, we’ll introduce the all-stars of Dead Rising series in their Smash Bros. trophy styles! It wouldn’t be Smash without the showcase trophies, and Frank West wouldn’t join in without it either. Here are the characters that might possibly appear as a showcase trophy in Smash.

Name & Description Trophy Image
Frank West

Frank isn’t just some everyday man; he’s a strong hearted and powerful photojournalist with an attitude who can survive in any risky battlefields! However, as he realized that Willamette was infested with zombies, he went on his own mission to cover the story. In Smash, he can use various items to attack his opponent, making him a heavyweight fighter. Hey, he covered wars y’know?

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Frank West (Alt.)

His side-special allows him to push the shopping cart to attack his opponent, while he can let it go and allow the cart to roll away by pressing any buttons. His up-special allow him to use a Combo Weapon “Cryo Pod” to fly in air while freezing his opponents with the fire extinguisher, but will explode in five seconds. He is very flexible with his items, but don’t try asking him where he stores them…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Like a Mega Man

Once Frank breaks the Smash Ball, he’ll immediately change into his Mega Man costume, equipped with the ultimate weapon, the Real Mega Buster. While in this form, he’ll blast out a large laser that can draw opponents into it, continuously damaging and finishing them with the final blow. Although it’s just a simple cosplay costume, this will make yourself become everybody’s favorite Blue Bomber.

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Novelty Mask

Wearing this as a fashion can be hilarious; so do zombies when they lose their sights. This mask can be useful to blind zombies instantly; but in Smash, forcing the opponents to wear this mask can make them dizzy instantly. However, toggling the joystick can easily remove this tricky mask off. Although it’s meant to be funny, this face looks so familiar…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Adam Macintyre

Once known as Willamette’s favorite punchline, he later became a living nightmare after he saw many children getting eaten by zombies alive. His main weapon is the small but powerful chainsaws, but he also use flames and irritant balloons to attack his target. He’s also very flexible as he can run fast and jump high. Much more, his laughs are very creepy, which makes Frank to hate clowns afterwards…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Evan Macintyre

While this stilted tiny clown was selling ice cream during the Fortune City incident, he seeks revenge against Frank for killing his brother Adam, using his trusty Snowball Cannon to freeze his enemies. He may stand only in one place, but he can even create a shockwave by stomping the ground with his stilts to blow his surroundings away. As an Assist Trophy in Smash, he may not harm his summoner, if it’s not Frank…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (10/2011)


As the viral bee injected their virus into people’s body, these citizens have all turned into a flesh eating zombies, causing the zombie apocalypse in Willamette. They can be slow and mindless, but can spread the virus by biting or scratching their living prey. In Smash, they will appear on stage and attack players by biting or scratching, but can be easily defeated by attacking them. But don’t worry, you don’t get infected as these zombies are clean in Smash.

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Brad Garrison

Alongside with this partner Jessie, Brad is a DHS agent who was sent to Willamette to capture the terrorist who’ve caused the zombie outbreak. He may be aggressive at most times, but a strong hearted leader who cares more on keeping survivors safe and sound. While he disliked Frank for what he is in their first encounter, they quickly became partners as they worked together to survive the apocalypse and stop the terrorist threat.

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Jessica McCarney

As a rookie DHS agent, she was sent to Willamette along with her partner Brad, in order to solve the mystery of the zombie outbreak. Although she mostly stays in the security room, she allies with Frank in order to give information while she watches the security monitor. She prefers to be called as “Jessie” by others.

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Isabela Keyes

As a sister of Carlito Keyes, she joined with her brother of causing the zombie outbreak in Willamette. But as she noticed whatever they’ve caused were wrong, she decided to help Frank to stop Carlito’s scheme, and escape from the zombie infested town together. She later creates an anti-zombification “Zombrex”, which makes her lead to another mistake afterwards…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising (08/2006)

[WII] Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (02/2009)

Chuck Greene

Once known as a professional motocrosser, but as he lost his home and wife by the zombie invasion, he later joins Terror is Reality to earn money to obtain Zombrex for his infected daughter Katey. However, he was later framed as a fugitive of causing the zombie apocalypse in Fortune City, which he goes on to a mission to solve the case in order to clear his name. He may be very aggressive, but loves his family more than anything, and would do anything to keep his daughter alive and well…

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising 2 (09/2010)

[XBOX 360] Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (10/2011)

Nick Ramos

Thus living in the zombie contaminated city of Los Perdidos and working at Wrench O’ Rama as an engineer, he was born as an orphan without any recollection of his childhood years. However, it is later known that he’s immune to zombie virus as it mysteriously cures infections naturally. While he is usually coward and naive at first, he becomes more confident and strong hearted as he continues fighting for survival.

[XBOX ONE] Dead Rising 3 (11/2013)

And that’s all for the Dead Rising based Dream Item and the whole Dream articles!

Right now, Dead Rising series isn’t having a good time due to fan criticism, controversial situations and the closure of Capcom Vancouver. But that doesn’t mean they should deserve such negativity for what it became. The game, being the zombie bashing role-playing action game, has become more memorable as Resident Evil, and I do think the series should deserve the award for surviving over ten years of gaming progress. And although I do understand the chance of having Frank and Dead Rising series to join Smash is impossible, making this Dream article was fun to speculate.

So what do you think? Do you wanna see Frank in Smash if he had a chance? Or would you rather tell him to quit his job already? Let me know in the comments below! Before I close this article, I want to thank Source Gaming staffs, especially PushDustIn and NantenJex, for helping me with the editing. Although it took a year to finish this article, I wouldn’t be able to complete it without their help. And I really wanna thank you for reading these articles! If you wanna look for me, come and see me at pixiv, since I don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account.

Once again, thank you for reading, and see you all at the next zone!

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