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Dream Smasher: Melmetal

This Dream Smasher was created with the help of @Arkie200 on Twitter.

When it comes to which Pokémon are chosen to become playable characters in Smash, they usually need to represent or promote something relevant. This trend has been present since the introduction of Lucario in Brawl, with every Pokémon series newcomer since hailing from the Generation that is most recent at the time. While the franchise’s 7th Generation has already gotten a representative in Smash with Incineroar, another Pokémon from Generation 7 has since been released. This Pokémon is none other than the Steel-type Mythical known as Melmetal.


Who Is Melmetal?

(Courtesy of @V_Created)

Melmetal debuted in both Generation 7 titles Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, as well as Pokémon GO. This Pokémon can only be obtained by linking the two games, catching a large number of its pre-evolution, Meltan, and using the Meltan Candy you have gathered to evolve one of them into a Melmetal. This long process makes Melmetal a rare catch for even the best of players. As a Pokémon that can only be found using both GO and LGPE, it has become something of an icon for both titles. This is due to the two Pokémon being the only ones new to LGPE, making them interesting selling points for these games.


Importance to Nintendo/Series

Due to it and its pre-evolution being Mythical Pokémon, Melmetal has naturally received more attention than normal. Due to the multiple promotional videos created to show off its backstory, as well as the special event the player can trigger in GO to get the chance to obtain it in the first place, Melmetal became one of the most discussed Pokémon of 2018. Since it can only be found by linking GO with LGPE, Melmetal naturally incentivises players of either game to pick up the other so that they can add this powerful Steel-type to their teams. As the first Mythical Pokémon in a long time to not simply be distributed, Melmetal serves a greater purpose to the Pokémon franchise as a whole due to it not only having raised interest in LGPE before its release, but also because it gave players a reason to get two games they may not have considered picking up otherwise.

As a representative for both Nintendo’s most successful mobile game and the first main series Pokémon game on a home console, Melmetal has become one of the most well known Pokémon that did not appear in Generation 1. Due to its two debut titles having been aimed at casual audiences, many players have been made aware of Melmetal, more so than other popular Pokémon.


Colors and Design

If Melmetal were to ever make it into Smash, it would most likely maintain its appearance from LGPE. However, a few tweaks would be made to allow it to fit in with the other Pokémon in Smash. These additions would include a more realistic texture for its metal body, as well as a few scratch marks on its head, shoulders, and hands. As for Melmetal’s palette swaps, the first one would be its Shiny coloration, while the rest of them would reference other Pokémon and games from the series. These six colors would reference Pokémon Gold and Crystal, as well as Shiny Golurk, Registeel, Dialga, and Heatran.

(Palette swaps courtesy of @PikarlaFan)


How Will It Play?

Now, let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl? No
  • Can they wall jump? No
  • How many jumps do they have? 2
  • Are there any exclusive abilities they have*: No
  • Weight Class: A+
  • Height Class: A+
  • Speed Class: E
  • Are they mirrored when they face left: Yes

*Like Peach’s float

Melmetal would be one of the heaviest and tallest characters in Smash, on par with heavyweights like Bowser and King Dedede. However, Melmetal would have a major weakness as one of the slowest characters on the roster, which would be counterbalanced by its super armor. This ability would be a different take on Bowser’s Tough Guy attribute that would give Melmetal an advantage over opponents who pester it with weak attacks.

The most unique part about Melmetal’s moveset would be its ability to summon a Meltan companion to its side with its down special. Alluding to the fact that Melmetal is the combination of a group of Meltan, the companion would simply come off of Melmetal’s body when summoned. While summoning a Meltan to your side would make Melmetal’s attacks weaker, Meltan would grant a stunning effect to some of its leaders attacks. By using Melmetal’s down special again, Meltan would return to its leader, turning Melmetal back to normal. The ability to alternate between these two states on the fly would give Melmetal a variety of moves that it could use for any situation.


Boxing Ring Title: “The Iron Giant”

Series Icon Stock Icon Kirby Hat


Move Type Description
Entrance Animation:

Multiple nuts would be seen floating in a puddle of liquid metal as they took shape and formed Melmetal.


Melmetal would stand tall with its arms extended to each side, resembling its idle stance in LGPE.

Idle Animation #1:

Melmetal would look at one of its arms and give a satisfied expression.

Idle Animation #2:

Melmetal would begin to fall asleep as its eye started closing before quickly waking up a few seconds later.

Walking: Melmetal would slowly march forward as the nut in its chest rotated in place.
Running: Melmetal would jog forward with its arms pumping back and forth.
Jumping: For its first jump, Melmetal would put its arms on the ground and use them to jump in the air. Its second would have Melmetal curling itself up into a ball and gaining extra height.
Damage Animation:

Melmetal would begin to cry as its body contorted.

Crouching: Melmetal would quickly lose its shape as its legs melted away, leaving it with only its upper body.
Shielding: Melmetal would wrap its arms around its body to protect itself against incoming attacks.

Melmetal would punch forward twice before finishing with a belly flop that stunned the opponent if Meltan was out.

Forward Tilt:

Melmetal would stomp the ground in front of it with its leg, launching nearby opponents upward.

Down Tilt:

Melmetal would fire a beam of light from its eye at the ground in front of it, stunning anyone it hit if Meltan was out.

Up Tilt:

Melmetal would swing one of its arms directly upward and rotate it like a propellor.

Dash Attack:

Melmetal would shoulder bash anyone in its way and launch them upward.

Side Smash:

Melmetal would charge the attack by putting its arms to each side before clapping them together in front of itself, crushing opponents in between the two arms. If Meltan was out, this attack would stub the opponent, but do much less damage.

Up Smash: Melmetal would swing one of its arms upward in an arc; the arm would be covered in electricity and stun opponents if Meltan was out.
Down Smash:

Melmetal would spin multiple times and trap opponents caught by any of these hits before launching them. If Meltan was out, the final hit would stun opponents instead of launching them.

Neutral Air:

While Melmetal would normally extend its limbs in all directions to launch anyone in its way, having Meltan our would make the attack resemble Mewtwo’s neutral air as it trapped opponents in a surge of electricity.

Down Air:

Melmetal would simply stomp downwards with both of its feet, spiking anyone hit by them..

Forward Air: Melmetal would swipe downwards with one of its arms.
Back Air: Melmetal would spin around and perform a quick punch, launching opponents to the side.
Up Air: Melmetal would lift both arms above its head and clap them together, launching opponents directly upwards.

Melmetal would grab its opponent and wrap them up in a bear hug.

Pummel: Melmetal would tighten its grasp on the opponent.
Forward Throw: Melmetal would slam the opponent on the ground and kick them away as they bounced back.
Up Throw: Melmetal would fling the opponent directly above itself and give them a quick headbutt.
Down Throw: Melmetal would throw the opponent on the ground and jump on them, launching them directly upward.
Back Throw: Melmetal would spin its upper body around and slam into the opponent with its chest before returning to normal.
Neutral Special: Flash Cannon

Melmetal would charge an orb of energy in front of its eye before firing it forward as a beam of light. While the attack would normally travel slowly and launch anyone it came into contact with, having Meltan out would make the attack a fast projectile that stunned opponents.

Side Special: Thunder Punch

Melmetal would attack the opponent with a barrage of punches before finishing with an uppercut. If Meltan was nearby, the final hit from this attack would stun opponents instead of launching them.

Up Special: Double Iron Bash

Melmetal would spin its torso rapidly to rise into the air. While this attack would normally resemble Donkey Kong’s Spinning Kong in terms of movement, having a Meltan nearby would cause Melmetal to rise much higher while Meltan applied a stunning effect.

Down Special: Magnet Pull

A Meltan would come off of Melmetal’s body and begin to follow its leader around. While Meltan being out would result in Melmetal having less launch power, Meltan would apply a stunning effect to some of its leader’s attacks and give it a more effective recovery.

Final Smash: Titanic Impact

Melmetal would heat up and start glowing red as it charged forward and delivered a barrage of powerful attacks to anyone caught in the attack. Melmetal would finish by grabbing the closest opponent and jumping into the air with them in tow before slamming them into the ground.

Up Taunt: Melmetal would heat up and flex as steam started to come off of its body. If Meltan was out, it would give a shocked expression.
Side Taunt: Melmetal would do the robot, with Meltan cheering it on if it was out.
Down Taunt: If Meltan was out, it and Melmetal would high five each other. Otherwise, Melmetal would reach its hand out and look around.
Victory Animation #1:

Melmetal would be seen posing for a group of Meltan as they cheered their leader on.

Victory Animation #2: Melmetal would sit down and give a sigh of relief as a group of Meltan comforted it.
Victory Animation #3: Melmetal would charge up a Thunder Punch and uppercut into the air before slamming back down.

Victory Fanfare: Instead of the standard fanfare used by every Pokémon series fighter on the roster, Melmetal would use a short remix of Pokémon GO’s main theme.

Outro: Even though Pokémon as a series is already represented well in Smash, its large and diverse lineup of potential fighters constantly grows and introduces more unique ideas. Melmetal is just one of many characters who are worthy of joining the fight, but its importance to the Pokémon franchise and potential for one of the most unique movesets Smash has ever seen makes it worth including yet another Pokémon fighter. Besides, Smash could always use more heavyweights on the roster.