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Featured Content: A (Late) Smash Ultimate DLC Prediction, Part 1: First Parties – Delzethin

Delzethin goes over some first-party predictions for Smash Ultimate’s upcoming DLC.

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  1. A thumbs up for sharing about 1st party characters. How about making Poochie, Giygus, Hades, Louie, Mr Sandman, Tempo, Pulse Man, Saki Amamiya, Mallo, Captain Syrup, Kamek, Tingle, Black Shadow, Shy Guy, Blaziken, Fossil Fighter and Sawk as First Party Fighters? I think they’d make an awesome addition, most especially Bandana Waddle Dee. on January 27 | Reply
  2. Nice job and picks, I have a couple of ideas for potential dlc characters. The first one would argue is Shy Guy, but not as a Mario rep but from the Yoshi series? They have different forms in the paper Mario games and they are the primary enemies in Yoshi games. The second and third one would be based on Zelda, the second one being a Gordon character where he could use sumo wreasting moves, rock attacks, and brute strength. Heck there victory theme could be a shorten version of Saria song. The third one would be ethier the Mobilns or bokoblins, they would be interesting since they appeared in most Zelda games, use different weapons and could problaly use moves from staflos, dinoflos or dark nuts. My last choice would be from fire emblem and I would suggest ether a mounted unit like Pegasus rider, wyvern rider or cavalier(so like Caeda, Cordelia, Elinica, Camus, Xander, Michaelis or Camillia) or a dark magician who uses more advance dark magic tomes and can summon monsters like Gharnerf.

    Which one do you like more?

    David Horan on January 27 | Reply
  3. Good picks, especially with Dixie Kong who is one of my favorite DK characters. Along with her, I’m still rooting for Medusa (Kid Icarus) despite the slim chances. As for Pokemon, after reading Hamada’s article on MelMetal, I Think he would make an more interesting choice for Pokemon DLC.

    GreatMeat on January 28 | Reply
  4. I don’t think any first party characters will make it in. I expect all of them to be third party given what Reggie said.

    mattalpha2013 on February 8 | Reply
  5. ^I sure hope thats not the case despite Reggie’s statements and the heavy rumors, Ultimate has enough third-parties as it is. I can only hope the rumored Dragon Quest rep is the last one for this game.

    GreatMeat on February 13 | Reply

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