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SourceCast #2

SourceCast #2

Source Gaming is proud to present the second SourceCast. This time, we are joined by SmashCapps, a prolific Smash writer. The main topic of discussion is the Smash community itself and the issue of “broken base”.

If you would like to support SmashCapps, please consider donating to his patreon. Please note that SourceCast are bi-weekly events, with discussions filling in the gaps. SourceCast is the official podcast of Source Gaming, while discussions are shorter, more laid back talks on a variety of topics. Huge shout out to Arcaira, who will be working on sound and articles for Source Gaming. The video was edited by gameonion, who has his own YouTube channel here.

SoundCloud Link (Which you may download)

Premium Fight: The Very First Melee Tournament   by sourcegamingsoma
F-Zero Pilots and Demon Kings Fight Alike: Ganondorf in Smash Bros. by Frostwraith
Smash 4 Development Timeline   by djmurr
Sakurai on Melee: Pushing the Limits by sourcegamingsoma

Twitter Links:
SmashCapps (Guest)
Spazzy_D (Host, Article Team Leader)
Nantendo (Writer, Video Team Leader)
SmashChu (Contributor)
PushDustIn (Founder, Head Administrator)

What can kind of topics would you like us to cover next? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

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one comment
  1. Great podcast, everyone!

    I was curious about something… there’s such a thing as “tournament legal” stages in Smash 4? I thought tournaments would just use omega stages, and I also thought that’s why they were implemented. I’m not into the competitive scene at all, so I honestly wasn’t sure.

    Also, composite failed peripheral guy sounds like it would’ve been an amazing addition to Smash. :3 Now I don’t know which ridiculous hypothetical character I’d like more, that or reckless Wii remote safety silhouette.

    And since it sort of randomly came up at the end of the podcast… I’m a pretty big Spider-Man nerd (I’ve been reading the comics chronologically, and am at about 1996 right now), but I’m not sure if I like where the direction he went is going after Secret Wars. One thing writers have often struggled with is the essence of his character, where his life is full of tragedy and non-hero problems, and usually he is single (which is why Gwen Stacy died and his marriage with Mary Jane was nullified.) I haven’t gotten to when he was working at Horizon and beyond, so I guess I can’t judge too much yet, but the synopsis of the new Spider-Man series sounds a bit more like Iron Man to me, where he’s the head of a huge global company and “Spider-Man” is his “bodyguard.”

    The only thing I can think of is Parker carrying on where he left off before Secret Wars, and Morales becoming the classic type Spider-Man.

    (…darn, comic discussions do get out of hand really fast. XD)

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 25 |