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Straw-Grasping with a side of False Hope


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Ever since the last video presentation for Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS, many have either been satisfied with the last characters or dissatisfied because of the characters chosen. But even now, people still want more characters despite it being blatantly stated that there was no more coming. Many have attempted to scout around and attempt to find some kind of evidence that more characters are coming.

I myself was included as I logged onto Gamefaqs and made a topic attempting to find some sort of evidence more characters were coming. But then I realized after making the topic, that all I really was doing was clinging to false hope. I mainly showed the “evidence” people such as Etika threw around in his video such as the blank spots on the website or certain translation errors that people had pointed out, only to be disproven by people such as PushDustIn who wrote an amazing article shooting these points down.

   While, I would love to have more characters (Namely Wolf), I’m afraid I just have to accept reality. The proof is simply in the pudding. Bayonetta, Corrin, and Cloud are the last characters added to the roster. I feel others need to accept it as well. It’s extremely difficult to accept this to some fans, and for a couple good reasons.

1)The “Speculation” phase for this game has lasted the longest.

 When there’s a new Smash game coming out, there’s generally more activity on the message boards or the online communities, because there’s so much speculation on who’s going to be in the game. It’s even possible that there’s more activity during pre-release then post-release. The speculation phase generally ends when the roster is leaked or the game itself is released. But with the advent of downloadable content, the sky was practically the limit as DLC drastically increased the life-cycle of the speculation phase.

During this time, people enjoyed speculating, whether they had genuine conversations with others online or they were trolling others online with fake leaks or outlandish comments or character choices. It’s just simply hard to believe that the time of wondering who’s going to make it in the next Super Smash Bros, is ending. People have made friends, enemies, found new games to enjoy thanks to people requesting characters from series they’ve never heard of and ultimately gaining the curiosity to discover something new. It’s understandable that people simply can’t come to terms with the good times ending.

   2) People just can’t let their most-wanted character go.

This is probably the biggest reason why the fanbase can’t accept that there are no more characters coming. During the speculation phase mentioned earlier, many fans have spread their desire for their most-wanted character to join the battle. But as the time went by, many had their most-wanted character added to the game, while many more were upset that their most-wanted didn’t make it in. With an end to DLC approaching in a mere month, many feel upset or desperate enough to find something to keep their dream alive, despite everything leaning the other way.


 Despite all this, the fanbase simply needs to accept that there are no more characters are coming. While it’s extremely wishful thinking to suggest that Mr. Sakurai had lied and more characters are on the way, there’s simply too much evidence against such an outcome. I believe people should just let the speculation phase, alongside their most-wanted character go. We have a huge game already with 58 playable characters, and while we’re all complaining and attempting to find more evidence to suggest more additions are coming to the roster. We could be playing the game and enjoying the game Mr. Sakurai and his team had poured his heart into. Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS has been in development since 2012, and set to end in early 2016 (Assuming once Bayonetta and Corrin are complete, development will cease). The team has devoted over 4 years of their lives to making this game, and they can’t stay together forever. I think it’s time to simply give it a rest and accept this game for what it is.

  1. Mad props to you. Opinions like these seriously need more exposure.

    LIQUID12A on January 14 |
  2. I saw all this coming when they announced DLC. Once it was clear more then Mewtwo was on the way people will start hoping for other things. Even if they believe Sakurai announcing Bayonetta as the last challenger is a potential lie, how do they explain the word of Nintendo themselves saying it was the last Smash focused direct?

    Just like when Melee or Brawl came out there is always next time.

    haruhisailormars on January 14 |
  3. Short, simple, and to the point. Hope springs eternal, especially when it comes to Smash.

    Mask0' on January 14 |
  4. True, have to come to terms with the fact that a character like Corrin got in instead of who I wanted, C’est La Vie.

    I’d honestly like to just settle down and enjoy what we got, instead of speculating for Smash 5. We aren’t that desperate for our favorites.

    I think I’m done voting for characters, most of the ones I want will likely never return or even be a thing, we already got a game that honestly was the most fun I’ve ever had getting hyped for a game since Brawl.

    aguchamp33 on January 14 |
  5. I found a really good Miiverse drawing of the reaction to the final presentation. With that said, most people are certain that the next installment of Smash won’t be made. If made, it would have to show more than just a larger roster. Where I stand, I am somewhat satisfiEd of the characters but in need of more cartoonish ones.

    Chris.W on January 14 |
  6. Thank you for posting this article. People really need to understand that smash is ending. Also thanks for pointing out Etika on how he speculates that wolf is a shoo in even stated otherwise. I made a comment countering his statements on his video but alas his fan commented on me stating that ‘you shouldn’t believe what Sakurai said’ nonsense. That’s why I also agree with the article you u made about Sakurai being a liar or not. He hasn’t really lied about what he has done, he likes to hype up his fanbase. And as a person who has been speculating this game since 2011 (when they first announced the game) I think it’s about time to let go of this ‘hope’ that people have.

    Selena B on January 15 |
  7. Honestly, at this point, it feels like hate-speech/bashing. I think DLC is finished, but if people want to think that there COULD be more, there is nothing wrong with that. It just seems like you’re trying to force your opinion down everyone’s throats, and making them feel stupid if they disagree.

    AlphaSSB on January 18 |
    • We always try to stick to the facts as much as possible in order to avoid spreading misinformation.

      Personally, I believe that people who believe there is more DLC is coming is no different than the people who believe Ridley was going to be a playable character.

      Its okay to think it, but to say it’s essentially ‘confirmed’ is wrong/ delusional.

      Would I like additional characters come in as DLC? Yes, I would. I just think it’s less than 5% chance of happening, especially with Sakurai saying many times that the DLC is ending soon.

      But yeah point had already been taken. We actually don’t have any articles about DLC being finished planned and I almost didn’t publish this article because of the fear of being perceived as ‘bashing’.

      Source Gaming Team on January 18 |