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SourceCast #8 – The End of Smash DLC ft. Artsy Omni

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The DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is officially over. It’s been a long run, but now it’s time to step back and reflect on this period of time. It’s episode 8 of the Sourcecast, and everyone’s here to give their own view on the DLC. Hosting this time is ConnorEatsPants, as he is joined by PushDustIn, Spazzy_D and SmashChu. Our special guest this time is Artsy Omni, the creator and co-lead of Smashified. Smashified was announced shortly after Omni’s infamous Rayman leak. So far, the Smashified team has done renders of Rayman, Shovel Knight, Banjo and Kazooie, King K. Rool, Travis, Inkling, Shantae, Bomberman, Isaac, Dixie Kong, Krystal, and Lilac (the first commissioned Smashified, requested by the developers of Freedom Planet, GalaxyTrail). The group has also expanded outside of Smash characters, and they created a tribute cover for Nintendo Force Magazine. The Smashified Patreon page can be found here, and Omni’s Smashified page is here.

In this edition of SourceCast we reflect on the Rayman leak from February 2015; give our reflections on the Smash Ballot, and discuss our opinions on the DLC as a whole. At the end, we answer some questions readers have sent in. Let us know what you think and give us your thoughts of these topics in the comments below.

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00:00:00: Intro (by Nantendo)

00:00:45: The one year anniversary of the Rayman Leak

00:18:00: Our reflection on the Smash Ballot

00:57:30: Did Sakurai succeed in making ‘good DLC’?

01:37:34: Break the Questions!

01:57:25: Outro


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Special Guest: Artsy Omni

Artsy Omni

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