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Source Gaming — November 2015 Review

November 2015

November 2015….it’s over already? This month went by FAST! It helped that we finally received news about a new Smash DLC character, even though it might be the start of the end of Smash DLC.

Quick Links to Translated Tweets:
Sakurai on Cloud’s Request
Sakurai on Designing Cloud

The Smash Broadcast is bound to be sometime in the upcoming weeks, and Source Gaming will be here to provide the full breakdown of everything that is announced/ released.

We got some projects that we are finalizing/ working on in December, so please look forward to those announcements!  Thanks to everyone who has supported us. We hope that you are enjoying our content, and look forward to it!
October 2015 Review is here.

Neo Zero will be joining the Source Gaming team full time! He will help with videos and articles!

Source Gaming has been posting an average of an article everyday. We are trying to post them around 2 PM EST, as that currently seems like an ideal time. Since there are so many articles posted, I’d like to take a moment to highlight them.


Neo Zero joins as the special guest as the team discusses how speculation has gone on for such a long time.

Ash Paulsen joins as the special guest as the team and him break down Cloud’s announcement, and predict why December may hold.

Translations (5):

Nintendo Dream Interview [Melee] Part 2: raison d’être and Melee’s Difficulty translated by soma
Sakurai discusses Melee’s development, why the Motion Sensor Bomb was changed and mentions “trophy battles” in this interview.

Official Physical Attribute Chart for Smash 64 translated by soma
An official description of the character’s different attributes in Smash 64.

hitstop alt

“Thinking About Hitstop” – Sakurai’s Famitsu Column, Vol. 490-1 translated by soma
Sakurai discusses the importance of hitstop, and what goes into the design of it.

Miyamoto and Sakurai

Miyamoto and Sakurai: Investigating the Newest Smash” translated by sutamen
Miyamoto and Sakurai were interviewed by Famitsu after the reveal of Brawl for the Nintendo Wii.

News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Kirby translated by Noctural_yl
A translation of Kirby’s introduction on Melee’s official site.

Articles (12):

October 2015 Review – the review post for October 2015!

Music to Smash 2: Melee – Wolfman_J reviews the history and composition of Melee’s music.

TPP alt

TPP and Gaming – PushDustIn explains why the TPP isn’t so bad after all.

Cloud Joins the Battle! – An announcement that Cloud was announced (confusing, I know).

Nintendo Direct 11/12/2015 – A breakdown of all the information that was announced in the direct (By the SG Team).

History Chibi Robo

Nintendo History 101: Chibi Robo Part 1 – Nantendo breaks down the origins of Chibi Robo’s original game on the Gamecube.

The Case for Master Chief – Spazzy_D explains why Master Chief could make it into Smash, and what issues might prevent him from doing so.

Chibi Robo Part 2 new alt (1)

Nintendo History 101: Chibi Robo Part 2 – Nantendo continues his look at the Chibi Robo series with a close look at his DS titles, revealing new information about their development.

The “4th Custom” – PushDustIn explains exactly what happened with the 4th custom in Smash for Wii U/3DS.

The Case for Lara Croft – Spazzy_D looks at why Lara Croft could make it into Smash, and what issues might prevent her from joining the battle.

Smashing Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash UP Review – Spazzy_D and TheAnvil review the game to see how the Smash clone fairs.

Why Localization Occurs – PushDustIn explains why localization is important.

Opinion Pieces (6):

The Future of Smash is Characters – PushDustIn argues that Sakurai will continue to develop Smash as a character fighter.

3rd Party Chara SEGA

Top 15 SEGA Characters for Smash Bros. – Nantendo, TheAnvil, Spazzy_D decide what characters they would like to see in Smash from Sega.

5 Reasons Cloud got into Smash – PushDustIn argues that Cloud was included because of his popularity, being an icon, ease of development, having a bright future and for having a personality.


Sakurai is an Artist, not a Businessman – PushDustIn argues that the community needs to realize that Sakurai is a designer, first and foremost.

Characters vs. Companies – TheAnvil argues that characters are more important than the companies they represent when it comes to their inclusion in Smash.

Why Sites Shouldn’t Report Every Rumor – PushDustIn argues that sites should practice more reservation when posting rumors as it damages the gaming community.

Source Gaming related (6):

Nantendo and PushDustIn discuss upcoming Nintendo video games.

SG Roundtable: Rumor Betting by the SG Team
The team makes their predictions on various rumors before the Nintendo Direct was announced.


SG Roundtable: Nintendo Direct by the SG Team
The team discusses their thoughts on the November 2015 Nintendo Direct.

SG Choice # 8 — New Stages from Existing Franchises by the SG Team
The team picks what stages they would like to be added either in DLC or future installments.

SG Choice #9 — All Stars (Third Parties) by the SG Team
In this highly controversial article, the team tries to pick apart which characters are gaming icons.

Monthly Reading List (November) by the SG Team
The team gives their recommendations for articles that are interesting to read.

Guest Articles (0):

No guest articles this month! We accept articles that follow our Guidelines for Guest Posting. If you have questions, please ask in that post.

Stats for November 2015:

Total views for November 2015: 114,221
Total comments for November 2015: 446 (New record!!)


  1. Thinking about Hitstop
  2. 5 Reasons Cloud got into Smash
  3. Sakurai is an Artist, not a Businessman
  4. The Future of Smash is Characters
  5. Sakurai on: Third Parties
  6. Characters vs. Companies
  7. Perception of Smash DLC in Japan, Redux
  8. Definitive Unused Fighter List
  9. CERO and Palutena’s Censorship
  10. Source Gaming Choice #9 All Stars (Third Party)


  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Brazil
  5. Australia


  1. Characters vs. Companies 40 Comments
  2. Cloud Joins the Battle32 Comments
  3. Top 15 SEGA Characters for Smash31 Comments
  4. 5 Reasons Cloud got into Smash31 Comments
  5. Sakurai is an Artist, not a Businessman28 Comments
  6. The Case for Lara Croft26 Comments
  7. Source Gaming Choice #9 All Stars (Third Party)26 Comments
  8. The Future of Smash is Characters 25 Comments
  9. The Case for Master Chief22 Comments
  10. Why Sites Shouldn’t Report on Every Rumor17 Comments


  1. Winturwulf – 241 Comments (+62 in November)
  2. zoniken – 72 total comments (+33 in November)
  3. Delzethin – 51 total comments. (+20 in November)
  4. the101 – 33 total comments
  5. DonkaFjord – 32 total comments.

Big thanks to everyone who has commented, or talked about our articles whether it be on Source Gaming itself, or other sites. We hope to continue to provide source material for quality gaming discussion.

That’s it for the monthly update. Please let us know in the comments how we are doing. Comments, questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! What was your favorite/ least favorite article of the month? 

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  1. You all have been busy… Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next SSB Music article.

    MaskO' on December 1 |
    • Thanks, MaskO’! Glad you’re looking forward to it!

      Wolfman_J on December 1 |
    • Found your way here, huh? Everywhere Smash-related you look, there’s a Barracks member.

      Must be those invisible ties. >_>

      Delzethin on December 3 |
  2. The statements on Cloud are worded so strangely…
    it sounds equally like he met a challenge in the way in which it is worded.

    Napoleon (@DukeNapoleon) on December 2 |
  3. The article on hitstop was the most viewed? Go figure. Maybe some people thought Sakurai was talking about hitstun instead?

    Delzethin on December 3 |