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Featured Comments + Responses #4

Featured Comment


I’m a little late due to getting sick this week, as well as being overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I needed to get done. Needless to say, I didn’t forget about you guys and I’m here to respond to your great comments! (From January 23rd to January 30th, Japan time).



These two have great chemistry together and I find all the interviews fascinating. If there should be an interview between Sakurai and Hideki Kamiya or anyone from Platinum, it should be Bayonetta. —Sakurai x Nomura [Part Two]

Yeah, I really enjoyed these interviews because they showed the relations between the developers. I hope Sakurai interviews Kamiya. BTW, if I’m not mistaken, Sakurai and Kojima had an interview together back in the day. I should look that up.

I really like these articles- I am not used to how comments are laid out on here yet. —Featured Comments + Responses #3

This comment partly inspired me to update the look of the site. Hope the comment section works better 🙂


Odd seeing how quickly Sakurai’s opinion on characters changes overtime.

He seemed to like making a joke character that disappointed it’s fans and overall was a quick giggle, and really seemed determined to include Young Link for various reasons he thought the character excelled in, adding in a popular character last second with Ganon.

And now fast forward to 4. A lot changed from his perspective, except one thing…

We need more Fire Emblem characters. —On Character Selection: Melee

I think part of the reason he’s changed is because of the amount of fans, and how…vocal they are.  This translation is pretty telling in how he views interaction with fans.


Hi Soma, great work in this thanks for the translation. Would you mind if I translate this whole interview to Spanish?
It’ll be posted in a recently opened, nonprofit, deep in fighting games related Mexican blog. —Harada x Ono: Tekken vs Street Fighter, Creator Interview 2016


Source Gaming does allow it’s articles to be translated into other languages. Please include a link to the original article so users may check your translation (and also, include the sources we used, whenever appropriate). We do post French translations on the site from time to time, and if you want to be a regular translator please don’t hesitate to contact us (Twitter is probably the best).


It’s interesting that you feel this way, as part of the appeal of including Wario in Smash was that Sakurai wanted to include someone with an unorthodox and exaggerated moveset. I personally feel as though Wario’s moveset does capture this, and is pretty interesting and amusing. How his head grows massively for his up smash in particular for barely over one frame is an example of this.

Personally, I think having Wario snap back into place after using his Shoulder Ram would’ve looked really unpolished.

I’ll always be down for more Wario Land-inspired moves in Wario’s moveset, but how he appears in Smash currently does not feel like some sort of injustice. He’s not 1-to-1 “Wario Land Wario” or even “WarioWare Wario”. He simply feels and behaves like “Wario”. —Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 498: Letters from the Readers #44

Yeah, I completely agree with you. For those of you who missed it, I wrote an epic on Wario’s possible inspiration in Smash. I’ll probably turn it into a video at some point.


Why would he lie to create more work for himself? It’s clear that he wasn’t happy with the move so he changed it. And if he didn’t care for Wario then why change anything at all? It’s funny that you accuse Sakurai of not playing any Wario games when he personally made a commercial for WarioWare DIY. I’m surprised you haven’t seen it, considering you “freaking love” Wario’s games.–Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 498: Letters from the Readers #44

Oh! I didnt realize there was a subtitled version of this video. I included the Japanese version in my Wario article, and I thought I would have to eventually translate this. Looks like I can cross that off. Check it out!


I do agree that Sylux should join the next Smash if he’ll represent as the important character for the Metroid Prime series than Dark Samus who’s more of Samus’ clone, but I do agree with his exclusion. Metroid Prime didn’t have any new series after 3’s release, not until Federation Force was announced though. And as far as I know, Metroid Prime: Hunters didn’t seem to be a popular game than the main series, as I haven’t seen anybody playing that game, while I haven’t heard anybody mentioning any hunters from that game for the Smash Ballot. Although he has a personality for his backstory and uniqueness of something only he can do while others don’t, his existence need to be memorable and recognizable by public than being forgotten into oblivion, and that’s how popularity is important for that character to be chosen. However, if the staffs plan to bring him for the Federation Force, then maybe he’ll finally get some spotlight and Sakurai may think about it by looking carefully on his uniqueness and popularity.

What I still disagree on is people still voting for Ridley. Sorry to bring up a different subject to this article, but Sakurai already did explained his exclusion, but it seems people are still blind and deaf enough that they refuse to understand as they want to stick with their own mind. Ridley is too big and that is true; there weren’t any records that his size are freely changeable. His gigantic size represents how vicious, fearful, and monstrous he is for being a memorable boss, and that’s what Ridley’s meant to be. Sure, there were times that Bowser has changed his size throughout many Mario series, but this is the difference between Ridley and Bowser’s case. Seriously, Mario Universe is a strange place that can go against physics, where Donkey Kong can punch down a moon straight down to their enemy’s fortress, Wario turns his home into a video game company and create games in mere seconds, Yoshi swallows a fireball and spit it back, etc. Super Mario series are meant to be a fantasy game, and Bowser’s size can be changeable from huge to average by magic. Possibly his giant size is due to magic, while his average size you see in many non-action Mario games could be his REAL size. On the other hand for Ridley’s case, he doesn’t have an ability nor “magic” to change his size. Sure he was small back in the NES era, but that’s due to lack of memory data; he could’ve been originally big, but couldn’t due to NES’s lack of power. That can be said to his SNES era too since he wasn’t big enough because of the limited data power. His size after the GC era became a perfect size of who he really is, and that wasn’t later shrank smaller afterwards as it stood there to identify his real appearance. Eventually, changing their size isn’t the point of choosing characters for Smash; it’s whether their purpose of their appearance is eligible to be chosen for Smash, and that is something both Sakurai and their creators need to agree on. And even if Ridley was playable and rather kept in that size, there will always be a technical difficulties, and that’s something that isn’t easy to fix it, which the 3DS’s lack of machine power and Wii U’s 8-Player Smash will always be the main obstacle for that problem. As I said this many times before, Smash isn’t MUGEN which you can just put anybody and everybody in one game as it doesn’t matter whether they’re unique or simply generic, or terribly weak as in easy-to-kill-in-one-hit to ultimately (and boringly) OP as being invincible and invulnerable to kill, since there’s no rules and limits to protect for MUGEN. Sakurai isn’t that stupid to make that happen, and he know what’ll work best than how any amateurs like us think of. Making a character isn’t really easy as anybody thinks, and that’s something many people really need to understand that what Sakurai doing isn’t an easiest job in the planet, as there’s no such thing as an easiest job. —The Case For: Sylux

I think it’s still okay for people to want Ridley. My suggestion to the Ridley fans is to petition Retro and Nintendo to make a form of Ridley that can actually appear in Smash one day. Without a different design, he might never be a playable character.


Excellent review, Wolfman_J, however I have one problem with it:

“The only thing you get from battles is money, and the only possible use for money is to buy stickers (which, again, can be found in levels).”

This isn’t true, they play a vita role in the battle system by allowing Mario to play a slot machine to earn more chances to use more than one sticker in a single turn. This is very important, especially against the later levels since this game never gives Mario any party members aside from himself (if we ignore Kersti who gives Mario the ability to use stickers), so he’ll need as much firepower as he can get.

Aside from this, your review pretty much matches how I feel about this game. It’s experimental, but also downgraded and disappointing in various ways. The sad part is that the idea of a Mario RPG without any experience points and finite attacks was interesting to me, but Sticker Star didn’t execute the concept very well. In the end I can only hope the next proper Paper Mario game returns to form, and actually nails what it sets out to do. —The Forgotten, the Maligned: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I wonder what the next Paper Mario game will be like. It really depends on if the game is released on a portable or not. Portable games should be designed to be quicker/ played in spurts, so I’m not sure if Paper Mario could fit on a portable system. I really enjoyed the badge system in Paper Mario 64, it was a guilty pleasure of mine.


The criteria of having a recent character narrows down who the alternatives may have been:

Someone from Codename S.T.E.A.M.
Someone from Xenoblade Chronicles X (probably Elma)
Captain Toad (he debuted a while back, but not in a starring role)

Codename S.T.E.A.M. Was probably considered too much of a bomb to be worth promoting. Inkling may have been considered too resource intensive to develop in a way that does them justice (squid transformation, an ink mechanic). Captain Toad is defined by an inability to jump, and regular Toad has already been passed over in every Smash game.

So that just leaves Elma. Maybe her use of firearms crossed the line into realism too much? Or may maybe Sakurai just thought Corrin’s dragon transformations had more to offer. —A Case For Corrin: Why Corrin Was Chosen To Smash

I think the Inkling costume was decided way before Corrin was, and might have been the reason why they weren’t included (plus timing wise, they could release Corrin right before Fates in the US). I’m not personally 100% sold on the idea that technical limitations held back the Inklings, as I think their design will be very different than what everyone generally imagines them to have since they will need to work in a fighting game. Maybe Corrin was also picked so a new stage wouldn’t have to be developed? Who knows.


This whole thing just seems iffy to me. It just seems way too soon after Smash 4. I believe that if Sakurai wanted to add something to Smash 4, he would have done so and not just held it off for the next game. He said the whole reason that DLC was wrapping up was that he couldn’t keep the development team together forever, but if the development timeline for this Smash 5 is to be believed, then it’s been pretty much constant so far. I remember someone mentioning cross-platform play between Smash for Wii U and the supposed Smash 5, and that was just a hypothesis to be fair, but if they did add new stages and characters, wouldn’t that be impossible without re-adding those characters and stages to the Wii U version? And that would end up de-syncing the compatibility between the Wii U and 3DS versions since as far as I recall, they were supposed to at least have the same characters on each. I’d love to see a new Smash game, but I’d much rather wait for solid information before I start jumping to conclusions. Heck, we barely have enough information on the NX as it is, and we’re already talking about the games. I guess that is one of the high points of the Smash community though, we’re always hungry for information. —Smash for NX rumour Discussion (Video)

I personally think it’ll just be a simple port. I’ve been working on Case for Smash NX (I was even in the middle of writing it when the rumor came out) for about three weeks now, and I actually included the possibility of a simple port (if the game was coming out sooner than later). I’ll try to finish the article soon, but I wanted to get some more information about the situation first. Personally, I trust the source as it seems like the information Dr. Toto would be able to reasonably get, and he is reputable. I kind of dread the news because I was kind of hoping for a small Smash vacation as speculation has gone on for a long time.

  1. Thanks for including my comment in the featured section, SG. Really enjoy the work you guys put into these articles!

    Chris.W on February 3 |
  2. Sakurai judged Ridley’s exclusion due to his modern description, so if Nintendo and Retro could find a way to change that to make him become playable in the future Smash, then his inclusion may be possible as I could accept him as well. But at this moment, it’s really hard to tell.

    But anyways, thank you choosing my comment!

    zoniken on February 4 |
  3. True, fans are quite vocal nowadays.

    So happy that my comment was on the article!

    aguchamp33 on February 5 |
  4. I’ve been featured twice now, and I’m sincerely honored if that’s a word I can use without sounding corny. If anything, it only makes me want to put more effort into what I write and try to be as accurate as possible. A port of Smash 4 to the NX does seem a lot more feasible and believable than an entire new game, and it would be a good option for people who have yet to buy Smash 4 and wanted to get an updated/complete version. For people like me who’ve already bought both the 3DS version and the Wii U version along with a lot of (or in some cases, all) the DLC, we might have to pass on buying the same game over again. I’m gonna have to stay on close watch for any news about this rumor.

    Spiral on February 6 |