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News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Use the L/R Triggers!

Use LR Trigger

Continuing on from the “New Systems” post, I want to show off the new techniques you can do using the LR triggers!

It’s just like “Smash Dojo!!”

You can shield with either the L or R trigger.



f1 f2

The shield that appears when you push L or R has different qualities because of the analog properties of the triggers!

When you push the trigger down strongly, the shield condenses and changes a little…

For example:

L/R input is shallow : L/R input is deep

Shield is large : Shield is small

Very stiff : Not very stiff*

Large pushback : Small pushback [1]

Depletes slowly : Depletes quickly

Increased shield damage from attacks : Decreased shield damage from attacks

As your shield shrinks, it rather obviously becomes more difficult to defend yourself.

*I think stiffness here refers to how light shields take more shield damage than heavy shields.


Immediate Air Dodge


This was previously covered, but if you flick downwards on the stick while shielding, you can perform a spot dodge, if you push L or R all the way down quickly in the air, you perform an air dodge.

In particular, the air dodge can be performed in tandem with pushing the control stick in any direction you want, which allows you to move a short distance in that direction, and it’s worth looking into some creative uses of this technique.


Aerial Hookshot, Aerial Grappling Hook


Limited to Link and Samus, if you input a grab while in the air, they will use their tether grab to latch onto the wall and hang there.

However, you can’t use this to grab enemies in the air.




If you push the L/R triggers down quickly (flick the L/R triggers?), for a very short initial period of time, your shield won’t shrink or take any shield damage.

Experienced players should wait until the last second and use this technique to minimize shield damage as much as possible.


Reflecting projectiles with shield


Likewise, with quick L/R inputs, for a very short initial period of time, shields will reflect projectiles.

It’s possible to hit enemies with these reflected projectiles, but the damage and power of the projectile is weakened.


Shield Shuffling

f7 f8

You can now hitstun shuffle when your shield is being attacked.

However, the amount you move is quite a bit less than when you Smash DI, so you could even say the distance you move is so small it’s within the range of a measurement error…

  • hitstun shuffling: a technique whereby flicking the control stick the instant you take damage, you can slightly move the position of your character.

When you want to create some distance from your opponent, I think it would be a good idea to combine this technique with light shielding.

On the other hand, if you’re not heavy shielding, flicking* the control stick will just result in a normal roll or spot dodge.

*TL note: You cannot angle your shield while light shielding, so I think this is what he means.


Wall Tech, Ceiling Tech


Just as you would perform a normal tech, you can use the L/R triggers to tech off of a wall or ceiling.

However, properly teching when sent flying at high speeds is pretty hard.


Aerial Item Catch


By inputting a grab in midair, you can catch items while airborne.

If an opponent throws an item at you, if you time it so that you grab the item right after you do an air dodge, it will minimize your risk.


Knockback Item Drop


“I was sent flying while using the Hammer!”

In these situations, right when you’re put into tumble (the state where you’re falling round and round), you can use the L/R triggers + A to drop the item. (It’s possible with Z too: basically an item drop command)


“If I’m in a bad situation I’ll just rely on L/R” isn’t a strategy that won’t work.

However, I will make it so that you can’t just mash L/R. Ho ho ho.*


*TL note: This is just a guess, but I’m guessing this refers to the tech window.



  1. I might be reading too deeply into things, but that thing he said about finding ‘creative uses’ for the air dodge almost sounds like he’s talking specifically about wave-dashing. If I’m not mistaken, he did know about wave-dashing during development, right?

    Spiral on February 19 |
    • Yeah, he did. He confirmed it in Nintendo Power.

      I’ve thought about how it seems like he’s talking about wavedashing too, but he could just be talking about using it as a recovering option, for example.

      I kinda wrote about it here, if you wanna check it out:

      Soma on February 19 |