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Nintendo Treehouse E3 Stream Reactions

Trehouse Live


Nintendo finally unveiled the newest Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I must say, it looks rather good. The game uses a cell shaded style Nintendo seems so fond of, and it works well. I think a more color, less realistic style works for Zelda. Overall, the game looks like Skyrim meets Shadow of the Colossus. The world seems like one where civilization has long passed. Its different, but Im not sure yet how much I like it. The game looks like it could be a huge hit, and, if done right, could surpass Ocarina of Time’s sales.
Also, Battle Royal is the best thing to be included in Pokemon.

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The new Zelda title looked incredible, showing Nintendo is willing to push the series in a bold new style. All the possibilities the exploration can take in building a desolate natural world could give the game hours upon hours of play time. I especially enjoy seeing elements similar to the Monster Hunter series such as hunting and making food (and potentially using parts you find to create/upgrade new gear) as well as the multiple combat styles.
Pokemon was good as well introuducing some new Pokemon and some interesting new takes on Gameplay like the Battle Royale mode.


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game looks absolutely fantastic. Great art direction that is very reminiscent of Japanese animation with beautiful environments and great use of cel-shading like in The Wind Waker. The addition of wild animals like the ducks shown adds to the world’s liveliness, as do many details in the environment.

Link can climb anywhere, which emphasises the exploration theme the game is going for, itself reminiscent of both modern open-world games as well as the original NES game. The player seems to be free to explore the land at will, gather new items and weapons never seen in Zelda games before.

Another cool addition seems to be the ability to customize Link’s clothing, as other outfits besides the blue one previously seen are shown. This adds to the idea of Link being a player avatar.

Next, it seems like the game will, in fact, feature voice acting, going against the series’ tradition. The extent of voice work is unknown, but hopefully, dual audio (Japanese and English) will be available.

Last but not least, we see a glimpse of the Master Sword, a series classic, showing the game’s commitment to join new and classic elements in a whole new experience. Definitely worth the long wait!

The Pokémon part suffered from having a lot of information that was already known, regardless the new additions to the series seem interesting, from the new Pokémon, new battle UI functionalities and the new Battle Royal multiplayer mode. The fact the game now shows the effectiveness of a move on the foe from the get-go, I feel it eases the game more, giving the player a little less incentive to think strategies, especially against new opponents, whose typing might not be known to the player, thus reducing challenge.


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Nintendo opened strong with Breath of the Wild. The trailer introduced several new gameplay elements, and is well worth multiple viewings. The art direction is impressive, and the the title does seem really focused on going back to the action-adventure roots of the series. The new items all seem to to have an effect on the environment, and I’m sure there will be creative ways players can tackle problems they face. The trailer showed Link rolling a border down a cliff to trample several moblins. The gameplay that was shown has been impressive. It’s like a survival RPG adventure game, and I’m really digging it. Link has a lot of clothing options, and there is a huge point of customization. Minimal backstory, and a huge point of making your own story. I’m very excited!
The first gameplay of Sun and Moon was great. A lot of small details like the UI, and  two new Pokémon were shown.


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wind looked incredible. The visuals looked awesome for a Wii U title (assuming we were seeing Wii U gameplay), and I can only imagine what it may look like on NX. The art style fits, the world looks enticing, and I’ve never seen a logo look as good as Breath of Wind’s. It’s impressive that a game like Zelda can remain to captivating in the modern gaming era, and I’m more than happy that this new title seems to be taking inspiration from more modern open world adventures such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Pokemon Sun & Moon looked great. Yungoose looks awesome. I remarked on twitter how Gen VII’s designs seem to be a lot more “easy to digest” and simple than the last two, or arguably three, generations. More simple and better looking in my opinion. The Battle Royale mode sounded awesome for me until they decided that the match ends after one player is knocked out… seemed sort of silly to me. That may ruin the mode for me entirely.



I’m back from my month long hiatus just to say that I found the Zelda trailer to be uninspiring and the gameplay didn’t really do much to make me feel better about the game. I’m extremely lukewarm on 3D Zelda as a series in general though, so pay me no mind. Also, Pokémon was boring as hell and gave me time to go on a Chipotle run, which I enjoyed. The Chipotle, not Pokémon.


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Zelda’s new title, Breath of the Wild is familiar and yet different. I love it. It appears to take some cues from the Xenoblade series, as well as Studio Ghibli films. There will be no female Link, but I honestly think it’s for the best. I was open to the idea of a female Link, but I wanted it to be more than “here, choose which gender you want”.

Sungoose is already one of the coolest looking Pokemon in the last 4 generations. They seem to have really stepped up their designs on these new Pokemon which is good all around. The Free For all mode is a welcome addition that I’m sure will be a big hit!


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Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks beautiful and easily stole the show for me. Pokemon Sun and Moon also looks really good, a lot better than X & Y did. I wish the actual streamers were better as Pokemon was a bit boring to watch. Zelda still looks amazing even if the players were a bit infuriating at times.


  1. Hm.. Well, I hope hunting is not too much a big part of the game, not a fan of it.

    Ar on June 14 |
    • Also, I have only now noticed, is it just me or the wraps around Link’s wrists look like the wraps in Ganondorf’s (OoT) wrists? Could it have something to do with the game’s story?

      Ar on June 14 |
  2. @Soma, please feel free to go back on hiatus.

    Arthur 97 on June 14 |
    • He’s probably mostly joking around trying to be “that guy”,
      judging from his favorite Smash character. XD

      Smash44 on June 14 |
  3. You should hear on what the internet thinks of Yungoos, it’s hilarious.

    Bob on June 14 |
  4. As a Zelda game, I’m a little iffy about Breath of the Wild. But as a game-game, it looks really nice, if that makes sense! If changes to a formula is so drastic, I wonder why they did not opt to make a new IP out of it? One that focuses more on survival aspects rather than Zelda? But I suppose one can also argue its a return to its truest roots in a way, too. xD

    Pokemon was looking nice too! I see why people were a little irked by the presenters, but I’m sure there’s some that adored them too.

    Now to see what the mystery new RPG IP is tomorrow…

    xkan on June 15 |
    • I get what you’re saying. It still looks fun even if I like more traditional game play. I’ve never played something like it so it will be a new experience for me that I look forward to.

      Arthur 97 on June 15 |
  5. I haven’t seen all the details about it yet, but I’ve noticed in quite a few places that people were up in arms over the fact that your moves show their effectiveness against your opponent. I’ve thought about this for a while now, and I gotta ask: why? If you’re a new player, you’d appreciate not having to guess at type matchups. If you’re planning on playing competitively, you’d have the type matchups memorized anyway. Is it hand-holding? Sure, I guess, but it’s not changing the way you play, just making it less likely for you to make a mistake.

    Plus, I’ll take anything to get my brother to stop telling me that Fire is not very effective against Fairy.

    Spiral on June 17 |