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Source Gaming is a website dedicated to going back to the source to investigate video games. We offer translations, and research into a variety of video game related topics– both retro and current. Source Gaming seeks to expand knowledge and educate its’ readers.

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Source Gaming is a fan website, and does not represent an official stance by any company or person mentioned on this site.
All translations are unofficial and for fan use only.
While Source Gaming strives to offer great translations, translations may be inaccurate.
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PushDustIn is the founder and administrator of Source Gaming. Being obsessed with the history and development of games isn’t easy. Building a reputation for his research, translations, and article write-ups, PushDustIn fully encapsulates the meaning of data-miner. PushDustIn has studied Japanese for over six years and has lived there for over four. The name PushDustIn comes from a garbage can in Osaka (Push Dust In). PushDustIn has contributed to SmashBoards, Did You Know Gaming, Relax Alax and Hard4Games. He lives with a very spoiled cat named Kuma.


MasterOfBear is a man of simple pleasures. He enjoys gaming, jumping on trampolines, and translating. Feel free to hit him up on Twitter because he spends too much time on there scrolling through the same old stuff anyway.



A historian and avid gamer, NantenJex is the Managing Editor for Source Gaming, overseeing videos and reviews for the site. He has a passion for obscure gaming so any article you see on uncommon titles like Nazo no Murusame Jo, Yuyuki and Marvelous, to name a few, are most likely from him. He also likes game design leading to the creation of Dream Smashers, a series on potential newcomers for Super Smash Bros. He wants you all to know that Yoshi is objectively the best Nintendo character.



Part time writer/editor and full time retro gaming enthusiast.  Resides in South Florida when not in his own head.


Liquid’s a college student for Computer Sciences and a technology aficionado. Huge gaming person, and in particular a huge Metroid fan. Got into Smash from Melee with friends, where he mained Mewtwo, played every Smash game since. Pretty stern in arguments but otherwise laid back and throws out puns relentlessly. Most active on SmashBoards, Discord and Twitter.


Cart Boy wants to be the very best. Like no one ever was. He also occasionally contributes an article here when the stars align properly, and he helps out with editing and Source Gaming’s Facebook page.


An amateur film and television critic with as many fitful obsessions and interests as you can count. His articles predominately focus on critical analysis of a wide range of titles, with a particular eye to Nintendo’s ongoing history. First played the original Smash Bros. blind at a neighbor’s house, and have been fascinated with it since.


Tris is a college student of video game design. Obviously, he absolutely loves video games, mostly sticking to Nintendo series, with the Mario and Zelda series being his two favorites. Here at Source Gaming, Tris mostly does video content such as reviews or discussions, but will occasionally be found writing something! Lately, he’s been running streams such as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournaments. He also runs his own Let’s Play channel, called WiiHii!



ThunderCat is audio lead for Source Gaming. Hailing from a quiet little town in New Jersey, he has been studying audio for 7 years and actively producing for 5. When he isn’t busy turning knobs and adjusting faders he’s either engrossed in his games or watching Netflix with his mouth hanging open.


Mango is a big Nintendo fan from that one cold place. On Source Gaming, his role is to create videos with his animation and effect skills, and help editing other work. He’s also one of the few people who played Rocket: Robot on Wheels. (Check out his YouTube page)



Nirbion is the Lead Designer here at Source Gaming and is responsible for the overall design on this site and many other platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Because of that, you won’t see many articles from him but he’s always watching over the site. So if you like one of his designs, give him a (virtual) hug. And when he’s not busy with designing stuff, he’s probably hunting down Kirby-Information and merchandise. Sometimes, he even contributes with his Kirby knowledge to YouTube-Producers like RelaxAlax. So be careful, he’s a pretty big Kirby-fan.


The only member of the staff from the southern hemisphere. Voyager is part of the Graphic Artist Team, so you can find his hands behind some of the article headers, thumbnails and video backgrounds. In the real world, he works as a Veterinary Laboratory Scientist. He lives with his loving Fiancé and their cute Dog. His favorite things are Video Games and Tomato + Avocado + Mayo Sandwiches.

Until now Voyager holds the record of the longest article on the site, going over 90 pages long. Please do not try to beat it; editing it was a nightmare.


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