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Source Gaming — October 2015 Review

SG October

October 2015 was an incredibly busy month. The biggest news is that Source Gaming has launched SourceCast and its YouTube channel this month (embedded after the jump). In addition, we welcomed several new members to the team. gameonion, who helps us with videos. Arcaira, who works on making the videos sound perfect and on articles. 8bit Grrl, who helps with social media, article organization and site promotions. We are working on a lot of great content for November and the future, and I am sure fans of the site will not be disappointed. We will update the author list in the near future. It was updated early this month by Nirbion, who has made all the article headers, thumbnails and even updated the site header. I’ve also included some stats for fans of the site. Let us know in the comments how we are doing. Also, let us know what your favorite article of the month is!  

DJMurr has left the team as he got incredibly busy with his own life. DJMurr is best known on Source Gaming for his hard work on recreating/creating images for our English translations, as well as his beautiful timeline. To view all his posts, please check his author tag. Everyone at Source Gaming wishes DJMurr the best of luck, and are incredibly sad to see him go.

Source Gaming has been posting an average of an article everyday. We are trying to post them around 2 PM EST, as that currently seems like an ideal time. Since there are so many articles posted, I’d like to take a moment to highlight them.


Relax Alax is the special guest for the first episode of SourceCast. Nantendo, Spazzy_D, SmashChu and PushDustIn discuss DLC, the Ballot and the data by Shiny Quaqsire.

SmashCapps is the special guest for the second episode of SourceCast. Nantendo, Spazzy_D, SmashChu and PushDustIn discuss the Smash Community itself in this very detailed podcast.

Translations (4):

Sakurai + Iwata + Itoi Alt

Sakurai and Iwata interview with Shigesato Itoi on Smash 64 [Part 2] – A very important interview that discusses the origins of the series. Translation by Soma.

Premium Fight: The Very First Melee Tournament –  Sakurai discusses tips for the first ever Melee tournament. Translation by Soma.

News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Jigglypuff – From the official Melee website, Sakurai discusses how Jigglypuff was considered to be cut in Melee. Translation by Nocturnal_YL.

Nintendo Dream Interview [Melee] Part 1: Hard Work and Regional Differences – Sakurai discusses how much work was put into Melee, and why the proximity bombs were changed in the US/Japan. Translation by Soma.

Articles (13):

september 30th DLC

Review of September 30th DLC – October started off with a bang as the team reviews the newest content in Smash.

DLC Data Mining Reveals Additional Slots – Wolfman_J reviews the new information that was found by Shiny Quaqsire.

Smash 4 Development Timeline – DJMurr creates a beautiful timeline of the development of Smash for 3DS/ Wii U (so far).

Final Vote Reminder!  – PushDustIn reminds people to vote in Source Gaming’s polls, and posts a preview of the results.

Source Gaming Polling Results – Logo12 and PushDustIn compile the results of BluePikmin11’s Individual Character Poll.

Cut characters alt

Smash Bros. Roster Cuts – Spazzy_D goes over the history of cut veterans in Smash.

Smash Stage Analysis: Gerudo Valley – Frostwraith discusses the history of Gerudo Valley, and the details inside of it.

Super Smash Brothers for 3DS: Does it Stack Up? – SmashChu goes over the sales of Smash for 3DS to see how it compares to the other games in the series.

Artwork Origins from the Smash 64 CSS – Nantendo looks at the possible origins for the Smash 64 CSS.

Evaluating Plausibility of 3rd Party Characters: SEGA – TheAnvil looks at SEGA’s chances for an additional character.

Timeline of Masahiro Sakurai’s Life – PushDustIn posts a review of Sakurai’s life (so far).

The Case for Ryu Hayabusa – Spazzy_D discusses why Ryu Hayabusa should and shouldn’t be added into Smash.

Triforce Heroes Review – TheAnvil and PushDustIn review the newest Zelda game for the 3DS.

Opinion Pieces (3):

Is Wolf a Shoo-in? – PushDustIn argues that Wolf’s chances for DLC have been grossly exaggerated in this opinion piece.

handling leak

Approach to Handling Rumors and Leaks – PushDustIn discusses how the community should react to rumors and leaks in the future.

A Return to Form – SmashChu argues that third party characters should be limited in Smash, and that the team should return to celebrating Nintendo.

Source Gaming related (7):

Source Gaming Choice #6 – Mii Fighter Costumes – The team breaks down their choices for who they want to see added in Smash.

Source Gaming Choice #7 – Pokemon Newcomers
SG Choice Pokemon alt

– The team discusses who they would like to be added to the roster.

Straight from the Source: Jordan Sweeto – PushDustIn interviews YouTube musician and celebrity, Jordan Sweeto on his affinity for Smash.

SmashBoards Presents: Interview with PushDustIn – PushDustIn goes over the inspiration behind Source Gaming and his goals for the site.

Source Gaming Reactions – Nintendo’s Briefing – The team reacts to the news from the October 29th, 2015 press conference.

Guidlines for GP

Guest Article Guidelines – PushDustIn and the Source Gaming team discuss the requirements for guest posting on Source Gaming.

Discussion on Hyrule Warriors Part 1 and Part 2 – Nantendo and PushDustIn discuss their thoughts on the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.

Guest Articles (1):

Our Expectations for DLC Needs Improvement – Kokonoe discusses how the Smash community needs to calm down.

Stats for October 2015:

Total views for October 2015: 155,865.

Top 5 most viewed articles in October

  1. Source Gaming Polling Results
  2. Sakurai on Third Party Characters
  3. Artwork Origins of Smash 64
  4. Is Wolf a Shoo-In?
  5. Definitive Unused Fighter List

Top 5 Countries for Visitors:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Mexico
  5. Brazil

Most commented on Posts for October:

  1. Is Wolf a Shoo-In?32 comments
  2. Smash Bros. Roster Cuts —  27 comments
  3. Final Vote Reminder!21 comments
  4. Source Gaming Polling Results  — 18 comments
  5. Review of September 30th DLC18 comments

Top Commenters (All time):

  1. Winturwulf – 179 total comments.
  2. PushDustIn +Source Gaming Team  – 151 total comments.
  3. zoniken – 38 total comments.
  4. Delzethin – 31 total comments.
  5. Logo – 24 total comments.

Big thanks to everyone who has commented, or talked about our articles whether it be on Source Gaming itself, or other sites.

That’s it for the monthly update. Please let us know in the comments how we are doing. Comments, questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Hey, I’m on the list of top commenters! #It’sSomething

    Delzethin on November 1 |
    • Thanks for being an active part of the Source Gaming community!

      Source Gaming Team on November 1 |
  2. hey PushDustin

    what’s your thoughts on TPP?

    reminder that CISA passed Senate with Obama favoring it

    lurker on November 1 |
    • That reminds me…I wanted to do research into the bill as I felt a lot of people don’t understand it. Jim Sterling felt really out of his element when covering it (love the guy and his content so that video was a rare miss). Most of the comments in general are something like ‘it was written in secret! It’s bad!’ in order to see if it’s good or bad we really need to look at the language.
      I graduated college with a degree in political science so I might be able to understand the implications of the bill better.

      Source Gaming Team on November 1 |
      • do the research. as a mater of fact, look no other places

        the text has been released today

        please inform this to everybody in the datamining and research parts of the video game community. inform Smashers as well.

        and please, i need a quick summary of all the bad aspects of TPP (all and anything pertaining to video games) pass around to spread the fire quickly. we have like 60 days before lawmakers/senators vote it, congress signing it, and obama sealing the deal.

        lurker on November 5 |
        • Thanks for the followup!

          Since I graduated with a political science degree, I feel that I can really bring a unique perspective to the information about the TPP for the gaming community. I’m about halfway done with a post on the portion that was leaked earlier this month. Thank you for updated text, I will look at it and work it into the post.

          PushDustIn on November 5 |
  3. I am surprised how low the comment counts are. Also I really like how nice the Header images look together.

    DonkaFjord on November 1 |
    • Nirbion has done an amazing job with all the graphics! We tend to get a lot of buzz on other sites. So even though our article comment count is low, people are still talking about us in videos, forums posts and other blogs.

      Source Gaming Team on November 1 |
  4. I’ve made more comments than PushDustIn… and more than the other three in the top 5 combined.

    Not sure if I should be proud… or rethinking my life. >_>

    I’m just kidding… thanks for the mention. ^_^ It just shows my passion for Smash (and Nintendo in general.) It’s funny, because around 1997 or 98, I had this notebook that I would draw in when I was bored at school, and one of the things I drew was “Mario Fighter.” Imagine my surprise when Smash Bros. came out not too long after.

    Smash 3DS is officially my favorite game of all time (surpassing Dragon’s Dogma), as evidenced by my 500+ hours of power time and my collection of over 50 amiibo. 😛

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 1 |
    • Thanks for all of your comments, we really appreciate the feedback on our articles! You have over 50 amiibo? Speaking of which…we didn’t get to your amiibo question in the podcast (it’s 2 hours long), but we will use it in the future! We might do an amiibo Themed podcast at some point.

      I was hoping by posting the comment stats it would encourage other people to post more. Thanks again for being an active part of the site!

      Source Gaming Team on November 1 |
      • Yep, I have all the Smash ones aside from the Mii Fighters, Falco (he’s pre-ordered), and the DLC characters… plus classic 8-bit Mario, Toad, blue Yarn Yoshi, and the two Inklings.

        And no sweat about not getting to it… doing an amiibo podcast sounds interesting. ^_^

        Keep up the good work!

        Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 1 |
  5. I say this constantly, but please let us know the type of articles you enjoy. We want to write what you want to read, so the best way for us to improve as site is with your input!

    Spazzy_D on November 1 |
    • Basically this. Without direct input we only have stats to go by.

      Source Gaming Team on November 1 |
    • I like everything, honestly… particularly the translations and the speculation articles (and the rumors / leaks when they rarely happen.) The translations tend to give a unique insight on Sakurai’s thoughts and Smash development. I tend to learn at least one new thing each time I read one, so I welcome the little bits that add to my collective knowledge. The speculation articles and the Choice articles interest me because it allows me to see what Smash fans would like to see.

      The in-depth ones, like Ganondorf’s moves in Smash and the Wario article, were also very enjoyable reads.

      So, yeah… I’m good with everything. ^_^

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 1 |
  6. I know I’m still new around this site, but I’m in 3rd place of Top Commenters!? Wow…I’m so surprised! I really don’t know what to say as I’m speechless…but thank you!

    Smash Bros. has been my enjoyment and excitement ever since the first game was released for N64. As there were so many surprises and some disappointments with every Smash characters, stages, musics, items, and other various contents throughout the series, Smash Bros. has always been my dream come true with many possibilities to watch and play.
    I’ve first realized PushDustIn since I first time joined Smashboards around last year, but stopped going there due to some trouble I accidentally caused. I’ve also realized this site at ssb4dojo while I was checking on rumors and leaks (which it was meaningless), and as I checked on every articles, everything was interesting and fun to read as I can read it many times. I’m glad I’ve come to a place where I can enjoy reading some Smash and Nintendo-related infos, and I do will recommend this site to my friends.

    The article I’ve mostly enjoyed are some discussions within DLC characters, such as new comers from the Nintendo franchise, characters possibly become clones, third parties, Mii costumes, Pokemon fighter, etc. It’s enjoyable to share and discuss some ideas that they wanna see for the DLC, or possibly for Smash 5.

    As I’m not much of an amiibo collector, I hardly have them due to my income problems and lack of interest among some characters that I really don’t care much on. The only amiibos that I have right now is my Smash 4 Dream Team: Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man. I’m trying to get Mega Man but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I might probably buy it somewhere online like Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist. I also have a Link amiibo since I needed to download the spinner weapon for Hyrule Warriors, and Splatoon’s Inkling Girl and Boy. I also collecting Animal Crossing card amiibos for the Happy Home Designer, but haven’t tried them yet because I haven’t transferred my data to the New 3DS yet I don’t know if I’m gonna trying collecting them all, but there’s something that’s interesting, then I might buy it. But right now, my Wii U’s been sealed for some personal reasons, so I can’t play any Wii U games at this moment…

    Anyways, thank you for sharing us some great Smash articles! Keep up a good work as we’ll keep supporting you all! 🙂

    zoniken on November 2 |
  7. Lol

    I’m the fifth frequent commenter

    That’s random

    (Also it seems that all the top 5 commenters has left a comment about their placement. Yay? :L)

    Logo on November 2 |