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Source Gaming: February Review


Another month has passed us by. February was a very interesting month as Smash DLC has officially ended. This will mark the beginning of Source Gaming’s expansion into other series and content in order to continue to stay relevant. At the end of the day, we will always have a lot of Smash content, as all of our writers are obsessed with the series. Therefore,if you enjoy the Smash stuff then don’t worry—we will continue providing original research, analysis and breakdowns of everything related to everyone’s favorite character Brawler.

Let us know in the comments what kind of content you would like to see from us. What was your favorite post from this month? Least favorite? Feedback is very important as we continue to grow!

Special thanks to our patrons who have pushed us above the “server upgrade” goal. The upgrade will happen sometime in the very near future! Again, thanks to everyone that has supported our An Appeal to the Community. It really means a lot to have the community come out and support us in a big way.

Also, last month’s review can be found here:
Source Gaming — January 2016 Review

In February we posted 64 articles!

Podcasts (3):

james montagna
Straight from the Source: James Montanga (WayForward)
– PushDustIn and Spazzy_D interview James Montanga to discuss Shantae, Sakurai and the Smash Ballot.
SourceCast #7– Retro Roundup #1 – The Source Gaming team is joined by Oliver Jamenson from Minus World to discuss retro gaming!
SourceCast #8 — End of Smash DLC – The Source Gaming team is joined by Artsy Omni to discuss the Rayman leak and the end of Smash DLC!

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Videos (5):

Translated Boxing Ring Titles for DLC Characters – The translation team on SG breaks down the rest of the boxing ring titles for Smash.
Settle it in Smash: Nintendo vs. Third Party Characters – SmashChu and PushDustIn debate on if Smash should include more third party characters, or focus on Nintendo.
SourceCast Highlight: James Montagna Meets Sakurai – A highlight video from the interview.
Character Corner: Animal Crossing – ConnorEatsPants and Spazzy_D discuss possible newcomers from the Animal Crossing series.

chara corner animal crossing
Nintendo Dream Discussion
– PushDustIn and Nantendo discuss the Nintendo Dream interview with Sakurai.

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