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Source Gaming — January 2016 Review

Januar Review

January 2016 was an insane month for Source Gaming. Not only did we update the look and feel of the site, but we posted 70 articles. To put it in perspective, this is 200% more than we did the previous month. The amount of content we posted is insane, and because readers might have missed some here’s a list. We started cross posting and featuring content from other sites. If you have any recommendations, please let us know on Twitter. Check out the December Review here.

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Videos (4):

Now Streaming: Hyrule Warriors: Legends DLC on Wii U – PushDustIn shows off the new content in Hyrule Warriors (Wii U).

Discussion: Smash for NX Rumour – Nantendo and ConnorEatsPants discuss the newest rumor that Smash is heading to NX.

Dream Smashers: Toon Zelda – Nantendo discusses why Toon Zelda should be added to Smash.

New Video: PushDustIn: Sakurai Isn’t a Liar! – Video version of the article, by PushDustIn.

Translations (27):

final update

For brevity sake, I’m going to refer everyone to the Melee Character Portal. We finished translating all of the Character pages for Melee this month, thanks to Soma, Nocturnal_YL and PushDustIn.

Nintendo Dream Pre-64 Release Interview – an interview translated by Soma. Sakurai discusses character choices in Smash 64. Please, if you have the rest of the interview please leave a comment below.

News Flash! Opening Movie (Melee Website Translation) – Sakurai discusses the opening movie for Melee. This translation was done by Soma.

Sakurai Catching a Breather – Breaking news from Famitsu, translated by Soma. Sakurai discusses his plans for the upcoming year.

Hyrule Warriors Interview Translation (old) – Hayashi discusses the development of Hyrule Warriors: Legends. Translation by Soma.

Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part one]

Sakura X NOmura oart 2

Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016  [Part two]

In this interview, Sakurai and Nomura discuss bringing Cloud into Smash. It’s a great read and really shows Nomura and Sakurai’s relationship. Translation by Soma.

Harada x Ono: Creator Interview 2016 – Tekken and Street Fighter producers discuss fighting games and their series. What more can you ask for? Translation by Soma.

Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 498: Letters from the Readers #44 – Sakurai discusses the removal of Wario’s Shoulder Bash in Smash for Wii U/3DS. Translation by SG Team.

Definitive Unused Fighter List — Sources – SutaMen translates the rest of the sources from the Definitive Unused Fighter List. Essential reading.

Articles (19):

Music 3DS Wii U

Music to Smash To 4: 3DS / Wii U – Wolfman_J reviews the music of Smash for 3DS/Wii U in his final installment in the Music to Smash To series.

The Barrel is Half-Full – SmashChu argues why Nintendo characters should be the focus of Smash.

On Character Selection: Smash 64 – Nantendo discusses how relevancy has influenced the starting roster of Smash.

Is Sakurai a Liar? – PushDustIn investigates all of the times that Sakurai has supposedly lied (Spoiler alert: No. He’s not a liar).

Straight from the Source: Paper Mario’s Glitch Hunter  – PushDustIn interviews aldelaro5 to get the inside scoop of glitch hunting.

The History of amiibo – LIQUID12A brings everyone up to speed on the history of amiibo.

SG Choice #13 Dormant Nintendo Franchises – The SG Team discusses what franchise they would like to see come back.


Smash Stage Analysis: Magicant – Frostwraith breaks down the design of Magicant.

SG Choice #14 — Pokkén Newcomer – The SG Team discusses who they would like to see be added into Pokken.

Quick Analysis: Can You Buy Nintendo? – SmashChu sees if you could buy Nintendo (no, you can’t!)

Roundtable: 17 Years of Smash – The 17th Anniversary of Smash passed this month. What are your thoughts on the series?

On character selection melee alt

On Character Selection: Melee – Nantendo discusses how relevancy influenced Melee’s roster.

Review: Hyrule Warriors: Legends Limited Edition Set – PushDustIn reviews the special edition of Hyrule Warriors: Legends, released only in Japan.

SG Choice # 15 — Dormant Video Game Franchises – The SG Team discusses what franchises they would like to see come back.

Case for Sylux – LIQUID12A discusses why Sylux could join the battle.

The Forgotten, the Maligned: Paper Mario: Sticker Star – Wolfman_J discusses the critical reception of Sticker Star. Was it warranted?

A Winner Is You: MegaMan 2 – Spazzy_D discusses MegaMan 2, and how it might be the best MegaMan.

A Fated Choice: Why Corrin was chosen over Azura for Smash – LIQUID12A discusses possible reasons why Corrin beat Azura for character selection.

Smash NX Speculation Roundtable – The SG team discusses the newest rumor together.

Cross Posts (8):

The Japanese 3DS eShop Games of the Year – BriBri brings Source Gaming news about the best eShop games in Japan.

Corrin Moveset Overview and DiscussionDelzethin discusses how Corrin might play.

Tracker_TD Discusses: Sonic Rumors – The name sums it up the best. Tracker_TD discusses why it’s best to be skeptical.

Japanese Nintendo –Weekly News – BriBri updates us with news from Japan.

Featured Content: – Shmuplations is a great website that features a lot of translations from game developers. Check them out!

Weekly Nintendo – BriBri updates us with more news from Japan.

Pokken Newcomer Video –  Delzethin  discusses the new Pokken fighters.

News Week

Nintendo News Week – BriBri brings even more updates!

Site Related (8):

All posts were written by PushDustIn.
Source Gaming — December 2015 Review – A review of December.

Patreon Update

Patreon — January Update #1 – An update for our patrons.

Featured Comments #1 – Comments and responses.

Featured Comments #2  – More comments and responses.

Accepting Submissions: We Love Smash! – We are working on a project to promote positivism in Smash. Submit your stuff and be featured!

Featured Comments #3 – Even MORE comments and responses.

Patreon Update #2 – Another update for our patron, plus some announcements.


Now Recruiting: Translators – Source Gaming is recruiting translators. Interested? Send us an email, or drop a comment below.

Guest Articles (4):

Straw-Grasping with a Side of False Hope – UnknownUber discusses why straw-grasping is bad.

Case for Reimu Hakurei – TrinitroMan discusses why this Tohou Shinto Priestess should make her way into Smash.

kirby GCN alt

Kirby GCN: The Precursor to Kirby’s Adventure Wii – Infinity Alex discusses Kirby GCN and the influences it had on the Wii release.

A Case For Corrin: Why Corrin Was Chosen To Smash – DarkAura64 discusses why Corrin was possibly selected over another character from other series.

Stats for January 2016:

Total views for October 2015: 151,147

Top 5 most viewed articles:

  1. Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part one]
  2. Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 498: Letters from the Readers #44
  3. Is Sakurai a Liar?
  4. Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016  [Part two]
  5. Sakurai Catching a Breather

Top 5 Countries for Visitors:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
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  5. Germany

Most Commented on Posts:

  1. The Barrel is Half-Full
  2. Is Sakurai a Liar?
  3. SG Choice #13 Dormant Nintendo Franchises
  4. SG Choice #14 — Pokkén Newcomer
  5. Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part one]


That’s it for the monthly update. Please let us know in the comments how we are doing. Comments, questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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